Audi RS7 Track Test

We’ve driven several of our these 87 models including the turbo diesel petrol as well as the rather wonderful s7 however recently adi launched there are seven south africa and he a days with it’s fairly new v8 engine four litre twin-turbo and in diverse fauna and twelve kilowatt and 750 meters of torque that basically puts its spot on next to the bmw m5 as

Well as administrative things as c63 amg so we’re at kalani but first let’s look how its fate last year when we test it for our performance issue and this race trailer or a sibling was one of the fastest cars there it because like the xfr-s insider spins 63 amg and just bmw m6 25 there’s only bit by 2 cos clarence give me a garden let’s see how he does it

Kalani there’s a monkey – georgia byrd who knows the track very well it’s faster than this raceway boss the corners longer straights and let’s see what there is opal deep wow another day another awesome super saloon this is the audi rs7 412 kilowatts and a giant 700 on newton meters huge wheels and tires ceramic brakes and the big thing it’s four-wheel drive

That differentiates itself from all the other super saloons in the class the jaguar the bmw and the mercedes are all real drive cars so through really a little bit less driver involvement but a very usable performance and perhaps you’re gonna expect a bit of understeer we’ll see but aren’t these cars just giant i mean it’s just insane that you can have this

Kind of a motor car available for everyday use so i’m going to start a lap now but i’m expecting that the m5 we drove last week will be a little bit faster yeah preps allow third el costo pretty well special emic brakes of course and of yes don’t you hear the food without doors good good good understood it’s flash i tell you gonna find us yet we can live

With that see how close down the strait ah some nice late-breaking news right just lighter than the inside anyway twenty-three-year-old off so that’s just about the same laptop as the m5 might be with that cars not as involving as a rear-wheel drive car notice notice the morning at all it’s really fast you can see there was an awesome laptop just like that

Out of the box very similar power and so completely employ yeah hope is the quattro overdrive yeah alright fell to main this and generally i’m not a big lover of food drive in terms of the of the driver enjoyment that you get but i’m this car is really awesome now the some strategies like wheel spinning all the way over so much power very easily accessible

Car feels kind of light in a way stops well and so on the gearbox is not as good as the m5 gearbox i thought that’s right we’re in the m5 i felt like i was using all my skill level in this car it feels i could call it take a lot of it for you so i think as a day-to-day proposition if you want to drive faster or unknown roads and you know in maybe in slippery

Conditions on this code absolutely impossible almost to beat just lastly the ceramic brakes yes how do they feel not sure fantastic yeah no i mean if you have a car like this and even i think we still sorted also in the m5 and the m6 if you have a car like this rav and so on you just had the ceramic brakes if you want to drive on the track so in the track

The track does take a lot out of these cars you know because they’re all very heavy and very fast but astounding that things like this even exist you know thank you very much asia you you

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Audi RS7 Track Test By CAR magazine SA Archive