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Audi S5 4.2 V8 Quattro review

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V8 Quattro S5 review with straight through exhaust pipes.sounds awesome.

Oh gosh that noise hey what’s happening guys i’m turbo seven one two and welcome to another school me up and today well today you join me from probably in my opinion what i think is probably the third or close second or third best looking car that audi have produce number one on the list of the best cars rd produced has to be the ra without doubt it looks it looks

Sexy and so number two on the list has to be the 1989 b2 quattro the 2.2 liter turbo one i do like that kai’s bit of an iconic car but number three on the list we’re close to number two has to be this one this the lds five and it’s the 4.2 v8 and it sounds barely see more by the way distinct purse is just like her oh it’s like a lioness who’s happy with his

Pride that they treated it well so as i said this is the 4.2 va s5 and it carries an fsi engine so it produces 354 horsepower with 325 foot-pound of torque and it carries it well it does an audi say a nought to 60 time of 4.9 seconds so if we just switch over into sport drop it down one oh yeah 4.9 seconds is doable i gotta say the power delivery – very smooth

It’s very smooth now the first thing i struck me when i got in this car was um the interior this it’s really classy actually is really nice and these seats are quite comfortable it’s sick see my similar kind of style ceased as to the rs free the quality of leather is really nice as well the whole build actually is spot-on so the looks on this thing is it’s very

Nice as i said it’s probably in my eyes it’s a third best looking car they’ve ever produced in some way angles when you look at it it looks a bit like a um a nightclub doorman was either really bad nah he just looks impressive it’s got big stars and it’s a don’t mess with me and they’re not other angles when you look at it it’s just got some nice curves of nice

Shapers it just looks really sleek like a like a victoria secret model so one of the extras on this s5 features the prestige pack which has got um push-button start it was as a keyless entry it’s got satellite navigation and also it’s got a cracking banging olsen 500 watt system in here is the dogs it sounds brilliant so some of the mods have been done on this

Car include okay low fill out and he still has the original main cats in at the front moves out straight pipes forward way through and that’s like them and that is the main reason why as the bank reason why sounds like that long gosh you ok we’ve got a little bit of overtaking to do here let’s do a slide giving me a speed warning that’s not fair so with this

Having the quattro four-wheel drive system it’s usually a 60/40 split but with the torque vectoring distribution it can its alternator power from front to rear and also side to side on this one to a light just eliminate understeer basically which is what a lot of the quadro cars do suffer from we’ve also got the multimedia interface or the mmi for those who are

In the know and it’s the third generation to be in a installing realities and basically with that you’ve got your drive select mode so you got your comfort mode you want a dynamic mode so when you’re in dynamic mode and basically stiffer the steering stiffens the suspension and you also get a better frog response from it but driving is routed twisties you know it

Doesn’t recover doesn’t actually feel as big as why it looks it feels quite a turn actually and i gotta say it doesn’t really it’s a lot quality rollatini folks it’s nearly 1,800 kilos as well this car and actually feels quite agile for the size of the car and the weight of the car oh i like the start of this car as well as i said it’s like that he’s like he’s

Been working out when you see it coming towards you in your rear view mirror you’ve got to want to move out the way one thing i will say when you go is slow the steering steering does feel a bit vegas like a lot of feedbacks or telling you a lot but when you actually speed up i’m and it pops as well weird actually speed up it um steering does seem to get people

Responsive now running costs on this thing aren’t cheap but you get what you pay for yeah it’s in the highest tax band it’s going to cost you about five hundred five hundred five quid a year fuel wise and you can average on a run if you could maybe twenty four twenty five to the gallon if you start putting your foot down and enjoying the sound of this car which

I which you have to you’re gonna be hitting the low teens but say not you know i’ve had them i’ve owned personally owned two litre turbocharged cars which have give out the same kind of fuel consumption so what would you prefer would you prefer like whistling noise pops and bangs or which refer to here this ha oh yeah nice size nice so i would say you know if

You’re after a fresh alternative of a coupe car and you’ve got a few grand to spend this has got to be a serious contender it’s this different from you normal pms and that mercs are about and it’s solid as well it does it feels really solid it is a pleasure to drive and as i said the looks yeah it looks very nice the only thing is as i did say before the running

Costs you are going to be visiting petrol stations quite regularly but hey you get what you pay for and to hear this oh that’s worth every color depends where you put it honestly

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Audi S5 4.2 V8 Quattro review By Spool me Up 712