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Audi RS3 vs VW Golf R… vs Golf R with E1,200 tune – DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE AND BRAKE TEST

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How much extra performance can you get for £1,200? With the Mountune Volkswagen Golf R that’s enough for an ECU remap and an induction kit which increase power by 60hp to 360hp. So is this enough to beat a standard Audi RS3, which has 400hp? To find out we decided to drag race them. And we shoved in a standard Golf R too so you can see the difference between tuned and stock. BTW the Mountune Golf R also had upgraded brakes so you can see the effect of those in the brake test too.

Everyone matt here from carlisle got another drug race for you know i’m sat in a golf arm however it has these rather lovely shifter pedals rather than the cheapo ones you get normally and that’s because it’s a mountain golf r so they’ve upgraded the ecu and fitted an induction kit so this 2-liter turbocharged petrol engine now produces 360 horsepower and 500 newton

Meters of torque next to me is an audi rs3 so that’s got a 2.5 litre five-cylinder 400 horsepower and 480 newton meters of torque next to that for reference it’s a normal standard golf r it has a 2-liter turbocharged petrol engine obviously like this one but it’s not the normal 300 horsepower and 400 newton meters of torque we all got all-wheel drive we’ve all

Got launch control we’ve all got automatic gearboxes now the interesting thing is that the golf r costs 36 grand the audi rs3 costs 46 grand they actually save 4 grand up a golf r through carlo now the mounting kit for the power 1,200 quid so over 12 grand difference between this mountain go far and that howdy rs3 so we’re gonna see what happens in a drag race

Ever standing quarter-mile now before we do that make sure you subscribe to this channel please hit the bell icon otherwise you won’t be alerted when we make a new upload and you don’t miss out oh and follow me on instagram i’m out what’s on cars anyway let’s do it drag race enough being on nation star by the normal go far i’m the irish tweeted all right its

Neck and neck between the ira sreekumar mountain gob it’s so close so close that’s the wind this is a quick car quicker than an audi rs3 in a drag race quite a bit less money so then what exactly happened while the mountain golfer just managed to beat the standard ld rs3 by a number plate but both did the stunning quarter-mile in 12 point 7 seconds the standard

Golf army wall took thirteen point four seconds now we’re gonna have a rolling race from 50 miles an hour the cars in comfort mode and in drive like it’s just two clings along on the motorway then someone challenges you to a race obviously you decline but not here three one go let’s kick down brilliant and it’s goodbye the horace threes coming now it’s coming no

It’s not that’s it calling it let’s kick down quicker i didn’t why st. gearbox we need to check the in gear performance to discount the whole kick down thing so let’s do another race okay so go into the same race again rolling race from 50 miles an hour i’m gonna count it in but this time we’re gonna be locked in third gear and the engines are in sports mode ready

Then guys three one go now i do history’s on it calling back come on can i there’s nothing in it i’m kind of reeling him back in now never gonna pass it i was very interested in that was so the iod seemed to respond quicker to the throttle when he floored it and once he got ahead that was it it was not increasing its lead and we could have gone on a lot forever

Pretty much but i wasn’t gonna catch him it was finally then we’re gonna do a brake test from 70 miles an hour when we hit the line full emergency stop see which car stops in the shortest distance now should point out this has has another upgrade brakes a grand so let’s see what difference that makes it comes a line definitely make a difference out broke at the

Audi rs3 and definitely out broke the normal golf r in fact i could almost feel it from the pedal just thing to buy a lot harder than i’m used to in this car nice brakes good upgrade i think overall that is a win for the mountain golf r and it’s certainly a win in terms of value for money what an impressive upgrade it sounds like a bit of a kind of sales play but

It’s not this is just really good morning sighted oh i attend melton mowbray hi earlier my fingers think of it

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Audi RS3 vs VW Golf R… vs Golf R with £1,200 tune – DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE AND BRAKE TEST By carwow