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Audi TT 2014 review | TELEGRAPH CARS

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The Audi TT is one of the most popular sports cars on sale, and with its trendy interior, the latest version is going to be another hit.

The tt has been a phenomenon for audi particularly here in the uk which happens to be its biggest selling market with more than 100,000 sold since the first model was launched in 1999 and the tt outselling its sportscar competition by almost 2 to 1 over the last decade there’s a lot resting on this new model to see how it fares we’re going to break this review down

Into three areas focusing on how much space it’s got what it’s like to drive and how affordable it is to buy and run the first thing you might think about this new tt is that it looks very similar to the old one however it’s not just these sharp creases and lines that differentiate it because it is all new right down to the chassis and it’s also slightly smaller

Than the old tt although aldi has made the wheelbase longer and what this means is that you get more space on the inside including here in the boot you can fit a surprising amount of stuff in here it’s slightly bigger than the old modern cleaning it’s incredibly heavy back and a couple of lighter bags meaning that the tt is really good for a weekend away even more

So because you can fold these rear seats to create a completely flat loading bay bigger on the inside it might be but the rear seats are still a token gesture that even your kids might object to using let alone other adults forget whoever is in the back though because the tt is all about those up front and in particular the driver for example you might notice this

Empty space here and think where’s the screen well in the tt it’s been moved to here this is so cool called the virtual cockpit this twelve point three inch tft screen is used to show not only the speeder and rev-counter but also the audio controls and sat-nav it’s a really neat solution as it has to be said are these heater controls which as an optional extra

Are relocated from a panel down here onto the vents themselves so the aircon you press the vent to turn the heating up you twist the vent heated seats you press over here it’s wonderfully intuitive feels are so well made and actually like the rest of the tts interior it’s just so tactile it’s a joy to behold trendy to look at and beautifully built the tt is only

Let down by its tiny rear seats it scores 8 out of 10 for space the first thing to tell you about this sports car i’m driving is that it is in fact a diesel now of course you could have the last generation tt as a diesel as well but this one really moves the game on particularly in terms of refinement it’ll also get from nought to 60 in seven seconds return more

Than 50 miles per gallon and emits co2 emissions of just 110 grams a kilometre meaning it’s cheap to tax for a diesel it also sounds good when you rev it for out-and-out performance however you’ll need one of two litre petrol models which cut back naught to 60 times to 6 seconds or in the case of the tts version with the flappy paddle gearbox just 4.6 seconds

What’s great about the tt is how easy it makes it to use all of this performance the gear shift is really precise the steering’s well weighted particularly if you have it in sport mode and even the front-wheel drive model has lots of grip go for the quattro all-wheel drive version however and you will stick like a limpet none of this compromises the tts everyday

Usability because visibility is still excellent the seats are very comfortable and if you take it out of sport mode and put it into a comfort or auto the steering is light enough to make parking a piece of cake okay for driving the tt scores an almost perfect 9 out of 10 so how much does it cost for all of this performance and desirability well quite a lot actually

Even this diesel model which is the cheapest in the range at the moment is a few hundred pounds short 30,000 pounds however you need to wayne it up against the running cost we’ve already spoken about the fuel economy and co2 emissions being very good and that’s the same for insurance and servicing particularly for a sports car then there are residual values or how

Much of the car is going to be worth when the time comes to sell it and for the tt these are predicted to be right up there with the best in class the only caveat is to stick with the tt lower down in the range start to go much higher and you’re going to be seriously tempted by what porsche has to offer all in all though for affordability the tt still scores 9 out

Of 10 there’s little doubt that this new tt will continue to sell extremely well it looks great it’s lovely to drive and for a sports car it’s even quite practical what’s more it doesn’t matter whether you go for one of the faster petrol engines or this more economical diesel because both are really good fun and that is great news if you’re a company car driver

With half an eye on how much tax you’re going to pay all in all this new tt is a really great car right up there in fact with the best on sale it’s schools are whopping nine out of ten overall for more reviews from the telegraph cars team click up here to subscribe to our youtube channel or down here to go to our website

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