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Customers come in with his brand-new black audi sq5 he wanted to mix it up a little bit he wasn’t too sure so we went through the whole process with him he’s been to us before but look he wants to really change it up a little bit and put some matte military green down on the bottom half we’ve got the wheels off were actually respraying the wheels black we’re

Going ahead and putting black badges all over it so it’s got nice black accents on the green there’s an arrow up on the window i’m going to guess what it’s for and why does someone fill me up he’s directly its direction so the film could be directional so that’s what that’s for stripped all the badges everything strip we’re going to take bits and pieces off to

Make our job easier the we’re staying away from the door jams this time i’m going to keep their roof black we’re actually going to have the green stuff right about there so i’m gonna use michaelis tape knife this tape is a tool that we use we place it down first it’s got a little filament inside what will happen is want to put the green over the top we’ll pour

That filament out and that will allow us to cut the film without putting a knife to the vehicle so your vehicle is definitely thank you we use all the right tools and bits and pieces to make our job easier as well as come up with the finish that that everyone’s gonna be happy with we’ve got the blackout edition so we’re gonna go ahead and spray the grille or

Anything like that but this badge will be removed it’ll be gloss black we’re going to have the tint on the lights as well so that adds some form of protection or also darkens up the look it’s going to look like one tough military or rich sergeants vehicle here we are at at the end of day four i’ve gone ahead and given this audi sq5 a new look with

The map military green finish you know a nice family car you wanted to go for a few subtle changes we kept the top nice and gloss black as per the original color and put the color at the lower half of the rest of the vehicle so just give her that elegant look we’ve gone ahead and blacked out the badges lost black on the front badges he’s got the black edition

Anyway so it just really carries well through the rest of the vehicle we’ve gone ahead and tinted the lights to adds a little bit more depth it’s dark as well it just goes with the theme we’ve actually sent the wheels off to be sprayed by a professional will painter and their 2-pack sprayed so they’re permanent they look great it just matches the rest of the

Vehicle as well when you pull off the wrap it’s going to look really cool too so it doesn’t detract from it you just add to it we’ve got the black stripes at the bottom they’re satin black we’ve gone with the audi gloss black embellishment over the top as well it’s nice and subtle and we’ve also tinted the relights then darker to make complex light so it really

Takes a professional to know what they’re doing in terms of applying tint to these really deep recesses on the lights we managed to do that okay and i mean look we’ve gone ahead and put a ceramic coating over the top – so the vinyl on ppf product that we’ve showed you in another video will apply that over the the top of the rack it just really prevents you know

Staining and fallout is a lot easier to clean off water beads off the surface – so it doesn’t actually stay in stain the wrap i really highly recommend that so if you get a wrap from us it’s always important to to go through the whole process of how to take care of a wrap – so yeah make sure you come in have a chat to us see what we can do for your vehicle and

Then also for the maintenance of that vehicle look make sure you your like share comment and subscribe you

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