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What’s up everyone welcome through this pov review by auto top annelle my name is max and well we are taking a stroll down memory lane today because we’ve got the old ld rs5 today with the naturally aspirated 4.2 liter v8 that revs to 8250 rpm and it is a peach this car and it is from the time that you know everything was possible the best time for these cars we

Had this v8 rs5 naturally aspirated the bmw m3 e92 naturally aspirated the mercedes c63 amg as it was called back then with that 6.2 liter v8 and the lexus is-f with the 5 liter v8 all naturally aspirated v8 well it’s very difficult to choose one because they all had sort of their own way and their own characteristic but they were all delicious really we took this

One from yeshe barsa in the netherlands we borrowed a couple of fast saudis there in the past really great company of course because they lend us these cars the spec it’s great with those 20-inch rs wheels and this one isn’t completely stock because it also has an mtm exhaust catback exhaust so it sounds really really delicious and well we’ve driven it for like

An hour now i haven’t driven it at all yet but i can already say that i miss this time the new rs5 is you know better in practically every way but you really do miss this type of engine interior spec wise lovely sort of tan leather with alcantara suede and carbon-fiber inlay more suede in the door really really beautiful spec and will open this one so there it is

V8 fsi naturally aspirated so this has 450 horsepower and 430 newton meters of torque and this engine is actually not an evolution of the 4.2 liter v8 in the previous rs4 it is actually 80% of the 5.2 liter v10 from the audi r8 and that is pretty cool and you will hear that because it has sort of a high-pitched sound – it’s really v8 high revving and then you get

Sort of a sort of a high-pitched howl which is really really cool yeah the olden days guys what else anything i missed no let’s take it for a drive i have also lowered that seat so we have some more sound in here oh yes okay so get ready for some sound in let’s just go for dynamic mode oh dynamic you hear that that sort of high-pitched sound really really

Cool okay let’s take it for a drive keep this window opened a bit that one as well and we are already in dynamic mode so let’s just go to sports for the gear box as well or manual oh yes steering very heavy compared to the current rs5 been too much wind noise but i did open the roof so but that that naturally-aspirated linear power delivery is so nice we drove

This car in i think it was 2011 when we just started and well one of the most frequently asked questions is how do you still have your driving license well the answer to that is twofold one we do all our high speed stuff on the german autobahn where there are no speed limits on the pieces where we do it so that’s that’s the biggest explanation why we still have

Our driving licenses and to martin actually lost his license once and it was in this car or only this one but in the audi rs5 and it was really crazy he was driving too fast i’m not going to say how much by how much but he was driving too fast and there was this police car behind us apparently he was undercover in this volkswagen touran or something like that so

There’s some some mpv and he was actually driving at top speed so he couldn’t he couldn’t get us for more than his car could go and so but it was enough that martin actually lost his license so this car has always had sort of a special meaning to us oh man it is really special driving this car now after all these years after all the doubt sizing we’ve had i know

It is for the best the cars are improving a lot but it’s not some super straightforward thing it’s not like oh two cars are getting better or so we don’t miss these anymore really driving this car makes you remember how good it was and this isn’t even the best driving one of that generation of sports cars i mean there’s quite a bit of understeer there’s quite

A bit of roll in the body what this angel is phenomenal the sound is great it feels great 450 horsepower it’s not even that powerful this car weighs seventeen hundred kilos yes it is a joy to drive and it is really fun that we can do stuff like this you know and show you guys these all the cars and i know that a lot of you really like it because we always get a

Lot of comments about driving some older cars when we do so the strange thing about this car is that when you put it in comfort mode this in comfort as well it is really really comfortable it is 20 millimeters lower than a regular a 5 so that’s not even that much and of course the suspension is a bit stiffer and stuff like that more more stabilization it also

Has a it has quattro of course and it as an optional quattro sports differential at the rear it also has a limited slip at the front so there there is a lot of hardware to make sure that you know you can cope with the weights but still the chassis feels more like a gt and the engine and gearbox feel much more urgent and sporty so it’s a bit of a weird combination

Although this engine also you know this engine gearbox combination is also really suitable for for short shifting and just yeah it’s not that powerful at the bottom of the rev range you really have to use this this engine and its revs to get the maximum performance from it but it is really nice to drive it kind of in a lazy fashion oh okay so this is a bit more

Technical this piece of road and you just notice that the wage shifts around this is usually where we take like little old hedges like a clio rs or something your dose those doubt shifts are so raw and very very nice indeed so it is moving around you know nope oversteer kind of moving around but you feel the body moving around and that means that immediately

You don’t view this car as like an m3 competitor a direct competitor handling wise oh yes i would really if it was my money i was spending all on rs5 i would spend my money on one of these this one is actually for sale 60 grand and it has done just over 50,000 kilometers i mean i would spend my money on one of these rather than buying a new rs5 with that v6

Bi-turbo even though it’s much faster it’s better and more efficient more you can all gone this one is so much more fun so i think i’m going to end it here this was sort of a short look back into history and into the golden age of the sports coupe a’s i hope you enjoyed it as always you can subscribe by clicking the big button right here and you can follow us

On social media just search for oats to pan out you can also check out this pov review of a monarch tuned rs5 and you can also check out this pov reviews playlist with a lot more competitors of this car she hit the next one guys thanks for watching bye

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