Audi RS e-tron GT – fastest Audi ever

Audi RS e-tron GT Quattro

Hi i’m dieter welcome to lost khan today i’m going to plant a tree a long time ago people used to come to places like this to fill up what they called internal combustion engines putting fossil fuel into cars to drive them from a to b this is the past of mobility and this here is maybe the future come with me if you want to see the future i’m in the most

Beautiful audi ever built i think or one of the most beautiful ones definitely the most beautiful and the most attractive in the current lineup and it’s the fastest production car the bavarian manufacturer has ever built 440 kilowatts with a boost function this goes up to 475 and it’s the first fully electric audi that bears the rs badge in the back because it’s

So fast and because it’s a quattro is it one electric motor in the front at one electric motor in the back and it shares the underpinnings with its non-identical twin the porsche taker so everything underneath is about the same but you know the garment this one works is so much more attractive compared to the tacon i think the rs the rsgt is even faster the

Taken was fast but it didn’t feel that fast and with quattro i mean you go you fly around the turns the grip is enormous this is ding fleek i remember the first electric cars i drove were more like it was a nissan leaf was more like a city car or a bmw what was it i3 but when they brought out those those super sports cars i somehow got hooked and i feel like

Flying i don’t feel like driving a car with all the noise around me i feel like being in a chat chat aeroplane and it’s like and i’m gliding through the landscape and it’s a very comfortable car 3.3 seconds from zero to 100 kilometers that is absolute super sports car territory and it’s a four-door limousine we arrive at our destination cruelty’s private nature

Reserve a narrow road past control burned feign boss leads to the forest lodge what was started as a farm bnb in 1994 turned into a world-renowned sustainable ecology situated in the middle of an ancient milkwood forest blending organically into the surrounding nature combining stunning architecture excellent food and three and a half thousand hectares of

Botanical treasure staying at hrudbus is a culinary and sensory experience paired with award-winning vines it’s light and airy and the service is excellent while fuse over the walker bay from the sundowner deck are simply magnificent the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago the second past time is now the previous land owner cut a clearing into the

Forest sending it as firewood would have turned the whole thing into ashes for years the barren spots are being replanted with little seedlings the owner of groutboss is firm on his vision to fix the wrongs of the past feeling the soil touching the earth connects back to nature the destruction of this forest was guaranteed one man’s decision changed that so far

Six thousand trees have been replanted sometime in the future this area will be once again covered in milkwood trees creating a magnificent forest like this magical and enchanted one the century-old milkwoods are rarely found with straight trunks the rough greyish brown bark of their canaled branches is covered in silky moss i can say that planting a tree makes

You feel a little bit different a difference you feel as well in the rs the odrs is a small step in avoiding the complete destruction of our planet though it is a little bit expensive the fading light once again illuminates those beautiful audio lines and then it’s time for the country road to take me you

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Audi RS e-tron GT – fastest Audi ever By LOSSKARN