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Audi E Tron GT Q4 EV: A LUXURY Electric Car For The MASSES

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Audi E Tron GT Q4 EV: A LUXURY Electric Car For The MASSES

Audi has always been the fanciest brand and with the luxury they are coming with their ev car can you imagine this is like getting gold you can wear it the whole day and it’s not even affecting the environment well an absolute salute to the makers of audi and why is it the hottest topic in cars we will tell you about it all so hello friends welcome back to tech

Insights let’s get into the video without any further ado the 2022 audi e-tron gt is an all-new electric sportback that will mark audi’s debut in the luxury electric vehicle market it will share many components with its corporate cousin the porsche taycan which will also be produced by audi although it is essentially a porsche with a new exterior audi has equipped

The e-tron gt with everything it needs to differentiate itself from the competition and as for ourselves we believe that audi’s design staff has nailed it this competent audi ev is offered in two distinct models the standard gt which has 522 horsepower and the rs model which has horsepower audi’s e-tron portfolio consists of the e-tron suv the e-tron sportback

The performance-focused rs e-tron gt and its non-rs equivalent the e-tron lineup is completed by the rs e-tron gt although the j-1 platform is shared by the porsche and the audi the audi e-tron is noticeably longer than the porsche the 2022 audi rs e-tron gt is certain to be a worthy challenger to premium electric vehicles such as the tesla model s and the lucid

Air its appearance is straightforward yet muscular and it features a three chamber air suspension as well as audi sports creativity the 2022 audi rs e-tron gt exhibits breathtaking good looks when it comes to the design of the e-tron gt audi has done an excellent job there is no deception in the visual presentation of the apertures and vents everything that you

Can see is a part of the design and contributes in some way to the overall functionality of the structure it has an underbody that is completely flat and has a design that is strikingly similar to the fastback on the audi a7 when it comes to dimensions the 2022 audi rs e-tron gt sits significantly lower than its sister with an internal combustion engine and it is

Also quite a bit broader things are displayed quite effectively and the design is completely proportionate there is not a single thing that seems out of place and the integration of audi’s design philosophy onto porsche’s underpinnings is done impeccably the rs e-tron gt much like the porsche taycan is characterized by having muscular haunches in the rear of the

Vehicle both the base 20-inch 5-spoke aero wheels and the optional 21-inch wheels that come with the 2022 audi rs e-tron gt are exquisitely designed alloy wheels measuring 20 inches in diameter and featuring a 5 double spoke design come standard on us models performance package equipped vehicles on the other hand feature wheels measuring 20 inches in diameter and

Featuring a black accent color the cabin is a more sophisticated take on the design of the e-tron suv the fact that there are actual buttons as opposed to a secondary touchscreen is an obvious and welcome upgrade in comparison to the suv customers have the option of selecting vegan interiors as opposed to leatherette products for their purchases when compared to

The interior of the tesla model s it is somewhat less futuristic yet appears to be a lot more elegant and well put together there are a total of two screens one of which is a digital dash cluster measuring 12.3 inches and the other being an entertainment system measuring 10.1 inches that house the most recent mmi system along the lines of the take-hand the seating

Position is low and the ergonomics are slanted more toward the active side the 2022 audi rs e-tron gt will not let you down when it comes to performance many of the e-tron gt’s internal components are the same as those found in the take-can because the take-hand forms the basis of the e-tron gt two electric motors a lithium-ion battery pack that is cooled by liquid

A two-speed rear gear box three-chamber air springs rear wheel steering and a torque vectoring rear differential are all components that are shared between the two vehicles the rs has a more powerful rear motor than the ordinary e-tron gt which is capable of producing 450 horsepower as opposed to the regular e-tron gt’s 429 horsepower output the front motor of the

Rs is identical to the front motor of the base e-tron gt whereas the ordinary e-tron gt generates 469 horsepower and 522 horsepower with overboost the rs e-tron gt generates 590 horsepower thanks to the combination of its front and back motors while the regular e-tron gt generates only 469 horsepower because the rs generates 612 pound-feet of torque the sprint from

Zero to 60 miles per hour takes less than 3.5 seconds the 2022 audi rs e-tron gt has an electronic ceiling set at 155 miles per hour for its maximum speed the rs comes with everything that is included with the e-tron gt but it has a little bit more power than the normal version in contrast to the tesla model s the vag twins are equipped with a two-step transmission

The operation of which may be sensed when subjected to vigorous acceleration things on the other hand move at a far slower pace in the metropolis audi has also gone to the trouble of creating artificial sounds that are broadcast through the speakers which contributes to an overall improvement in the quality of the driving experience there are some flaws in the

2022 audi rs e-tron gt the 93.4 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack that will be standard to all audi e-tron gt models will feature a one-of-a-kind integrated cooling structure underneath the vehicle the electrical design of the e-tron gt is 800 volts and it can charge at an industry standard 270 kilowatts when using dc fast chargers this capability is included

As standard equipment this makes it possible for its battery to be recharged from 0 to 80 capacity in just 22 minutes which is the quickest charging rate currently achievable on any electric vehicle according to the epa test cycles the manufacturer estimates that the e-tron gt has a range of 238 miles while the rs e-tron gt has a range of 232 miles having said

That the newly released tesla model s has improved performance as well as a range of 405 as a whole the audi rs e-tron gt is a beautiful looking electric vehicle that we would recommend as your next luxury option if the onboard battery capacity is not a major worry is the audi e-tron gt a reliable automobile the audi e-tron gt is a wonderful automobile the all-new

Electric vehicle with four doors makes its debut as one of the luxury electric vehicles that are the most enjoyable to drive it is nimble and powerful with a comfortable ride and a range that is far more than 200 miles the interior is exquisitely designed and expertly made and it features a wealth of technology that is simple to operate however other competitors

Offer more interior space and some electric vehicles offer better efficiency even though this audi offers better gas mileage than any gasoline-powered automobile the e-tron gt is an excellent automobile boasting a large list of positive attributes and very few negative ones however its price tag is excessively costly the starting price of the e-tron gt is just

A hair’s breath away from six figures which is tens of thousands of dollars more than the majority of its class competitors despite this there is a little probability that you will be sorry that you spent the extra money on this audi are you thinking about purchasing a lease on an audi e-tron gt users can save an average of 1824 off the manufacturer’s suggested

Retail price by using the us news best price program and a lower price implies reduced monthly leasing payments if you sign a lease for 36 months this translates to a potential savings of 90 each month how much does it cost to purchase an audi e-tron gt the beginning msrp for the e-tron gt is 99 900 this is easily the highest starting price in the category and

The majority of other luxury electric cars have start prices that are at least 20 000 lower than the e-tron gts some of the more compact cars in the category have starting prices that are closer to fifty thousand dollars lower than this audi the price of entry for the rs e-tron gt which is focused on performance and is the most costly model in the series is set

At one hundred thirty nine thousand nine hundred dollars although it is not the most expensive top trim price in the category that distinction goes to the porsche taken turbo s it is still much more expensive than the price tag on the majority of the competition’s top trims that’s all for today’s video please do like the video and subscribe to our channel thanks for watching

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