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The Audi SQ7 is the most powerful Q7 available and even has seven seats beating its SUV rivals, the BMW X5M and Range Rover Sport SVR, who only have five. Under the bonnet the Audi SQ7 boasts twin-turbocharged V8 diesel engines aided by an electric system which improves throttle response, a world first. So lets put the Audi SQ7 to the test in a head to head drag race against the Honda Civic Type R and Mazda MX-5. Buckle up and watch our 4k video.

Good star there and the head of that type are but that sq7 has just taken off something crazy you’re probably wondering why i’m raising an suv and hot hatch in some ratty old roadster well this is a real-life drag race and i’ll explain why later first though we need to meet the contestants this is the new audi s q7 and it’s been designed to combine luxury

Practicality economy and pace now to most people this is just another big lumbering 7 seater posh diesel-powered suv but it’s actually got the performance of a sports car so you’ve got 435 horsepower which is more than a porsche 911 carrera it’s actually got twice the pulling power of the porsche at 900 new 10 meters of torque but i know what you’re thinking i said

It’s a diesel so obviously it’s going to sound pretty dreadful but not so the s q7 may weigh 2.3 tons but it has a 4 liter v8 diesel with 2 turbos these are powered by exhaust gases but to fill in the gap before they come on boost there’s also a third electric powered turbo the result instant thrust when you put your foot down and to put the s q7 s capability into

Perspective i’m going to race it against a honda civic type r a car which leaves you in no doubt that it’s fast it has a 2-liter turbo with 306 horsepower but weighs a ton less than the audi and finally we have the wild card the mazda mx-5 is a car most high bar owners would expect to humiliate in a drag race but this is my mx-5 and i’ve fitted a supercharger to

Its 1.8 liter engine for around 200 rear-wheel horsepower could it also give the type r a surprise well this has to be the most unusual drag race i’ve ever done a bunch of random cars lined up to see which is fastest but if you think about it this is what actually happens in real life because how often do you get light for light models lined up next to one another

No this is how it works out in the real world isn’t it so you’ve got a bunch of random people with their different performance cars each thinking their motor is hot than the next but we’ll see focused on that ahead of that type are but that s q7 is just taking on something crazy come on be the time are skating out making i’d be gender spelling that is perhaps

The closest race i’ve ever had hey winner the audi destroyed everyone me and the type r were neck-and-neck boy think oh it’s going to be a photo finish at the end well even that’s too close to call so over to you guys click on the poll in the top right hand corner of the screen to vote which you think crossed the line first a master or honda there’s no dispute

About the winner though is the the sq7 destroyed the other cars it’s incredible to think this huge thing can get from nought to sixty two miles an hour in just 4.9 seconds it also returned 39 miles per gallon it really does rearrange your brain the most the time this feels just like you’re driving a normal q7 so it’s very comfortable it’s super luxurious but then

If you need to overtake slow-moving traffic say someone is dawdling in a porsche 911 carrera you just plant your right foot and this thing it just responds instantly and absolutely flies right i’m doing 90 already on the brake okay i mean it it is just so super fast this thing you better take the question do you really need this car it’s seventy thousand pound

Basic this is ninety five grand with options do you do you need this car probably not do you want it yes very much i want it very much because it can do this enjoyed this video please like it share it and subscribe to our channel and if you click over there you can watch our review at the honda civic type-r and our mega aldi drag race if you’re wondering what

The easter egg was in this video it’s this black i’ve got you say i just fell so hard for the sq7 actually i tripped and face-planted

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