Today we’ve got a viewer scar i don’t think we’re going to do anything crazy on the autobahn that’s a big tree what’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by out etapa now my name is max and today we’ve got a viewer scar so very very cool his name is zacharias and he was in geneva for the motor show he’s from norway and he sent us a message asking

If we wanted to test his car which is super cool it’s really cool that more and more people are you know starting to offer us their cars to drive and to make a review with yeah it’s just really cool so don’t please don’t stop doing that if you’re not a subscriber yet don’t forget to subscribe and hit that notification bell to receive updates when we upload a new

Video so today we’ve got a v8 turbo s8 from 2013 and it’s not entirely standard this is an ap r 2 r which means that it’s stage 2 tuned so it’s as an ap r is you tuned it has a down pipe from apr and it also has a bmc air filter which means that this car has 688 horsepower and 945 newton meters of torque which is ridiculous it is super fast a little side note the

Wind is a little bit better now but there’s a big storm going on so i don’t think we’re going to do anything crazy on the autobahn although a little bit of sun is coming through finally we’ve got 22 inch wheels which are huge carbon fiber mirror caps and it has just has a stock exhaust so it just has the downpipe which means that you do get you know a little bit

Extra flow through the exhaust but you don’t get a crazy sound or any resonating sound so it’s actually very quiet which is really nice in an s8 so you have this crazy fast saloon car that is totally unrecognizable as being tuned you know it just look it just looks stock all right we’ll take a look at the engine to see if there’s anything to see there not that much

Just a regular v8 e of his i stock 520 horsepower and 650 newton meters of torque yeah so that’s it’s actually big jump especially the torque from 650 to 945 that’s a big difference all right so we’ll get in because it’s quite gold yes yes and we’ll start it up so it actually has done almost 160,000 kilometres but it still drives really well so little rev really

Nice sound you really recognize that that v8 tfsi for a liter but it’s not crazy loud or anything which i really like okay we’ll take four drive and we’ll do a zero to 100 kilometers an hour measurement and then we’ll take to the autobahn and see if we can do anything if the wind is a bit better and what this car is like over there oh this brings back memories we’ve

Driven a tune as eight before from mtm with 760 horsepower the talladega which was pretty awesome so it is super cool as i said that you don’t see anything on the outside it just looks stuck and it’s so quiet and yet it is ridiculously fast which it’s basically a sleeper car although of course it does have some s8 badging but still it looks so innocent alright

We’ll switch to we’re already in dynamic it’s fun to feel that all these tuned cars with this engine they all feel very similar because you have that that crazy torque it these engines are just so tunable it’s really nice all right here we are it is very wet so i hope we can do some proper runs so we’ll get this installed so we’ve got the app right here connect it

It is installed at the rear window because we couldn’t get any signal over here because these limousines always have very thick glass all right so that’s ready we’ll do just a regular launch no launch control no break launch just to see what happens okay that’s not going to be a fast time 4.1 that was a lot of wheelspin with four wheel drive all right another one

3.89 still we can do a lot quicker we’ll try again later but it is crazy this car has michelin pilot super sport tires so yeah not the best tire for wet circumstances and with 945 newton meters you know it’s going to struggle oh man this thing feels so torquey it’s a great feeling and the tune is actually really good as well you don’t feel any weird hesitations

Or anything like that really well done okay we’ll try another run with the esp and sport mode so we get a little bit more slip maybe that helps oh man no it’s just too wet it’s just too wet 4.1 seconds okay one last time come on s8 you can do better you can do better i know you can yes yes nice 3.94 okay so we actually did a three point four second zero to 100

Earlier which is really quick three point four seconds in the width with these tires that’s it insane if if you would have a really dry day a hot day the tarmac would be hotter i think you could go a little big tree to like three seconds flat it is it is very very fast by the way if you want one of these gps performance boxes you can buy it in our store click in

The top right corner to get one works super nice as you could see and it is very very accurate alright let’s do some more driving towards the altima and see if we can do see i told you there was a big storm going on out there this huge tree has been completely uprooted it’s just that’s a big tree that’s crazy all right and it feels fast with those 22 inch wheels

I would have expected it to be more uncomfortable but it’s actually not bad at all even in dynamic mode i mean it’s not uncomfortable so the fun thing about these tunes with these cars i mean you could do the same with an audi s6 out es8 they are so under the radar you know they are not flashy people don’t really recognize it as being a super fast car and the fact

That they have basically almost the same engine set up as an rs6 means that you can really have a lot of fun with these cars with tuning them and of course apr is one of the world’s most well known howdy tuners so we don’t actually see them a lot in europe apr to mars okay here we go whoo it’s very empty nice all righty full throttle will do 100 to 200 measurement

As well on the draggy please refuel yes i know so that’s a seven point six nine 100 to 200 to be very quick that’s it is love it is really fast ha ha ha ha that was crazy oh what a great car okay this is uh korea’s you have a very good dog it is very very fast okay so as you can see we have to refuel so we are going to take the car back to the gas station

And give it back to the owner zacarias so thank you very much sir girls for bringing your car it’s always a lot of fun to drive our subscribers cars and to see you know to meet these people who subscribe to us who watch our videos and it’s very good to see that there are some subscribers with these crazy tuned cars so if you also want your car on our channel you

Can use this email address at the bottom of the screen you can send us an email we definitely like exactly ask our it is very cool so thank you for watching you can subscribe by clicking the big button in the middle you can check out this pov review and you can check out this playlist off pov reviews we’ll see you at the next one bye guys

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