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The Mercedes-Benz GLE 63 S and Audi RS Q8 are, let’s face it, whales. But they both have engines that could change the rotation of the earth so, which is faster over the good ol’ quarter mile? The GLE 63 S or Q8. Alex Inwood will have to risk all of our lives to find out.

G’day i’m alex and welcome to another motor drag battle today we are racing super suvs welcome to the cabin of the mercedes amg gle 63s coupe that’s quite a mouthful it’s also the latest in a crop of super suvs to arrive in australia and neither of these cars is what you would call cheap the amg starts at two hundred and twenty thousand six hundred dollars before on

Roads which is about twelve and a half grand more expensive than the audi but then again all of the numbers in the amg seem to be bigger including power and torque both of these cars are powered by a four liter twin turbo v8 supplemented by a 48 volt mild hybrid system but the amg produces a vaguely ridiculous 450 kilowatts and 850 newton meters the audi only has

441 kilowatts and 800 newton meters plus i reckon this car sounds better as well but in saying all of this this car is also heavier by around 130 kilograms with a curb weight of 2370 kegs these are big buses but enough talking let’s go and race and see which of these two is quickest as always we’re going to do multiple runs we’ll start with a launch control then

Do a street race and a roll race all of the time codes are in the description below and if you haven’t already please subscribe to the motor youtube channel it helps us create more drag race videos like this one now over in the rsq-8 i have my partner in crime daniel gardner who is today wearing a disappointingly normal t-shirt daniel hello how are you feeling

I’m excited alex i’ll be completely honest well i’m already at a disadvantage because our first run is a launch control run and i’ve just discovered the amg doesn’t actually have launch control are you serious an amg is that a real amg it doesn’t have launch control it has race mode and a drag race uh telemetry in the center screen but no actual race start so

I’m gonna have to load it up on the brake i feel like i’m making excuses already but i don’t know you could be at an advantage sounds very much like i’ve won already well let’s see what’s what let’s get to it oh no he’s got me dammit that is probably manic of my oh and i’m ahead i’m easily ahead he has smoked me unfortunately and i’m getting further ahead

He’s nowhere that was very embarrassing if you’re the driver of a mercedes i thought i got a pretty good getaway but um after the initial jump you just rocketed ahead i didn’t think it was going to be that much quicker but it was not only sharp off the mark but it was still pulling away it was amazing yeah that was a 4.2 second to 100ks an hour so four tenths

Away from the official claim and i’m a four second four seconds dead so still not on the 3.8 claim uh but um i don’t really noticed quicker than yours alex well you would expect the car with launch control to beat the one without so exactly how fast are they well with some finessing we managed to go even faster in the audi with this run clocking 3.8 seconds to

100 and 11.9 seconds over the quarter not having launch control sees the amg ways to valuable tents in the initial jump off the line and the big bends can’t match its official claim the clock’s 4.2 seconds to 100 and 12.2 over the quarter to try and salvage some redemption for the amg though let’s do a street start so no launch control have the car in their

Comfort mode and just flatten it from the line when we hit three two one go oh i like the sound of it proper proper street racing style hopefully it’s a closer result okay daniel this is your first attempt at one of these in our drag race series so do you understand the rules of engagement car in comfort mode left foot resting lightly on the brake so you don’t

Roll away and then when we get to three two one zero flatten the accelerator and just let the car work it out let’s give it a go three two oh yes i’ve picked up quicker than he has oh alex is just ahead but he’s got nothing on me i’m a nose ahead half a car length ahead ah he was definitely over the line first that’s a victory for the amg all right go on

Do it gloat no no no i will be uh chivalrous in my victory but i wasn’t expecting that to be honest once we were up and running it was way closer yeah just looked like the audi took a little bit longer to figure out what you wanted it to do yeah that’s because the audi actually has the option to use load control when you want it okay so that is one winner piece

Let’s go into a roll race and see who has the edge there so we’re going to both get up to 50ks an hour constant speed have the gearbox and the drive modes in the most aggressive setting then when we get the countdown three two one flatten it see who has the best response and best in-gear acceleration three two one go oh i know he got better response than i did

Damn now there’s no catching him oh he’s surging ahead oh that was so much more muscular and athletic damn alex is oh a little dot in my rear view mirror i didn’t lose that badly it was only a car length or so i think but i’m really bummed because i thought i was going to win that one after walking the comfort race but i didn’t neither car are exactly slow though

Are they it was weird then because both cars responded really evenly but then you just seemed to i like had half a second of delay in here before i took off after you you’re right i could see that we both hit the gas exactly the same time but yeah for some reason that took a little while longer typical brake test procedure dan and i are going to both get up to

100ks an hour do a full emergency stop at the cones see who pulls up first honestly i’m at a disadvantage he’s got some of the largest brakes fitted to any production car on sale and i weigh more 130 kilos more so i’m not very confident 100ks an hour damn i thought i was going to be really close but he pulled up in a shorter distance so it’s a convincing

Win for the audi we’ll have another motor drag battle dropping this time next week so if you haven’t already please hit subscribe to our channel and if you have any suggestions on the cars you’d like to see us race let us know in the comments you

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