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Audi Q5 review:

The audi q5 yeah okay so it’s it’s been around for a while now and it’s even had a midlife facelift a couple years ago but it’s still still a good-looking car isn’t it and it’s especially nice in this sporty s-line trim but this isn’t just a good-looking car the q5 is also an extremely practical vehicle team okay then the boot now it’s very big it’s not quite the

Biggest in class for instance a bmw x3 is 10 litres larger but that’s not worth worrying about because the space you’ve got is very usable it’s a nice square shape the parcel shelf is also very easy to remove you go and look it’s got a handy little net there if you want to store some things underneath it now i’m going to come back to that in a moment because first i

Want to point this out right you’ve got some tethering hooks here and you can get like accessories such as this net here to tie things down in the back or maybe you could use this to trap a small animal for your lunch than why you want to do that really also you can get lots of different accessories for the boot and one of the things we’ve got here is a ski bag put

Your skis in there but bizarrely this particular model that i’ve got here hasn’t got a ski hatch which is annoying and it hasn’t even got a central see that falls down on its own well even the two seats there like some of its rivals which is also annoying and another thing that’s annoying is their look we’ve got well there’s no spare wheel we’ve got some storage

Under here but there’s no spare wheel it’s just a compressor and ceilings if you get a puncture so yeah you know proper off-roader would have a proper spare wheel but we can let it off you know these things are meant to be on the road most of time anyway you look at this you’ve got no load literally to lift stuff over so it’s easy to load the car and if you need

To carry about longer items you can just lower the seat here from the back line pulling these levers and then you do have to walk around to click them in place and then you do get a flat load bay look at that and the overall volume of the q5 is second only to the ginormous land rover discovery sport which is really good and put the seats back you just put back in

Place nice and simple now you can actually get a q5 with rear seats that can move forwards and backwards by 10 centimeters for added practicality i said i was going to come back to the parcel shelf well you have no seats you get a little gap where you can just slop the part of shelving when you’re not using it but i figured out a way that you can actually store the

Pazzo shelf even with these normal seats all you do is fold the shelf in half release the rear seat partway slop the folded shelf behind them and then push them back as far as they will go until the seats lock into place if wallah okay so one of the problems with putting the parcel shelf there is that you can’t then recline the seat backs but it does allow me to

Show you this car with the seats in the most upright position and even when i’m sitting dead straight you can see i’ve still got lots of headroom and for reference i’m 179 centimeters tall neela’s very good as well but if there is one problem it’s this center seat now it’s actually alright you don’t sit too high so the headroom still good the problem is with this

Huge hump in the floor there which takes up quite a lot of space but there is just about enough foot space for three people so you can get away with it and one of the things i actually like about this car is the isofix fittings for the child seat if you look you just access them by flipping at this little cover instead easy to get to the fixing bar on some cars

That’s hidden away between the gap between the seat backs and the seat bases and it’s a real fast that makes it easier to fit a child seat now on on the subject of safety i should point out this car has six airbags as standard there’s also system which can turf the driver starting to fall asleep and it’ll warn you and the electronic stability program can tell if

The car’s got a roof box on it and it adjusts its sensitivity to account for the change in the center of gravity which is pretty clever the q5 also impresses with its cubby spaces the door bins are large both up front and in the back there’s storage under the central armrest and the glove box is large then the dividers limit exactly what you can put in there ok

So the id q5 has such an extent a rate of standard equipment it’s going to be hard for me to remember even part of it but i’ll give it a go so i started all cars get a color screen for the entertainment system there’s another one for the driver for the driving information you’ve got da b digital radio there’s usb input this bluetooth you’ve got a glove box that’s

Cooled by the air conditioning you don’t just get normal air conditioning you get tri-zone climate control so the driver can have their own temperature the passenger can in the front and even the rear passengers they can set their own temperature as well you’ve also got automatic headlamps automatic windscreen wipers there’s rear parking sensors which is handy

On a big car such as this you’ve also got our wheels of course and is there something else someone else yes i know this leather as standard though if you look down here you’ll notice this car has leather and alcantara seats and that’s because it’s the highest specification s-line version which also gets some added sporty bits and pieces this helps the q5 feel

Suitably posh in fact the fit and finish of the materials is impressive and despite getting on a bit now the interior design still looks good the q5 is available with two turbo petrol engines but forget about them and go for a diesel there’s two three litre diesel including a bi turbo in the sq5 and it can get from nought to sixty two miles an hour in little over

Five seconds the two later diesel’s are a lot slower while they are on paper but the numbers don’t tell the whole story because actually when you’re driving them they’re in gear shove is pretty good that they feel a lot faster than you’re thinking then they fine actually plus out he says that i’ll do about 47 miles per gallon they probably won’t quite get that out

When you’re driving but it’s going to be better than what i’m getting in this 2 litre petrol which is 22 miles per gallon which i think is about the same economy that the space shuttle does q5 is a pretty easy car to drive this is up nice and high so visibility is good the large door mirrors help you see what’s around you the key five feels very much like a saloon

Car to drive actually i mean there’s hardly any rolling around in the corners like you’d expect from a tour vehicle and of course you’ve got quattro all-wheel drive great for that added bit of security however there is a trade-off for the sporty drive and that’s the ride quality which is quite bumpy whatever you do do not get the sport suspension because then the

Ride is just way too far i’ve got some other more minor niggles for you right the steering it’s really light normally and then you turn the wheel and still feels light then you turn it just a degree more and it becomes artificially heavy which is just it’s just a little bit weird and then there’s the manual model if you have the manual the pedals are quite offset

So you feel a little bit twisted behind the wheel so really you want one of the excellent autos especially when ordered paddle shifters then it’s the control for the infotainment system now it takes a little bit of getting used to and even when you arctor speed it’s never quite as good as or a slick as the idrive system you’re gonna ben wx 3 but what about the q5

Off-roading ability a standard all models get hill descent control so you can just go down a slope and not even have your feet on the pedals look there we go and the car does the braking for you to take you down nice and gently not you’d want to sit like this it’s ridiculous really thing is though it might have this feature but overall if you want to do serious

Offroading you’re gonna need something like a land rover discovery sport finally there’s the pricing because the audi q5 is just a little bit more expensive than its main rivals don’t worry though because you’ll get a lot of that cash back when you come to sell it on because these things are highly desirable they can get full pricing details on our website by

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