AUDI S5/S4 // MBRP 2.5 Cat-Back, Quad Rear Exit Exhaust Overview

Audi’s S5 and S4 have a long history of motorsport heritage featured in some of the harshest racing conditions there is. The MBRP 2.5-Inch, Cat-Back, Quad Rear Exit exhaust system not only sounds great but looks amazing with it’s motorsport inspired tips made from T304 Stainless Steel and lightweight Carbon Fiber. Adding in a 24% flow increase over stock means that your S5 or S4 will be breathing and performing better than ever. This is a non-active system that eliminates the use of exhaust valves, while ensuring there is no warning lights showing on the dash. Available in the Armor Pro series means you get a Lifetime Warranty with this exhaust so you can easily bolt it on and rip it with no worries! So whether you have the S5 coupe or the S4 sedan, you can enjoy the same great sound, performance and looks from MBRP that you’ve come to know and love.

Hey guys in this video we’re checking out mbrp’s exhaust offering for the audi s5 get in here let’s check it out hey everybody martin barkey here today i’ve got the audi s5 on the hoist i’ve got an exhaust offering from mbrp i want to show you but first like we always do let’s see what the factory sent is so this is a pretty cool setup for a factory system

We’ve got a middle resonator middle muffler we’ve got small diameter tubing which is crimped on both sides actually crimped here on this one and crimped here in the middle of this side for some reason the factory has decided to go from single to dual before the muffler i’m not sure why but it does we got ultra small mufflers back here from the factory and then

Of course they uh they finish in the quad tips that we’ve all seen at the back of almost every audi product out there this one’s off it’s staying off crawl under here i’m going to show you what mbrp now has to offer so guys as i always mentioned cats stay in place because mbrp is a compliant company now that said we’re gonna pick it up right here after the cat

And you’re gonna see we jump right into mandrel bent high flow two and a half inch stainless steel tubes from there you can see bracketry pulling everything together you can see we’re utilizing all the oe rubber hanger locations and of course band clamps throughout the whole system now this is where it gets interesting looks really really cool we’ve got a super

Small mbrp high flow stainless steel tig welded muffler i mean this gives us a nice aggressive sound on the audi s5 now even better than that is how we finish up the system and of course you can see we’ve got quad tips but these are quad four inch carbon fiber exhaust tips and the neat part about this something that you guys really have mentioned to us that you

Like is the fact that each one of these tips are individual so you can adjust each step pull them in pull them out push them any which way turn them for angles that you want for the angle slash cut on the end there so this one’s all done i’m taking it outside for rip all right the s5 is on the ground let’s give it a listen so what i’ve done is i’ve put the car in

Dynamic i drive all my audis in dynamic for me it’s just a way sportier feel without being over the top transm transmission is a little more alive in my opinion and yeah so we’re in dynamic i’ve left it in auto though for now so i’m just gonna let it roll through the gears like we’re doing quickly this is a deep very low aggressive exhaust note i always talk

About conversations with family or friends yes you’re going to hear this hopefully you guys can hear it on the camera as well um you’re going to hear this as it goes through the gears kind of deal so you know here we are we’re at 60 miles an hour definitely definitely here we’ve heard it come all the way through so i just wanted you know i these commentaries

Are to really give you my views an aggressive exhaust note and very deep low note so you’ve seen it’s a small muffler it’s been made to be aggressive aggressive look aggressive sound um speaking of aggressive i’m gonna throw it over here and i’ll do some down shifts as we get ready to step on it with wide open throttle hopefully you guys can hear that um it’s

Funny because just as i wait for traffic here um the lower rpm is a very deep low base type of note uh you’re gonna hear in a minute when i step on it that the higher rpm is really really it’s cool it’s very european um very just tight i love it i’m gonna leave it in manual as well for this yeah we better shut it down there look at that i get my hands on the

Paddles and i want to start downshifting right off the bat um so yeah hopefully you guys can hear that it’s just a a really i say an exotic note so it’s funny how the lower rpms are that bass note really big sound uh and then it just sort of tightens up and just has a really really super sweet uh rpm higher rpm notice you start pulling those through the gears um

So yeah for me definitely an aggressive exhaust system um one you can go play with you’re gonna turn heads you’ve seen how how cool it looks how small the mufflers are how you know the four inch carbon fiber tips just look so cool um i want you to go check that out you can look up part number 4607 and you’re going to do that of course at you

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AUDI S5/S4 // MBRP 2.5" Cat-Back, Quad Rear Exit Exhaust Overview By MBRP