Audi B9 S4/S5 ECU Tune comparison Stage 1 – Episode 5 034 Motorsport at the Dyno

This is the fifth episode in a series of videos comparing ECU tunes for the Audi B9 S4 and S5 platform. This video is from our 034 Motorsport stage 1 (93 octane) dyno day at Carburetor Connection in Kirkland, WA, the same place we measured APR Stage 1 91 octane and Unitronic Stage 1+ 93 octane. Stay tuned for Episode 6 when we get on the track with the 034 tune.

Welcome to episode four in our tuna comparison series this one of course is zero three four uh motorsports stage one 93 octane tune uh and we got it on the dyno so it was a it was like it was a good day at the dyno i’ll show you the graphs when we’re all done with the rest of the fun stuff and then uh and then hang out and see our further episodes which are going

To be full-on data comparisons um from all the dinos from all the quarter mile times and we’ll just be talking through everything um and then you know between now and then we’ll have some other episodes of uh maybe some stage two comparisons we’re running out of days to get to the track so i think we have one more tuner that we’ll reveal shortly that we might be

Able to get to run this season but in the meantime we’re also going to do another stock run prior to the data episode where we put the stock file on the car with all the same mods that it has now that way you can see a baseline on the dyno and when i say baseline i mean baseline with all the same bolt-ons so all you’re seeing is the data that’s different between

The tunes and not between anything else so um we’ll get that information up there we’ll get these episodes going like subscribe uh if you want more content hit up our website at get yourself some swag we got some new cool t-shirts that we’re gonna be dropping this weekend and um you know support the channel these dyno runs man they cost money and uh i

Mean so does all the track time in the mods but we’re having a blast and we look forward to bringing you more all right here’s the intro and we’ll get into it now hey i’m jeremy in this pronounced bag on this fine day we are at carb connection in kirkland again doing another dyno run this time for the zero three four motorsport tune uh it’s the ecu tcu tune

And we got 93 octane on there so we’re going to set a baseline and see how it performs compared to everything else we’ve done so far and uh yeah sit back and enjoy the noises and the show so so yeah yeah um all right so how much power did it make well according to this dynojet the sae corrected values here our peak was 380 horsepower and

469 foot-pounds of torque which is pretty good these are the sae corrected values so this is where we’re adjusting the actual conditions for a standardized reading and if you look here these are the conditions the day the dyno was was conducted um and so you can see that uh that makes a difference here are the uncorrected values so this is how much power the car

Made on this day on this dyno and it looks like our max was 388 horsepower and 300 or 480 foot-pounds of torque all at the wheels at all the wheels and to date this is the strongest dyno readings that this car has had when we get into our next episode we’re going to have a lot more uh comparison between the two tunes at 93 octane and will include apr stay tuned

More to come hey i hope you guys are all having as much fun as i am uh with this series we’re looking forward to bringing you more uh information more tunes more track time more videos we really appreciate your support if you haven’t already i know i said it earlier but like subscribe and hit the notification bell and uh you know throw a comment in the comment

Section letting us know what else you want to see we got the sq7 which we’re going to be putting on the channel coming up and uh if you’re excited about that let us know too all thanks again everybody talk to you soon you

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Audi B9 S4/S5 ECU Tune comparison Stage 1 – Episode 5 034 Motorsport at the Dyno By It’s Pronounced VA-Guh