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The audi q7 it really is a car which needs no introduction does it because at the end of the day it really is the chairman of the board when it comes to big luxurious suvs and now with the latest version how do you really want to take the game further away from its rivals well audi makes absolutely faultless cabins and it’s no different with the new q7 and if i

Had to describe this cabin in one word then that one word would be posh this car really does feel very upmarket and very classy and a very nice and luxurious place to spend time in and it really comes with all the bells and whistles as well you get out ease mmi system you also get out ease drive select you also get for one climate control remember it’s not dual

Zone but for zhan as well as this panoramic sunroof and in fact the list is endless it is a huge list so if you want to know more about the features of this car then you can head to website by clicking on this link over here and find them out for yourself when not only is the q7 scabbing built from the best materials in the market it’s also very stylish place to

Be in and the big theme over here is undoubtedly the gauges well already has given this car the virtual cockpit as well and it really does look very cool and very sporty at the same time and the gauges over here not only house the rpm meter as well as a speedometer but also the navigation system can be seen directly over here so you don’t have to take your eyes

Off the road and a host of other features which really makes it a very cool feature on this car special mention must be made of the seats which are sumptuous and supreme on comfort under thigh support is excellent and support for your lower back is very good as well and because it is an audi you shouldn’t have to do anything manually you get power justic seats

As well as power adjustment for the steering which are just both for reach as well as for rick well so here i’m in the backseat of the new q7 as you can see me room is more than adequate headroom is massive as well and i have placed below the front seats where i can stretch my feet now there is a huge hump over here which means that whoever sitting in the middle

Will have to stretch his feet but it’s not a big issue because the foot wells are pretty big enough for the passenger here to accommodate his feet so not a big issue even though there is a big hump it should not be a big issue for anyone shooting an immigrant but the best part is that these seats can be moved forward or even backwards if you have an extra row of

Passengers at the back well so here i’m in the last row of the new q7 seats and i have pushed the middle row all the way forward and as you can see my knees are almost up to my ears and it’s not really a very comfortable place for a tall adult but for kids it should be okay also i already have placed the full-size despair below here which means that it can be a

Bit cumbersome to use this seed because it takes 10 or 15 mins take it out and that also limits the appeal of the last row of seats inside the q7 while so here i am driving the all-new audi q7 and this engine develops 249 bhp of power and all that power is distributed to the wheels both a head as well as the back through audi’s quattro system as well as an 8-speed

Dual-clutch automatic gearbox if i had to describe all that power delivery as well as the top delivery in one word that one word would be smooth this car really is all about luxury and refinement well power delivery is absolutely effortless and the gearbox works very efficiently without even letting you know when the gears are shifting you can of course use the

Tiptronic function over here well the gas hips on this car absolutely effortless and very quick at that and the 8-speed automatic dual clutch is phenomenal in fact it is one of the best gearboxes out there in the market at the moment well in terms of cornering ability as well as overall staring the feedback this car really is very agile and even though it is over

Five meters in length and is around two tons you don’t really feel that weight when you are driving it in the city and of course if you are stuck in traffic or are maneuvering through tight city traffic then this light steering wheel really does make it very easy to maneuver this car in tight city spaces well the steering wheel is pretty light when you are driving

It in comfort mode but remember you also get howdy’s drive select system in this car which means that you can of course change the driving dynamics of this car and if you decide to choose dynamic mode over comfort mode then there’s a lot more weight add it to the strengh wheel and what that weight essentially does is makes the car feel a lot more agile as well as

Sporty well the adaptive air suspension really does make this car delight over the worst of pothole roads and in that sense it is a very cushiony suspension and this new q7 really does take the sting out of the worst crevices from the road so a very good job from audi in terms of comfort as well as overall luxury from the suspension of this car but one area where

This engine really impresses is in sheer power delivery and of course if you are in a hurry and are wanting that brisk acceleration move all you do is just match that accelerator pedal down and this car really does take off in fact it is so quick that you will have – really feather the throttle at times because without you knowing it this car will be doing illegal

Speeds out there the highway because it really does mass it speeds very well well 0-200 comes up in 7.1 seconds which is phenomenal for such a big suv and also a heavy one at that but also the best part is that the engine refinement really is very good and you when you are revving it very hard and are pushing it on the rev limiter this cabin is well insulated

From the outside well in fact this cabin is really cool from the outside world while another area where this car really excels is in the right comfort as i just mentioned and that’s lastly because it gets very thick chunky tires on the outside which really give it loads of grip and when you are pushing it into corners that really does help in inspiring a lot of

Confidence and also on the highway stability is absolutely first-rate well most luxurious evo’s don’t really buy these cars for their offering prowess they buy them more for the image as well as the luxury that these cars offer but it is good to know that the audi q7 does come with all these legendary quattro all-wheel drive system so in case you are ever stuck in

A muddy situation this car will get you out of it without any fuss at all well the q7 comes across as the quintessential suv and why is that well it simply offers you class-leading features a very posh cabin and charming looks on the outside as well all that with that desirable audi badge on the outside makes this the best su you can buy at this price point

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