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An everyday van with 7 seats, a super sports car with 435 hp and an off-road vehicle with permanent all-wheel drive. All this is included in one car model: Audi SQ7.

One two three cars joined together under one metal dress an everyday van with seven seats a super sports car with 435 horsepower and 900 newton meters of torque and a four-wheel drive van with a permanent four-wheel drive all respond to the same name audi sq7 in times when downsizing and electric mobility play an increasingly important role large and horsepower

Powerful suvs are no longer really up to date audi sees this a bit differently and launches the sq7 a v8 diesel and this follows in the footsteps of the q7 v12 tdi a completely over dimensional 2.7 tonna that flaunts and drinks a lot but which nevertheless leaves all car fans with their mouths wide open the 12 cylinders produce an incredible 1000 newton meters of

Torque simply brutal even though discreetly unnecessary four cylinders less half a ton lighter and the sq-7 would be a bit more contemporary than its predecessor it has obviously inherited its qualities as an off-roader from that at the push of a button the air suspension lifts the car up to 24.5 centimeters clear of the ground and this was also possible with

The previous model and there you can drive straight through a riverbed without fear of scratching the underbody here it only fails if at all with incorrect tires a high axle displacement is also possible in the sq7 this colossus is armed for more than just muddy forest paths it is by no means exaggerated to speak of an off-roader the question arises whether

The s in sq7 really stands for sport or perhaps rather for snow or sand one thing however speaks against the use away from todd roads the audi is an elegant luxury transporter and thus it would be a great pity to make it dirty so better rather off onto roads again if you want to distinguish an sq7 from a q7 you have to look closely in addition to the lettering

On the radiator grille and the rear end the top model can only distinguish itself by the chromed mirrors in square tail pipes a ceramic brake system shines through the rims for an extra charge of 8500 euros this is quite expensive but nice to have in order to bring this tank quickly and reliably from its maximum 250 kilometers an hour to a standstill when

You take a seat in the sq7 you feel one thing luxury and comfort the individual contour seats at the front can be adjusted more than 18 ways heat ventilation and also offer a massage function cost 1 800 euros for the seats and 450 euros for the ventilation and the massage function two additional seats which are electronically extendable in the trunk cost 1 400

Euros but offer little leg room this transforms the suv into an off-road van and serves for example as a large-scale taxi for colleagues in the event that is rains again the crew can be brought to the favorite italian restaurant and stay dry with seven adults on board however it gets very tight longer distances in this constellation should be avoided the

Sq7 has already shown two faces but perhaps its paradigm discipline is the sportive suv version its third face people want power and they get 435 horsepower and a torque of 900 newton meters and this is already available at 1 000 revolutions per minute this is almost idle speed despite its enormous weight each press on the gas pedal is directly converted into

Propulsion and how is that possible eav is the magic word an electronically driven compressor which is fed via the 48-volt sub-network and supports the two turbos in the audi this suv doesn’t know the meaning of the word turbocharger the driver has enough thrust in the neck at any time in the sq7 to say that its weight is not noticed would be a lie but it can

Disguise the extra pounds quite well 4.8 seconds are sufficient to accelerate to 100 and the indicated consumption of 7.6 liters surprises but in reality this value is rather utopian buyers of an sq7 should adjust to consumption of at least 10 liters per 100 kilometers the roll stabilizer is supposed to provide even more sportiness in the sq7 it tries to keep

The car straight in turns by twisting the axle halves against each other and due to g-forces the vehicle normally tends to the outside curve and this is prevented and makes faster and more dynamic cornering possible at the same time it is more comfortable for the occupants in terms of curves its four-wheel steering is also an advantage at high speeds the rear axle

Controls the direction of travel at low speeds against the direction of travel on the one hand this is useful when changing lanes on the motorway making the audi more agile on the other but it doesn’t become the king of curves it needs it because of its weight fully loaded with four adults and luggage about two and a half tons need to be moved however its behavior

In curves is impressive just like its price it starts at just under 90 000 euros stuffed with all sorts of equipment however over 160 000 euros is possible to blame are the many pricey extras for example the bang and ulefson 3d sound system and the full leather package in the test car already cost over 12 000 euros together behind the steering wheel you feel

Like the king of the road gti riders are left standing at traffic lights and the backrest needs the shoulder blades at the same time and shouldn’t draw a bad card in the traffic light races the sq-7 simply takes the shortcut the audi doesn’t know one home it feels comfortable on every terrain and offers the driver maximum comfort at all times in addition the

Start in this colossus is breathtaking not often in an suv as one pressed into one seat like this unfortunately most people would have to win the lottery first to be able to park this car in their garages you

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