Audi Q8 | Test 50 TDI Sport 286 CV

In listino a partire da 78.450 euro la nuova SUV Coupè di Ingolstadt completa la gamma delle sport utility vehicle Audi colmando il gap con BMW X6 e Mercedes GLE Coupè. Una vettura imponente per dimensioni, quasi 5 metri di lunghezza e 3 metri di passo, dotata di motori da 231 a 340 CV (45 TDI, 50 TDI e 55 TFSI), sterzata integrale ed interni di stretta derivazione Audi A8 con 605 litri di bagagliaio. Non mancano i sistemi di assistenza alla guida di livello 2. Ecco com’è fatta e come va nella nostra prova test su strada

Here it is the new audi q8, i can finally trest it. it’s built on the mlb evo platform 3.0 meteres of wheelbase,4.98m long, it’s very big and it’s 2.0m wide, it’s 7 cm shorter than the q7. this car will be competing against the bmw x6 and mercedes gle coupe it has a coupe rear design, very sporty, with deep lines on the body work get used to this new 3-d front grille,

With chromed profiles and radars hidden behind there are full led matrix lights with a total new look and a great design this q8 has 22 inch rims with 285/40 tires with 6 pistons calipers this is the s-line version, here you can see the stop lights which are cponnected one to the other, obviously full led on the bottom we can see the bumper with fake mufflers, i really

Don’t get it the trunk has a load size of 605l, you can lower the rear end of the car, to have an easier access to the trunk and there’s the trail hook with the assistant the door panel is really well done with alcantara and wood finishes, everything is well done the seats are sporty, with perforated leather, the interior design with the double display is similar to the

One on the new a8. you can use the keybord on the lower one there’s also a sound feedback and it’s very fast to use there’s a n amazing bird view, which is very useful for parking the cockpit is extremely well done, it’s massive, with a great design and good materials. there are 4 usb pors and wireless charger there are frameless windows, there’s a lot of space and a 4 way

Ac control. i really like the central tunnel since it’s very large and it allows the 5th passenger to be comfortable. ilike the sunroof, but let’s drive it! here we are on the audi q8, we’re on a twisty road so we can really test this car, we can see if it’s agile and we can tell you that it works well eve going fast this is thanks to the mlb evo platform, which brings

A lot of technology. the 3.0 m wheelbase is the same of the lamborghini urus, using the 4 steering wheels, increasing the agility and the stability there’s the 50 tdi v6 engine with 286 hpand 600 nm of torque power, which are more than enough for this car. then there’s an amazing zf8 shift which works well both when driving relaxed and when driving fast the engine is a

Bit more forward compared to the front wheels but thanks to the electronic suspensions, it’s extremely well balanced thanks to this solution, the car gains a lot of space insiede and, thanks to the electronics, the car is still great to drive the audi q8 is very comfortable, i really like the digital cockpit with apple carplay and android auto. it’s very well connected,

You can share the wi-fi and you have all the info shared with car to x suyeste with constant updates there are distance controls, the camera keeps you inside the lane, it brakes by itself and there’s all you need, plus matrix led lights the q8 is well paired with the engine, then there will be a 231 hp version, a bit less powerful and, of top of that, there will be a 55

Tfsi version, a petrol engine with 340 hp, 3.0l v6, which is very sporty, but sooner or later the rsq8 will be available price? 78,450 euro in the standard version and 86,500 for the sport line, it’s shorter than the q7 and much sportier this car aims at those who are looking for a sporty car, with a great design. it’s not suitable for everyone, but for those who want to

Have a premium full sized suv. see you soon! we are now going off road, so i’ll put it in off road mode, it’s 50mm higher with a 25 cm clearance from the ground, it should be a pretty easy track, but this car is heavy and with 22 inch rims i’m using the hill descent system which brakes on each wheel, increasing the safety when going downhill

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