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The Audi TT is a speedy coupe and its interior will make you grin – Mat gets behind the wheel to give you his verdict.

The audi tt now this is a stylish sports car and you know you shouldn’t be put off by the fact that it has a reputation for being driven by people who work in a certain profession because actually a small sporty coupe a it’s reasonably practical that careers could probably use it so the boot it’s about the same size as a ford fiestas the only problem is is that

Well it can only carry things in a certain configuration because the boot is quite shallow they might think that’s a big problem but what you can do is just remove the parcel shelf put it in there and then fold down these rear seats nice and easy to give you a big load area which really for a sporty car it’s quite impressive look at that and actually you may as

Well just travel with the seats like that anyway because well it would be brutally honest the back seats are nothing more than a gesture because tiny and getting in blooming art as well i mean look at this really sliding in like this i’m not entirely sure we’re looking i don’t get the sink down i can’t get the sink down but now calmly i’m stuck and yeah i don’t

Really need to say much about what it’s like back here i think the picture paints a thousand words i mean look at this no it’s not good at all i don’t even think that children be good back here you do have some isofix for very small children so you can fit a baby seat and if you want to see what it’s like fitting a baby seat in this audi tt click in the top right

Hand corner of the screen on the card and you can also see what it’s like with two adults in the back a bit funny that i want and you’ll be able to see how much stuff you can fit in the boot now i’m gonna try get out of it because let’s face it you don’t buy an audi tt for its practicality oh my gosh this is this is like being born again i was a breech birth you

See i’m caught up in i’m caught up in this court i’m caught okay right so yeah you don’t buy an audi tt for its practicality you buy for its style and it’s a stunning looking sports car it’s got that instantly recognizable felt tt shape and there’s some really cool design details as well such as the lights and the indicators and it’s the same story on the inside

So this is a perfect example of german bauhaus minimalism and it just looks so super cool and some nice design details as well for instance as an option you can house the climate control controls actual on the center are the air vents it’s really nice when you sing this tt you think actually what it’s thai in the back in the front it feels quite spacious because

It’s quite a wide car and there’s some okay packed apparently so the door bins can just about hold a big bottle but the best bit for me is this virtual cockpit that you get on the car so there’s no central screen you have all the information you need and the infotainment system right there in your eyeline and you can change the view of it you can cycle through the

Different menus and you basically control everything including the sat nav here through the wheel or if you want to you can do it here through the swivel wheel and the system is really really good to use and if you click in the top right hand corner of the screen on the card you can see our in-depth review of it now if there is one problem with the tt is that it’s

Rather expensive especially if you had some options on top of it but on the flip side you will get quite a lot of your money back when you come to sell it on that’s because it’s a very desirable car packed with cool features and here’s five more of them the indicator lights don’t flash how often at home they pause and firstly there’s any one cup holder but and it’s

Actually supplied a second flip-out one in there there’s no fuel for the captain’s screen just pop your nozzle straight enough the tt is up to 50 kilos lighter than its predecessor which is about the same as a very skinny passenger the optional led matrix headlamps can turn off part of their beam to prevent dazzling of the drivers unfortunately not everything about

The tt is great the tt is quite expensive yet no model comes with sat-nav or even cruise control as standard the auto gearbox can be a bit jerky when maneuvering at low speed you can’t get quattro all-wheel drive models with a manual gearbox the passenger doesn’t have a very good view of the infotainment screen so they commonly operate stuff for you but you can’t

Complain too much as the audi tt is brilliant to drive the first generation audi tt look like a really cool sports car but it’s a bit disappointed to drive the second generation version was a big improvement but with this third generation model i think out of these engineers a finally cracked it because it feels genuinely sporty and engaging in fact it’s great fun

Yet it’s also surprisingly comfortable and for me that is the holy grail of modern motoring now little word of warning for you if you want to go for the bigger wheels which you probably will cuz it look cool please fit the car with the adaptive suspension because that has a comfort mode and it just helps take the sting those extra jobs you get through the body if

You have those bigger wheels another thing you should be aware of is that what this car does he handles brilliantly in the way the front wheel drive version can sometimes struggle to put its power down as it’s coming out of a corner so if you want all the weather who needs you’re going to need to get yourself the grippy quattro all-wheel drive model gauging range

Of the tt is brilliant they’re all good so if you want economy you can get a 2-liter diesel which is fast and frugal my pic of the range is one of the 2-liter turbo engines and this is the low poverty children 30 horsepower and it’s more than fast enough so this one’s got the s-tronic automatic gearbox 7-speed and it does really fast change is i mean to be fair

The manual is really nice to use but there is an advantage of this 7-speed auto does make the car slightly quicker to 62 miles an hour so this one i’ll do nought to sixty two miles an hour in just five and one of the reasons that it can do that is the fact that it’s got not much control and when you combine the launch control with the four-wheel drive system you

Can do some incredible things in this car so basically right i am sat in what looks a bit like a lake i am going to quickly go to launch control with all i’m going to do is put the stability control into sport mode the gearbox into sport mode floor the throttle hum off on the brake then let go the brake from a lake how many cars you can do that it nobody cars they

Give this performance and deliver acclaimed 40 miles per gallon either but this one does then if i look down in the trick computer i’m actually only averaging well just over 31 miles per gallon but still i think configured this car of that on the whole this tt is a very easy car to live with it every day a few problems were there are the fact that you didn’t get

Quite a bit have brought and the tires and wind whistling speed from the wing mirrors another thing is that while the visibility at the front and the back is actually very good it’s easy to place the car these pillars here are fatter than on quite a few cars and their fat their back as well you should have a good look around they’re covering yourself to make sure

This cause would be fine for you by clicking the top right hand corner of the screen on the car to watch our 360-degree video and make sure you’re watching on mobile so you’ve moved the phone around to actually look at the car and it’s pretty much as if you’re in here with me okay then overall what i think of the audi tt well it is rather expensive and the back

Seats are totally useless but it’s super desirable and brilliant to drive now if you click up there you can get more information and find out the best deal you can get on an audi tt a car wakko dot uk’ thanks for watching if you click over there you can watch our great test video between the audi tt being blue m235i and the ford mustang if you enjoyed this video

Please like it share it and subscribe to our channel now do you spot the easter egg in this video it was the isle of man on the sat-nav map which is obviously where the tt race is held

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