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Audi RS6 Avant mit 600 PS vs Toyota Corolla Touring Sports | 127.000 Unterschied | Hamid Mossadegh

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Heute checke ich mit Dion den neuen Audi RS 6 Avant mit 600 PS! Wo sind die Unterschiede zu einem normalen Kombi? Im Vergleich: Der Toyota Corolla Touring Sports. Der Hybrid hat eine Systemleistung von 184 PS und kostet 33.000 Euro. Der Audi RS 6 Avant ist fast 5 Mal so teuer!

Yes, of couse! yes, of couse! welcome to my youtube channel! more detailed things will come later. i called a buddy over today. you come around the corner very quietly, you cannot be heard at all. what’s wrong with you? he’s going straight to war! do you notice that? just relax! how are you doing? the two cars cannot actually be compared. but we want to show you what

Possibilities there are. do you need it or do you not need it? how are the tastes? who likes what? who doesn’t like what? my dear, this is not a nice color, this is ipanema brown. at that time it was called “brazil brown”, now it is “ipanema brown”. ipanema, you know, do you know what ipanema stands for? you can’t get more autumn, right? have a look at that! around

3,000 euros. but that’s also a great paint job! how much money are we talking about in total for this vehicle? the car starts at around 120,000 euros and as it stands here it costs around 157,000 euros. let’s round up to 160,000 euros. good. base price around 31,000 euros. final price – we only have the black paint in it plus the technology package – 33,000 euros and a

Few squashed ones. i have more equipment in it than what your entire car costs. crazy, right? i have around 1,600 euros in equipment it’s really crazy! please show your lighting system once. now please have a look up here! now have a look at this! i’ve already peeked around the curve here. i see quite large rims, they are giant rims, 22 inchers. and that’s the largest

Braking system in the … i would say 18 inches and has an extra charge of 450 euros. and now you two stand here and we’ll do a sound check! then give it a full bottle now! maximum performance. you only hear that while driving because it is regulated. because it doesn’t even turn on the engine when starting, i’m curious. what are you doing now? are you stepping on the

Gas hybrid drivers don’t actually deal with such things at all. and when you’re in a car like that, that’s not an issue at all. you are absolutely right. i wouldn’t even have thought of doing brumm brumm. let me have a look! is there anything under it at all? from the moment the trunk opens, we see how quickly we can get this box in both here and with you. why don’t

You take the box with you? i do not understand. look how often he has already practiced that! look! i have my trolley and my shoes in there, i even leave it in and now say – wow, this will be tight – i’ll leave it in. you have a few more liters. that’s right, you have 20, 30 liters more. come over! come over! come over! come over! come over! come over! come over! no!

One thing that bothers me about these modern cars is that everything is on display and when the car is off it looks dead. for the fact that we have the 22-inch device here, which can actually do everything, just not dampen … yes great! and you are in comfort mode. now we are in dynamic. wow! when you sit here and you go full throttle it’s like going down a roller coaster.

For that you get a dacia duster – or half a toyota corolla touring sports. then large ceramic brakes are included, lane departure warning, etc. and the v-max cancellation to 305 kilometers per hour, mega awesome! you hardly have any opponents! you drive a station wagon, have so much power and still have understatement. anyone who drives this car can! no! the clever rs6

Driver, if i may call it that very carefully, never buys an rs6. this car has to be leased with a good number of kilometers. the depreciation of this vehicle is enormous. we’re talking about 30-45 percent in the first year! for that i get two toyota corolla touring sports for the depreciation. if we do the math, we have a whole toyota fleet here. it’s incredible! you

Get a beating if you step on the gas! finest workmanship, coolest paintwork, you have everything in one package. do you need a chocolate bar every day? do you need this to survive? there are two different types of chocolate. first there is chocolate, which is mega because it is chocolate that costs 10 times as much and then there is chocolate that makes you happy too,

But it only costs a fifth. yes, if i do like that, then it would be tight for you too. i’m getting into a car that costs 33,000 euros, right? with the equipment 33,000 euros. now “d” and drive off! but here a nice workmanship with contrast stitching, no plastic. but listen up! this is exactly the opposite of yours. my steering wheel is a little higher. – you can

Adjust all of that. do you know what that reminds me of? i know i am angry now. what i think is really good is that you can set everything yourself here quickly. that’s cool. – now step on the gas. there is something special. can you think of what? exactly. continuously variable cvt transmission. so it goes forward. we have a 2-liter here, the top engine here too,

A 2-liter combustion engine the moment when the performance curves of combustion and electric motors meet is usually always 20 to 30 percent below the maximum output. this is way too complicated for me, come on! – system output 184 hp. this car has everything i need. how is my navigation system, my map? there is now no navigation system in this model. if you take a

Higher equipment line … you could now connect your cell phone to it. – oh, would it work then? i almost only use apple car play myself. where’s the traffic jam? how much traffic jam? what is my arrival time? how will my arrival time change? and so forth. to date, almost 50 million toyota corolla have been sold – i feel safe in here. – you have space. – yes. there is

Space. you have a lot of space. the buttons for my heated seats etc. could be a bit more digital. in terms of price-performance ratio, it is rated top. wow, that thing sucks. – not at all. the beeping or what? will never reach for a corolla touring sports and exactly the other way around, let alone squint at it there are five toyota corolla touring sports for one, i

Have to agree with you – wonderful audi rs 6. of course i share that with you, no question about it. you can’t compare the two cars. whether the audi rs 6 is worth 160,000 euros i’ll leave it alone. and if audi sends me a mega offer, i would even consider getting such a car. i definitely would. because the car can do everything. this is an all-rounder as a station wagon.

But luxury is the order of the day here. alone my gaze. look at this. we don’t need to say which car wins or loses, that wasn’t the question at all. so that you can get a feel for what’s in between. dion, it was a lot of fun, thank you very much. see you next time. i’m curious which car he’ll come around the corner in the next time, because he always has some surprises.

We’ll see you next sunday at 4 p.m. next week. i hope you enjoyed this post. if so, please comment on this post! write me in what you still want! leave a subscription. what are you doing now? shall we go away? come on, we’re going away. i run out of fuel, i only have a range of 40 kilometers. do you want to ride with me? – you have run out of electricity.

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Audi RS6 Avant mit 600 PS vs Toyota Corolla Touring Sports | 127.000 € Unterschied | Hamid Mossadegh By Hamid Tailormade Cars