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Audi SQ5 and Q5 Sportback

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I recently drove the latest #Audi SQ5 and #Q5 #Sportback in a very wet Western Cape. What has #Audi changed on the car and what’s the Sportback like? I expand on this and more in my video.

What’s up guys and you join me justin in a very wet and cold western cape um i’m here to drive the new or so that updated audi q5 and i was lucky enough to get given the keys to the sq5 the fast one so um yeah i’ve been driving around for quite a while now as you can see we alone in the car i’m born with myself well you guys are with me so yeah i’ve just been

Driving around getting uh reacquainted with the car um i really like the sq5 um you know you’ve got 260 kilowatts 500 newton meters of torque an 8-speed auto and a a real must-have in weather like this quattro all-wheel drive so i have been exploiting the levels of grip uh on the roads that we are on and it is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful here in the

Cape i’ve just gone through detoits cliff it was very wet um yeah so i’m gonna show you what i’m seeing and then hopefully it stops raining sometime along this route so i can show you what the car looks like outside show you all the updates and things so okay you guys ready for this okay ready all righty look how beautiful it is out here um absolutely stunning

The rain does seem to be subsiding a bit which is good this is a good thing because that means i can then hop out and do a little bit of a walk around and show you guys what has been updated on the rdq5 i still got a little bit of a ways to go so you can see over there which is pretty cool because um i can have the navigation there and apple carplay there and

As well as apple carplay which is which is pretty cool so yeah um let me go find a spot to do a bit of a walk around and point out all the changes on the new q5 there is also the sport back here which i will also include in this video because i really like that one however all the keys were grabbed so i mean i mean sq5 it’s not bad alrighty guys um let me go

Find a spot and i’ll do a walk around just alrighty so in case any of you are wondering right this is where wine comes from okay like i know a lot of you think wine comes from a shop and from a bottle it doesn’t this is where it starts its journey are you ready for this oh my goodness look at that these these plants they produce grapes right then they do

Some stuff with the grapes they squish them and they let them go off or something and then they put that juice in a bottle right and then you have one anyways but yes just in case you guys are wondering this is where wine comes from from these plants cool okay i’m still looking for a place to take photos and do a walk around and stuff but as you can see it

Is pissing down with rain but while we are sitting here oh let me just do this put this down okay actually this is where not a bad time to do an interior uh wireless apple club carplay screen touch screen by the way which is very nice and doesn’t lag this is pretty similar to the model that it replaces and then digital instrument cluster which you can change the

View get a nice big map i like i like this steering wheel also pretty similar to before it is heated by the way so i have been using that today because it is 14 degrees outside sport seats s s emblem on the seat over there check it out so yeah guys this is the interior it’s very nice um there is a normal usb port a nice use of space i’m glad that they’ve kept

You a normal kind of gear lever kind of thing but yeah heads-up display it’s very nice inside premium premium feel and quality so yeah um as you can see it’s still raining quite a bit so i shall do a walk around soon but that is basically the interior and it is very nice alrighty so it’s raining so much but i thankfully have this wonderful quattro all-wheel

Drive system which through these corners really provides a level of confidence you know i can really lean on the grip even in this weight weather and you know to be honest with you guys tuning it around i kind of forget that it’s an suv um it really does inspire some some excitement which is which is great interestingly um even in dynamic mode it’s actually

Quite comfortable uh you know like the road surfaces we honor these little back end country roads and i must say you don’t uh you don’t get shaken about quite quite a lot it’s it’s relatively compliant it’s relatively comfortable um yeah and i’ve been driving in dynamic since i got into the car not once was i like well it’s a bit firm that’s a bit uncomfortable

Or all around it’s a bit harsh none of that it’s um it’s actually been very very pleasant so yeah i mean in comfort uh it’s actually going to come from now and see what it does what you do is we just push this drive select button over here and we choose comfort and that goes a bit quiet and uh yeah it’s relatively relatively tame yeah gear changes up quicker

There we go just not too shabby however i am in cape town and i’m going to go back to dynamic mode over there the rain there’s just incredible amounts of water leaking from the sky so yeah guys um i still need to find a spot to do a walker out geez i don’t know where in the western cape because it is trenched outside am i going to find a spot to do a walk around

I can want to take photos everything just gets wet look i love the rain and i love the cape but um no not so not so efficient for you guys but bear with me bear with me i shall find a place so um yeah as far as as this car goes it’s so good it really is so freaking good okay um i’ll see you guys no no cheers boom did i not tell you guys i would find a spot

And i did find a spot and it is at landsrack where we are actually spending the night um sunset guns out this is the new facelifted q5 so let’s take a closer look shall we okay so new headlights new front bumper design looks very nice um as is the case with rd when these come on there’s a little dance that they do the indicators run looks really cool overall

Not much has changed uh the girls got these new kind of circular style elements to them which is pretty cool no more like honeycomb like kind of like change the shape of honeycomb if that’s a thing uh sq5 badge nice and dirty because it’s been raining um so yeah that is that’s the front let’s let’s go to the back and have a look at what’s changed at the rear

So there we go yeah so as is the case new led lights um the iconic four tailpipes let’s have a look if they’re actually legit oh no they’re fake there it is there there wait there it is what the hell that’s a bit but anyways i digress they look nice and when you’re blasting along the road no one’s really gonna notice sq5 bad yeah but these these hell

Outs are pretty cool i really like them overall car looks great um so yeah we are actually here for the coupe so i’m gonna wait until one of those arrives i’m gonna grab it and show you guys what that looks like so yeah let’s uh let’s wait for a coupe to arrive cool so you might notice i am wearing different clothes and it’s not raining that is because it is

A different day okay so remember uh previously i told you we’re gonna take a walk around the sport back so this is the new edition this is the first ever rdq5 sportback so rd sportbacks are kind of like copay-like models and this is it over here now you look at this in like with that looks the same as that but it’s not let me show you let me show you there we

Go sportback so let’s have a closer look shall we okay so this is the rdq5 sportback and as you can see it has a tapered roofline flowing into this kind of like a paid like design and it’s really nice so here’s a good comparison between this and the normal suv style over there that just adds a little different dimension to the overall look of the car i think

It looks a bit sporty and i really do like the design um strong character line you get these little side steps over here which i wouldn’t really bother with in my personal opinion but whatever um so yeah guys this is the sport back um but let me show you what the rear looks like and i’ll compare it to this over here so i was here so i drove that yesterday the uh

Sq5 um this is the normal this is the normal one so have a look at this okay uh check this out so this is the rear tail lights over here right and this is it on this one the sport back look at this nice upwards kind of wing over there quite prominent and surprisingly boot space this is only 10 liters less than the standard suv which is not bad and headroom at

The back is pretty decent as well um but i must show you the interior of this car because i particularly love this interior check the color combo it’s absolutely stunning um i did mention this is the new mmr system it’s a touchscreen you know wireless apple carplay and all that jazz um so yeah guys uh pretty pretty good didn’t get to drive this on the launch

But i will probably get it for an evaluation so yeah guys thank you so much for joining me on this this rather epic uh drive and i shall see you guys soon cheers

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Audi SQ5 and Q5 Sportback By Just in Cars