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Audi Q4 Sportback 40 e-tron Range Test. I did a range test with the Audi Q4 Sportback 40 e-tron with the 77 kWh battery pack. I will review the range on the highway to find out the minimum range of the Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron. I will also do a full range test at lower average speeds in the city to find out the maximum electric range of the electric Audi Q4 Sportback 40 e-tron. I will also do a charging test at a DC fast charger to find out how much range you gain after a charging session of 30 min.

Sportback 40 e-tron. in this video i want  to find out the range in real life driving   then i will also do a second range test in  the city at lower average speeds to know the   maximum range. i also wanted to know how long it  the audi q4 sportback 40 e-tron is a  534 km*. it has a lithium battery with a net  i will first

Test the range on the  of sporty driving on country roads in this  test. the goal of this part of the test is   at the beginning of this part of the  test in december and it was between 9 and  the first part of the test is a drive of 101 km,   average consumption is 22 kwh. i will base  my estimated range on the consumption

And   i will now leave the highway for some sporty  driving on country roads. this part was 26   km and average consumption is with 21,2 kwh a  bit lower than on the highway. after this part,   now we will drive all the way  back by using the highway. was 231 km. average consumption was 20,8 so  for the record, i emptied

The battery after  this part of the test, further down to 13%   driving and with a change in temperature   later in this video i will test the range at lower  the audi q4 sportback 40 e-tron  is equipped with ccs (combined   for this test i will charge the car at  e-tron can fast charge at a speed of up to  125 kw. audi

Says in ideal conditions the q4   40 e-tron can recharge enough electricity to cover  about 130 kilometers (wltp) in around ten minutes.   at the beginning of the test the battery  is at 13% it’s 5 degrees outside. the car indicated that it would take around   after 10 minutes we were cruising  at around 103 kw charging speed.

After 30 minutes the battery is at 72%. the range  i didn’t do an ac charging test with the sportback  model. however in the summer i did an ac charging   test with the q4 40 e-tron. i will share some info  let’s now test the range at lower average  what the maximum range of this car could  did this test the day after the highway 

Test. this day it was a lot colder. the   at the beginning of this part of  the test, the battery is at 66%. the battery is at 60% and the average  consumption was 20,9 kwh which is quite   is 367 km. this is mainly due to the many   after that i was still in an urban  for continuous driving. i emptied the  consumption

Dropped a lot and over a drive of  in conclusion i can say that the range  of the audi q4 sportback 40 e-tron lies   and measured at rather colder  temperatures between 5,5 and 12 degrees. with much colder temperatures it will probably  be less. in the summer you will probably get   there are some differences between the regular

Q4   and the sportback gets to an even lower  the sportback weighs a tiny bit more,  2.045 kilo versus 2020 kilo in the regular   so in comparison you should get slightly  the range that i got in the city was  487 km and on the highway i got 399 km.   i charged the car at a public charger.  the ac public charger has a

Power of 22kw,   power of 11 kw, so this is what we got.   all in all i think this car performed very well  in the range test. it’s normal that you get   in these colder temperatures is  totally usable for every day driving. questions you might have about this car.   subscribe if you want to be  notified about these future videos.

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