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Audi e-tron S Sportback: Quicker and better than a Model X?

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This is the new audi e-tron sportback and it’s a little bit like greta thundberg wearing prada because while it’s supposed to be all eco-friendly it’s mainly focused about looking cool is this car any good well we’re gonna find out you see what i’ve got here is the s version which means it has tri motors one two three motors so it should have good performance but

We’ll see just how quick it is because later on in this video i’m gonna launch it obviously take it for a drive as well and i’ll show you inside and outside and what’s good and bad about it anyway i’m matt watson and you’re watching car wow buying a new car then head to car wow and my team will help you find your next car at a fair price car wow your one-stop

Car buying comparison site let’s start this video by talking about the prize so the e-tron sportback kicks off at 69 000 pounds however if you want to try motor version you’re talking 87 000 pounds and this particular car i’ve got here is 95 000 pounds thankfully you can save an average of almost nine thousand pounds off an e-tron sportback through car way and

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For you and get it for a fair price for one of our trusted dealers let’s talk about the design this is the sportback and it’s got the sporty back of course which means it’s more steeply rated than the normal e-tron what does that do for boot space and back seat headroom we’ll find out in a bit but first of all let’s talk about the extra elements you get on this

Car so that bootleg spoiler as with the normal e-tron you do just get the nice light bar running across the back of the car and you’ve got lights that do all kinds of funny dances and stuff and scrolling scrolling indicators lovely this particular model look each one s because it’s got the tri motors and as a result you get these extra silvery bits of trim which

Make it look a bit more sporty kind of helps brighten it up even though obviously this orange paint it’s already pretty blooming bright don’t think many people are going to spec this color you get 21-inch alloys on this car and these are the upgraded ones which have these black inserts they look really good actually once again being an s you get slightly wide and

Wheel arches make it look a bit more aggressive and some more silver trim around the windows and down here as well it’s got some side skirts on it as well also the s model gets silver door mirror covers oh look there’s s logos on the brakes as well right moving at the front look at that look at that grill i’m not sure about the look of that because obviously

It doesn’t need a huge grill because it’s got an electric motor well three electric motors it hasn’t got an engine that needs cooling that’s a bit overkill and so they filled it in and it’s almost like it’s got like metal teeth once again you’ve got this silvery trim on this s version and look these vents actually feed air over the wheels to help improve the

Aerodynamics and you’ve got lovely headlights which do the whole kind of dance thing when you turn the car off and on looks pretty good let’s go check out the inside well this is nice it’s very nice actually the dash design is cool material quality generally top notch though when you reach a bit further down things do get a little bit scratchy but it’s okay i

Like the design of this center console as well as interesting there’s places for your cup holders there you got your 12 v socket your wireless charging some more storage under here the glove box is a weird old shape but it goes back so far look at that look how far that goes back i’m going to leave that in there because i want to show you that the door bins are

Huge as well this is very practical here in the front it is dominated by the screen so you’ve got one two three you have to turn the car on to show you come on there we go illuminate there we are so it’s audi’s usual infotainment system which is easy to use quite bright the screen is it’s responsive and you have your climate controls down there it’s not quite

As good as twiddly buttons but it’s good it’s intuitive and it’s quick the digital driver’s display is very very good and you can actually control most of the car’s functions which is what i tend to do and you can change all the look of it in the layer and all that kind of thing it’s great driving position is good look at that adjustment loads of it same with

The seats in fact i’m going to get into my ideal driving position right now you can get it really high if you want a better view out but you do sit quite high in this car anyway which is good oh did you notice that the gear selector which isn’t a gear selector it’s more just a switch for going forwards or backwards or park nice bit of design anyway that’s enough

For that let’s check out the back seats this is the big question what has happened to this rear headroom with this sloping roof line am i going to be all right and i am actually all right look i’ve got that much headroom not quite as good as in the normal e-tron and if you want to see how much space in the back of that put a link up there click on that you can go

Watch my video of that car see if you need that one rather than this sport back but knee room’s really good these seats are comfy i like them you can’t move them you can’t recline them they are as they are look that’s it that’s your lot but it it’s comfy enough you’ve got some big door bins there i’m having to keep the back door open because it’s quite dark and

If i shut it probably won’t be able to see quite so well although you will then notice the interior ambient lighting really standing out that’s cool quality back here is pretty decent as well wait a minute that’s not quite as soft as in the front hmm you know i’ll open that door back up so you can see the floor is completely flat pretty much so there’s plenty of

Room for everyone’s feet this seat needs to be slid forwards because it was way too far back that’s better look it’s nice and even now in the middle then if you can see this my head is just touching the roofline so yeah if you’re going to be carrying three people in the back at once you might be better off with a normal e-tron look at this icefix anchor points

Are easy to access under these flip-off covers shane they don’t just flip up they’re removable so you might lose them when it comes to fitting a child sitting here it’s actually pretty easy and there’s plenty of space for even a bulky rear-facing seat when you fold this down you’ve got a nice big comfy arm rest and if you fold this whole section down you can

Carry longer items and a person either side here in the back there’s a point of storage area there i suppose you can put your mobile phone in there and then you can charge it for one of those two usb c charging points or 12 volt socket final thing to point out you’ve got some nets on the seat backs where you can store your ipads and stuff like that okay let’s

Go check out the boot so how much of an impact has this sloping tailgate had on it well the capacity is a fairly decent size and you can fit seven carry-on cases in the boot now jaguar i-pace’s boot is ever so slightly larger not by much but it is larger and if you want to see my full in-depth video review of that car i’ll put a link just up there click on that

You can go watch it if you want to there’s also a link below the video there is a bit of a boot lip but it’s not too bad you’ve got this scuff plate so you can easily slide things out like that underneath here you have some more storage where you can just fill it with lots of random stuff can i fit this in there come on audi i don’t think he will just shoot look

Oh that is so annoying almost but not quite still there are some other useful practical features in this boot such as really posh feeling tie-down tethers like that and of course your 12 hot socket there so you can plug in your vacuum cleaner and hoover at the boot from all your dog hairs there is one thing i find really annoying to fall down the rear seats have

To go back around here get inside and come on do it from the seat backs but once you do you’ve got a continuous load area there the seats don’t lie completely flat as you can see but you can still shove heavy items to the front electrical tailgate obviously now let’s move to the front because obviously being an electric car there’s no engine at the front i’ll

Just pop the bonnet you do it in the normal way like you would on an internal combustion engine car just open this up held up on gas struts really posh and here is the front boot the fruit so how much space have we got here not really much they haven’t made the most out of this space just enough space for your charging cables the front boot on a tesla model x

Is bigger and if you want to see my review of that car the link is just popping out there go click on that anyway that brings on to five and nine things about the e-tron sportback this is one heavy ass car even the normal model with a smaller battery weighs in at almost two and a half tons whereas this one with the three motors and the larger battery 2.7 tonnes

That’s heavier than a rolls-royce phantom if you’d like to carry six passengers in your electric suv then you’re gonna need a tesla model x because this e-tron sportback is a five-seater only yeah i don’t know why i’m in this position either the rear windows don’t really go down very far at all look at this and that is your mod there may be some storage under the

Armrest but if you want cupholders in the armrest as well which flop out of here you have to get them as part of a pack and that’s an extra pounds yes believe it or not this car which is almost 100 grand on the road doesn’t have couples in the back as standard this car’s actual usable battery capacity is 86.5 kilowatt hours now we’ve been driving it around for a

While and we’ve averaged 2.1 miles for every kilowatt used that means if you do the maths a full batch on this would only get you 182 miles it’s not very good i’m not sure i’m swinging this around it’s not all negative though here’s five good things about this car i’m quite simple because i’m very very pleased by puddle lighting looking to get on the front and the

Rear doors in this car can you see look at that lovely this car has super duper headlamps and they can do more than just a little dance when you open the car or lock it they can actually project images and you can choose between different animations for your hello and your goodbye when you open and close the car you can also do things like highlight on the road

In front of you the car in front so when it’s dark you know exactly where it is pretty cool this s version of the transport back has torque vectoring across the rear axle because you’ve got two motors back here and they each control an individual wheel so they can maximize traction as you’re coming out of corners that’s me coming out corners are you into horses

But you still want an electric vehicle well this car has a very good towing limit for an ev 1.8 tonnes this car uses its satellite navigation system to decide whether it’s best to let the car just coast and freewheel or to use its regenerative braking to slow you down because you’re about to come to a junction or a low speed limit and you can then use that to

Top up the battery now let’s talk about motors and batteries so the e transport back range kicks off with the 50 model that gets a 71 kilowatt hour battery pack and two electric motors one at the front one at the back so your four-wheel drive and they put out 313 horsepower maximum then there’s a 55 model that gets a bigger 95 kilowatt hour battery pack and that

Has a motor at the front motor at the back and combined they put out a maximum of 408 horsepower when you’re on a special boost mode then there’s this s version and like i said before that has tri motors one the front two at the back and combined you have 503 horsepower that’s maximum output on boost mode this also has a 95 kilowatt hour battery pack so the range

With the e-tron sportback varies between 188 miles for the entry-level 50 model up to 241 miles for the e-transportback 55 model however this sporty s model manages a range of 226 miles according to audi you can charge them all from between zero to 80 fall in around 30 minutes you can charge the 55 in this s model at a rate of 150 kilowatts whereas the 50 model

Can only be charged up to 120 kilowatts maximum now which version of the etron sportback should you go for with which trim level well i’m actually going to configure my perfect e-tron sportback here using the carwa configurator and now i’m going to get some offers back and if you want to see what model i’ve configured and the offer i’ve got back from one of our

Trusted dealers you can click on the pop-out banner up there to go check it out so then what’s this aod etron support that like to drive well surprisingly it’s exactly the same as the normal e-tron it really doesn’t make a difference i don’t think by having the sportier body style as a result it’s super super comfy this thing just for mooching around town it’s

Quiet you’ve got really good sound insulation the air suspension just smooths out the bumps really really well you don’t feel them at all it’s very very comfy it’s also easy to maneuver visibility is all right this is a bit of a blind spot but it’s actually not that thick and even though you’ve got that steeply right rear screen it’s quite big you get a decent

View out the back so that’s handy when you’re parking but of course you’ve got a reversing camera and all-round parking sensors so it’s quite easy to park any setup high so you’re getting a good view out over the traffic now when you get on the motorway it really does just absolutely pick up especially this tri-motor version i’m at 40 miles an hour look how quick

You get to 70. yeah that’s easily quick enough do that too often though and you will eat into your charge how about a twisty road what is this car like well there is a problem and it’s the fact that it’s so very heavy it doesn’t lean too badly because the batteries are low down so it means the center of gravity is low but you do start to feel its weight when

You really start to push it through a twisty road it doesn’t feel that sporty despite being called sportback but you’re not gonna drive a car like this by holding it round twisty roads because if you are you’re gonna find it starting to wash wide as those poor front tires struggle to cope with all that bulk but for most of the time and how you can drive normally

Yes it’ll hold onto the road well enough and of course you’ve got four wheel drive traction for accelerating out of bends and for coping for when it’s slippy like it is today finally then let’s see what this tri-motor version is like from naught to 60 miles an hour so on boost phase which you get for eight seconds you have almost a thousand newton meters of torque

Normally when he’s driving around you have 800 newton meters of torque and 435 horsepower rather than the 508 i’m about to have now when i boost it come on what you’re gonna do got my specialist timing gear up here on the dash and launch it pretty quick what we got what we got what we got what we got what are we gonna do whoa 3.9 seconds to 60. 4.5 audi says

That is quick not as quick as the quickest tesla model x can do but still quick nonetheless however that’s only for eight seconds and then it’ll tell off which is a bit rubbish but there we go why can’t they just give you that performance the whole time it’s like you’re paying all that money for your try motors give it me the whole time so then what’s my final

Verdict on the audi econ sportback should you avoid it should he consider it should he shortlist it or should he just go right ahead and buy it well in the case of this s version i’d say avoid it because the extra performance really isn’t worth the extra cash for the other versions of the e-tron sportback you should shortlist them because they look sportier than

Normal e-tron and you don’t sacrifice too much practicality i hope you all enjoyed the video if you did please give it a like if you click on that video window there you can watch me drag race at now the e-tron and if you click on that window down there you can watch me drive one until it runs out of battery oh and you click on that box there you can get a car

Out of how much money you can save on a new car thanks for watching

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