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Audi RS5 b8.5 DRC delete

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Welcome to my channel, Rm projects

What isn’t that spitting slow speaking fast like a roast like a gas think i’m okay at last but i don’t know if that can erase all the past and the pettiness of reflection of the emptiness hilarious you think you’re with my time you’re delirious mysterious because you are behind a fake exterior inferior you know i’ll always be a bit superior get off of me

This ain’t no humble brag i want you to hear words you can say them back i want you to feel free from the chains that last and to believe in what you got it was built to last yeah i got no love i’ll always something that is rub it on and watch it make yourself unstoppable dreams are irresponsible but they’re always possible if you just believe you could

Be so remarkable thoughts in my head are collagen they spread i’ll be great one day going off of my meds no i’m not giving up no i’m not giving in i will make it to the top taking off in the end i gotta make it i’m saving every day to taste it i’m patient but my mind i can hardly take it i’m chasing a tribute i’ve had for several ages of faking modern kingdom

For the taking i got no love but the fake news if you want to play tough and want to hate this i’ll always show up and make a statement i don’t ever slow up no i don’t take i got no love for the fakeness if you want to play tough and want to hate this statement and i don’t really know what comes next i’m just doing my best even though i’m so stressed out

Everything just feels like a test that i feel so depressed when i can’t seem to get out but something deep inside won’t let me quit i swear tell me i’m inspired by thirst i’m inspired by worth i desire you’re worse so you can just hide while i work i ain’t tired you first i write a second third verse about the lies you go disperse you never do i know it

Hurts i feel nauseous believe me never had a lot of come easy had to work hard struggle just to be me had to rise up just so they could see me did what i had to do just to feed me and what was left over i put towards my dreaming but the only thing in life that has meaning are the things you gotta work for believe me take into your hands a plan your own hands

Can land your own branding down i feel like no one takes accountability they want the credibility convincingly unwilling to put in the hours it takes to get some power but we can sour take a cold shower scream until you’re louder work until you’re prouder and all the doubters they’re just young downers i swear to god they all let me down i always fought just

To wear the crown i’m darf at these clouds who were all taught they deserve a noun it’s only worth it if you work for it it’s only worth it if you work for it i won’t stop till they hear me now i won’t stop till i wear the crown let’s go i’m just telling you to fight for your dreams but it’s not what it seems man it’s hard to be seen when everybody wants to

Be king yeah they all wanna ring yeah we all wanna be free so show me what you got what you bring how you fight in the ring how you take a swing but you got heart are you mean got some scars got some needs are you willing to go please i swear to god they all let me down it’s only worth it if you work for it it’s only worth it if you work for it i won’t stop

Till they hear me now i won’t stop till i wear the crown it’s up so go yeah i’m like an addict dude i gotta have it i ain’t even playing got a really bad habit if it moves gotta grab it few is like a magnet lose won’t have it till i’m doomed in a casket i ain’t playing got a weird mind if you work eight hours i’ma work nine if the shoe tastes sour you

Should taste mine i’mma stay in power for a long time get up now i ain’t a quitter toss me the ball i’m a really big hitter big picture i’m a straight killer never gonna look back only i can make a cause that’s change it takes i take shots to the top i’ll get it i got one life push until i fall i’m sleeping to give back is a form of art i’m never

Gonna look back that’s what it takes you

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Audi RS5 b8.5 DRC delete! By Rm Projects