Audi RS 6 Avant vs BMW M5 Competition: super exec Track Battle

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Cars like the new bmw m5 competition and audi rs6 aren’t especially easy to justify on ecological financial or ethical grounds but boy are they still something else to drive and this latest breed of mega saloon or mega estate in the audi’s case is in many ways right at the top of its game nowadays with more power more talk more performance and yes more technical

Sophistication than ever before admittedly they’re also heavier than their predecessors which is a clear step backwards in our opinion but with electronically controlled forward drive systems massive tyres vast brakes and hyper effective paddle shift gearboxes the new m5 competition and audi rs6 are both faster than they have ever been but how fast precisely m5

First that is what we went to our favorite circuit in wales to find out so if you look at all the numbers and the stats and compare them to what the rs6 has got the m5 competition should breeze this it has 625 horsepower 616 brake horsepower 750 newton meters of torque but maybe the key thing is it’s a couple of hundred kilograms lighter than the audi and that is

So crucial anywhere but especially on the track but as you can see the m5 comp is quite lively i’ve got it in just about its most aggressive setting i’m still in four wheel drive though but with the m sport diff engaged because it’s entertainingly greasy today at this track so four-wheel drive sport the chassis i’ve got in sport not sport plus because i just

Wanted to try and breathe with the road as much as possible anyway let’s see how fast the m5 is starting now gosh you really have to be careful with the throttle inputs in order to keep the back where you want it to be which is not bad through there short shifting into fourth out to the back straight up into fifth down to this little chicane airborne through

There sideways out of it it’s just wanting to get naughty everywhere even though it’s four-wheel drive let’s have a look at the lap time there yeah okay fair enough it’s quite hard well that’s not hard work i could do this until it runs out of petrol shame about the conditions yes but even so the m5 was still deeply impressive and seriously rapid for such a

Big car around the lap and therefore against the stopwatch its eventual time of 45.7 seconds was well down on where it might have been in better conditions so the question is could the rs6 with all 600 horsepower of its all-wheel drive vorsprung duck technic go even quicker still it’s a bit of a thug the audi rs6 but being a bit of a thug myself i really rather

Like it 600 horsepower 592 bhp 800 newton meters of torque with me in it it’s probably 2.2 tonnes and having done a few laps in it just to see what’s what it’s pretty good around here to say i’ve got it in absolutely the most aggressive mode possible super aggressive throttle sharp steering all the traction and everything switched off the thing i’m surprised

About though is the way it stops and the way it kind of loads up and just feels nicely balanced mid corner anyway i’m setting the lap time in this first and it starts there yeah needs a fair bit of real estate in which to stop that is for sure just constantly playing with the gears in order to not light both axles up that’s lovely through there it just kind

Of sways a little weight moves around but it actually means you can tuck the nose in and then you can kind of back off it just doesn’t like that corner through there and the lap time stops there wow that’s a look it’s quite greasy and horrible today at landau but that’s not a bad lap time that is not a bad lap time at all it’s faster than i thought we were going

To be in the end the answer was not quite and not today although the rs6 got closer to the m5 than we expected it to with an impressive wet lap time of 46 seconds dead fact is the bmw was a touch faster overall thanks to its slightly sharper front end and in raw terms it’s even bigger hit of straight line performance it is some car is the latest m5 competition

For all sorts of reasons and as enthusiasts we should celebrate its existence along with that of the frankly monstrous rs6 because one day cars like this won’t get made anymore in the meantime though let’s just enjoy them for what they are and for what they represent because both these cars are still just a little bit awesome to be honest no matter where or how

You drive them and we will miss them for sure when they are gone click on the video windows to watch a track test battle between the previous m5 and the mercedes e63s amg or a solo track test of the m8 competition click on the play icon to watch our latest video or on our logo to subscribe and as ever cheers for watching and do whatever it takes to stay safe you

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Audi RS 6 Avant vs BMW M5 Competition: super exec Track Battle By Auto Express