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Audi S8 vs RSQ8: The contest of the best?

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Audi S8 vs RSQ8: The contest of the best?

It’s 2022 and the top one of trend topics is the new bmw ix does it deserve this fame well it’s a bmw breakthrough of course but it has to be enough to deal with the new mercedes eqs suv like and subscribe because there’s an insane production coming out for you every day for free on this channel here’s the only place you find comparisons and reviews of any car

Despite its class price and category let’s see there’s two different variants of bmw ix the xdrive 50 and the xdrive 60. the xdrive 50 is powered by a pair of electric motors that combine to make 516 horsepower all-wheel drive is standard it can go from zero to six miles per hour in just 4.0 seconds to give you a dimension of how great this result is i have to

Remind you that this is faster than a 911 carrera in a cayman gts the high-performance variant called m60 the x-drive 16-0 offers 610 horsepower and can reach 60 miles per hour in just 3.6 seconds this is three seconds faster than a standard bmw m3 rear wheel drive an adjustable air suspension and rear wheel steering system are both optional on the entry level of x

Drive 50 and standard on the m60 yeah you may say this car was not made for performance purposes but these numbers proves that you can have a smile on your face whether behind the wheel or on the back the iax has a large battery pack that the epa estimates will offer up to 324 miles of driving range per charge but the result of some tests are surprising everyone a

Highway driving can reduce the overall driving range of an ev to a fraction of its overall range estimate but this was not the case with the ix it recorded an impressive average of 290 miles iax can recharge from 10 percent to 80 percent in just 35 minutes when hookuped up to a fast connection well all of this is beautiful especially if you pay more than 100 000

For a luxury car but bmw now doesn’t have to carry this burden of being so expensive on its own the new mercedes eqs suv is on the way the eqs suv is essentially an eqs sedan with an elevated seating position and more interior space and its electric power trains are similar the eqs 450 plus has a 335 horsepower electric motor that powers the rear wheels the eqs

580 produces 536 horsepower and 633 pound-feet of torque between its front and rear mounted electric motors which provides all-wheel drive the eqs suv has adjustable air suspension and a rear axle steering that gives a nice handling it also features an off-road drive mode that rises the suspension and alters the power trains behavior its epa rated at between 340

And 350 miles of range the eqs suv can charge very fast as mercedes says will take the battery from 10 percent to 80 in 31 minutes when connected to a fast charger it features rich materials and high-tech equipment that already makes all new mercedes models to be the most beautiful ever produce it at least in my opinion it comes standard with selectable ambient

Lighting heated and ventilated front seats a panoramic sunroof and wireless charging leaving aside your favoritism for one of the brands which one would you choose the comment section is your place to talk here every opinion is valid and we will choose the most rational comments to pin watch the suggested video we prepared for you right now and be sure that you

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Audi S8 vs RSQ8: The contest of the best? By Throttle Car Review