Audi S5 4.2 Gets JHM Race Pipes + Tune

In this video I will FINALLY be installing the JHM Race Pipes & JHM Tune on my 2008 Audi S5 4.2. The Race Pipes will be complimenting the AWE Touring exhaust that is already on the car. Also as you will see, the JHM Tune REALLY wakes the car up, and turns it into the beast that it should’ve been from factory. Some of the key features you get with this tune are the famous JHM Launch Mode, and also getting rid of the factory soft limiter so that N/A German V8 can really scream. Be sure to drop a comment below, and let me know what you think. If you enjoy the video make sure to drop a like, and if you like the channel. Make sure you go ahead and subscribe. Thanks for watching!!

What’s up guys back with another video and today is finally the day we’re gonna be making the s5 a little bit louder i’m getting a little bit more power out of her so i’m gonna be throwing on the jhm race pipes or test pipes whatever you want to call it and then we’re also gonna be tuning in with the jhm tune so before we get started remember to like comment

Subscribe and smash that notification button and we’ll get right into it all right guys so i’m actually not gonna be doing this myself so i went ahead and took the car to a company called meineke they went ahead and threw them on give you guys some clips some exhaust clips some drive-bys and all that fun stuff but after thinking about it i was like man this is

Gonna be really difficult and um doing it on jack stands in the garage didn’t seem like the best idea or the most fun so i just went ahead and took it to them and they got it knocked out for me so that being said i’ll give you guys the before and after clips and all that fun stuff now we’re going to go ahead and throw the tune on the car in order to tune your car

You need a windows computer you got to order the jhm power connect cable and then you have to purchase the tune from jhm and then they send you all the login credentials and all that fun stuff which i already got that stuff i’ve got my laptop plugged up so now i’m just going to walk you through basically just tuning the car and all that goes into it and then we

Will and then we’ll take her out for a rip see if we can notice anything immediate see if we feel any more power so hey me um them all right guys so this is the jhm power connect cable and it basically just plugs into the obd2 port um so i’m going to go ahead and get this plugged in there and then put the car in accessory mode which is basically just

Turning the battery on without actually starting the car and then we should be able to go ahead and get her tuned so if you look up under the steering wheel it’s pretty far back there but um right there with that little purple slot that’s where the obd2 port plugs so so now we’re gonna go and hop inside the car and get on the laptop now that we’re in the car

We’re gonna go ahead and put the car in accessory mode so let’s go ahead and press the button once the car is now in accessory mode all right then we’re going to click this button right here to id and the ecu they recommend doing this with a hard connection but i don’t have a hard connection close enough for me to be able to do that and they also recommend you

Putting your battery on a cable or putting your battery on the charger so i have like a little jump pack back there but hopefully that will do the trick so now verified what device it’s going to be programming so we’re going to go ahead and click next so we’re going to go with the ecu stage 1 tune and we’re going to go jhum stage 1 all octane we’re going to go

And click next um it basically just had me enter some information and then now it looks like it’s ready to flash so we’re going to go and click that flash hit button and now we got our loading bar and it seems to be doing its thing so so right now it’s just loading taking a sweet time but it’s actually moving a little bit faster than i anticipated so hopefully

This will load up pretty quick and we can get on without any issues so while i’m waiting on that to load up i’ll go ahead and go over the mods that i have on the car for anybody that hasn’t seen the channel before so so we’ll start from the front for from the front back so um i have the o34 motorsports inta inlet tube i have the apr carbon cover and filter i

Had to since mine is oa it’s the older model so i had to get the updated like oil sensor you have to do that so um upgraded to that i have the aw touring exhaust so not the track but the turing is a little bit quieter but now i have the jhim um the jhm race pipes which definitely opened her up a little bit she sounds really good as well as i think that’s just

About it performance wise i have coilovers and spacers on there but as far as like engine and you know exhaust wise i think that’s pretty much it from all the reviews and stuff that i saw of this tune it should do her right apparently it um wakes her up a little bit and you get more torque throughout the rpm range so looking forward to it but if you guys have

Any questions or anything or maybe there’s something that i missed definitely drop a comment below and i’ll be sure to answer you and try to help you as best i can so right now i’m at about 36 percent they definitely recommend that you use a wire connection like i said earlier and have the battery plugged up so since i don’t have a actual just battery charger

I have my little jump pack on here and every few minutes i’ll just come in tap it make sure it turns back up and it basically charges it for a few seconds and then once it realizes it’s good it just kind of stops it so powder seems to be good for now and then as far as the internet connection my wi-fi is i have pretty good wi-fi so it doesn’t seem to be doing

Too bad and hopefully it’ll wrap up nicely and we don’t have any issues coming up on 50 here and this program is actually really simple to use they send you very detailed instructions so if you mess it up you kind of earned it basically they send you your login information over an email then from there you download their software you log in and you know kind

Of go through the little steps and then from there it’s just all the software so i’m really not doing anything now i’m just got it plugged up i will say you want to make sure that you purchase the jhm power connect cable from them because they do ask for like your invoice number um as well as with the tune they ask for your invoice number on that as well so i

Don’t know why but yeah just make sure you purchase it from them i think it’s like 50 bucks which isn’t too crazy and then um their tune is pretty pricey but um it’ll be well worth it once it’s on there and then it is for i think it’s a 93 and 91 tune so whatever you have in your area it’ll run fine with it so looks like we’re at about 72 percent now i think

Every time i walk away and talk to you guys on the camera it goes faster because maybe i’m blocking the connection but it is normal to when you first plug it in and start the tune of stuff you get some lights on your dash basically because it’s just going in and reading your reading all your ecu’s and modules and stuff like that so don’t freak out should be fine

I’ll also tell you that in the uh in the email when i got into the app i’m sure you guys saw it too but it’s i saw the jhm supercharger stage one tune or stage two tuned i was like hmm but definitely don’t have a supercharger yet so not gonna mess with that but um stay tuned because i definitely do want to throw the supercharger kit on here and see what kind of

Performance we can get out of that and then also down the road i want to turbo the car so that’ll be another fun project but there’s not any like out of the box turbo kits for the car so it’s going to be custom and that’ll be really exciting but that’s way down the road i’d plan on supercharging it keeping it like that for a little bit and then going ahead and

Turbo in the car but i got the jh test pipes a long time ago and i’ve been leading you guys on like yeah i’m going to install them and stall them installing but it’s because i was going to do it myself but i ended up deciding that that’s probably not the best way to do it i’m considering i don’t have a lift or anything and that would have been really difficult

Especially some of the bolts on the passenger side cat it’s pretty hard to get to so even the guys at the shop were saying that so i’m glad that i just went ahead and decided to take it to them and we finally got them installed super excited i’m sure you guys will love what it sounds like it’ll also live how it performs once you get this tune on it so looks like

It’s getting ready to wrap up here i got a slick little rs5 it looks like for the background on the tunic software so that’s pretty cool all right so if you look right there it says successful burn so looks like it’s uh on there so i’m going to go ahead and unplug the cable and turn off the turn the car off for 65 seconds and then let it sit we went ahead

And turned the car all the way off for 65 seconds and then i just went ahead and turned it back into accessory mode for 45 seconds and now we should be able to start her up i said it is normal for it’s a kind of funky and whatnot and add a little weird once you um after you first tune it so if you hear any funky noises or anything should be completely normal

As far as like the the funky idol and startup and whatnot could take up to a couple of days a couple of run cycles for it to uh clear out but so far i don’t seem to it doesn’t seem like we have any issues or anything so i’m gonna keep our fingers crossed and hope it stays that way it seems to be idling pretty smooth here in a minute we’ll go ahead and um take

Her out for a test drive all right guys so we’re going to go ahead and pull it out of the garage and go for a little test drive real quick i’ll go i’ll give you more clips and whatnot later but just as you know the first start first run uh we’ll go ahead and give her a shot and see how she’s uh see if we can notice any immediate difference all right guys so

Off the bat um the throttle response is a little bit uh it’s definitely more touchy so it’s kind of kind of weird to get used to after you know driving the car how it was for so long if but have an s5 you know in first gear um just straight off of out of a dig without like launching it it can be kind of groggy this definitely takes care of that issue definitely

Takes care of it i’m gonna go ahead and give you guys another little little pull here very noticeable difference all right guys so should have the launch feature now so i’m going to go ahead and see if we can give it a whirl i’m just going to put the clutch all the way in and revere and see what happens my original thoughts after um taking the first spin is

It’s definitely got a lot more thought a response definitely very touchy so still getting used to that i think i may have smoked my clutch so on one of those runs when i was trying to show you the launch um when i went to second hit the gas and it just revved up it was definitely fully attacking gear everything was released it just like revved up and it smells a

Lot like clutch so hopefully i didn’t smoke the clutch hopefully it’s still good i did notice that it definitely loses a lot of like the used to crackle a lot when on decel and i could have a lot of rumble and whatnot when i revved now it’s just like smoother it doesn’t crackle at all or it’s not as raspy and whatnot still sounds really good um the performance

Is definitely there like i said in that first gear pool it definitely takes off compared to what it used to do would be kind of groggy so yeah definitely a noticeable difference um can’t wait to put it up to some people that i’ve raced against before and see how it does now see what the actual difference is very happy with the results i didn’t do anything

Like super high speed or anything so i’ll have to find out i’ll have to look more into how to uh do like the launch mode and whatnot but might be in the market for a new clutch soon but uh hopefully not but yeah we’ll have to see oh so so all right guys so that’s going to wrap it up for today’s video be sure to let me know what you think in

The comments below of the tune of the exhaust of launch mode and all that kind of fun stuff let me know if there’s anything specific that you guys want to see also be sure to check out the description there will be some links in there you can use code tariq 10 to get a 10 off discount on any of the products at i also just moved to the

Dallas fort worth area that’s why i haven’t been posting too consistently but for all you guys that are out here in the area be sure to let me know where all the car meets are cars and coffee and things like that so i can you know show up meet some of you guys and you know have a good time and with that being said stay tuned definitely got some stuff coming for

You um some maintenance things for the s5 some more cosmetic things um and then we’ll also have you know some car meets and you know all that fun stuff since i’m in the dfw area now and there’s you know a lot bigger of a car scene so with that being said be sure to like comment subscribe and smash that notification bell and i will see you in the next one you

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Audi S5 4.2 Gets JHM Race Pipes + Tune By Tariq Samuels