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Audi TT RS review

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This is a in depth review of the Audi TT RS we talk about engine, exterior, interior, do a sound check and finally launch it.

If i could slow down is hey so what’s up guys and welcome back to the channel today we got ourselves an audi tt rs now i’m gonna move further and further away from the camera and i’m only saying that because we’ve always had issues with the audio on our channel but me and the cameraman finally got a wireless microphone so i don’t have to be very

Close to the camera anymore i can walk as far back as i want to but anyways today we’re going to be reviewing this audi tt rs we’re going to look at the engine exterior interior and then we will do a sound check and finally launch the car to see what 400 horsepower feels like so before we review it if you have a nice car and you don’t mind us reviewing it dms on

Instagram the links will be in the description the first thing we will talk about as usual is engine 2.5 liter inline 5 cylinder which is a little bit odd for cars nowadays but this car is full of odd things or shall i say quirky but anyways back to engine 2.5 liter inline 5 turbo engine that makes 400 horsepower and 352 pound-feet of torque and it does 0-60 in

Just 3.6 seconds which is crazy unless you’re 14 and think supers come with a thousand horsepower stock then nothing is good so the front of the car looks very very amazing you do get lots of holes for airflow which is great but here’s the problem this engine is front mounted which is a little bit questionable when it comes to understeering but this engine is

28 kilograms lighter than the engine in the older ttrs model and it’s made out of aluminium so it should fix the under steering problem and today we will find out so you get some space between the headlights and the bonnet and it’s very open and very functional for the engine to also get some air to breathe you also get very beautifully designed headlights of

Course they are led and daytime running coming around the side this car looks like a turtle on a bit of steroids but on a real note this car looks very very flush sleek and tucked in which is really what you expect out of a performance car no carbon fiber trims like you see on most performance cars nowadays but you do get some wheel arches on the front and rear

Fenders and instead of 19-inch wheels you get 20-inch wheels and you get an extra inch which doesn’t make as much of a difference for a car as for a human in height jokes aside though you get you get rs brake calipers and carbon ceramic brake discs my parents are not watching this video and coming around the back the first thing i want to talk to you guys about

Is the trunk because the owner told me there’s a very specific way to access the trunk and i kind of forgot how to do it so i’m gonna use all the memory i have so he told me to hold the key while the trunk button on the key and then when i hear the the trunk release sound i should lift it up wow my genius it generates gravity now don’t expect yourself to find

A button in here where you can press and the trunk will close because this is not a luxury car this is a performance car but in terms of trunk space you actually do get very very decent space for the size of this car and you can also put down the rear seats and get more space and taking a look at these beautifully designed led tail lights that thankfully aren’t

As round and sad as the older tt models used to be you also get this very big fixed spoiler that’s very in your face you can choose to get your car without it coming down here you get a fairly basic bumper nothing crazy again no carbon fiber pieces you get a diffuser that in terms of cars isn’t the biggest thing ever but for this car it’s pretty big next to that

You get these massive oval exhaust tips that produce this sound and here comes the part that i never really like to film in two-door cars this definitely looks way way worse than the c63 and the ford mustangs and pretty much all coupes this is smaller than the 911 now if you’ve never been or seen the back of a 911 it looks very funny i’m assuming they put these

Rear seats in for i guess decoration and insurance rates but anyways i’m gonna try to fit in the back of this car okay so unlike the c63 the seat does not move forward on its own so you’re gonna have to move it on move it forward by yourself and just kind of wait for it to get all the way forward so this is the max let’s see it goes forward and here i’m trying

To get in you stupid how do you even do this yeah right like this all right guys so i am in the back of the car and uh i don’t think i can survive a road trip that’s longer than 20 seconds so if i wanted to bring the seat back as expected it is very very tight in here and i’m beginning to get claustrophobic and i should have put the cameraman in here but i

Guess i guess yeah i doubt the cameraman herself will even fit here considering her little size but it’s just it’s tiny in here and i don’t think anybody should be sitting in the back here if you don’t care enough about your kids to put them in the back here then go ahead and do so but you can’t fit an adult in the back here male or female or whatever else you’d

Like to call yourself now in the front unlike the back it’s very comfortable and you get the hardback rs seats that have this beautiful diamond stitching finished in black leather with red stitching now you will see red stitching throughout the car it’s nothing very very noticeable you only have it on the door handles steering wheel and seats and speaking of the

Front let’s let’s move to the front wow i think i’m stuck here yeah never mind i’m not stuck anymore now the front is much more comfortable than the back you get the same steering wheel as you do in the audi r8 well minus the checkered flag which is the launch control and on the opposite side you get your engine start button and on top of that both sides are all

The dials to control your very very nice dashboard and your infotainment system because like the r8 you don’t get an infotainment system now i personally would prefer having a small screen over here which is something you get in most cars here’s the thing i don’t even like audis so i don’t think i’ll ever come across this problem no why would you say that like

You put me in such an uncomfortable situation however you get these really really nice ac vents the whole system is just amazing and very easy to operate you have your fan speed here temperature here and the air direction here i’m moving on to cup holders you get one you get one i this really doesn’t look like a cup holder to me but you can put a 500 ml water

Bottle in there and i don’t think you’ll have any luck putting anything bigger at all behind that you have the storage unit which also kind of is very similar to the cup holder it’s just tiny but you can fit a wallet in there and it will close you also have another storage unit right here you get an aox port and two usb ports now looking at this area over here

You also have a couple of other ways to control your dashboard you have this little dial here where you can move around and control your dashboard and up here you can change tracks and also increase and decrease the volume and next to that you have your very very fun exhaust button and under that you have your gear selector which is fairly simple you have park

Reverse neutral and drive under that you have your auto handbrake you have your traction control hazard light and parking sensors all right guys now we’re gonna drive the car unfortunately we can’t launch it but that doesn’t mean we’re not gonna give it a very good push pretend that this is a roll race kind of so as i told you guys earlier this car has always

Had under steering problems but because the engine is now lighter it should fix the issue and obviously we’re not at a track so we can’t really find out if it has been properly fixed or not however there is some sharp corners here that we’re not going to take on high speeds because this is still a residential area as far as throttle response this car is very very

Responsive and coming to a corner ah it has been fixed actually it’s it’s a lot better now i’ve driven the old audi tt not the tt rs and i remember we were coming out of a corner and i remember turning the steering wheel and the car did not turn with me which was kind of a surprise for me but this one obviously a lot newer and a lot more advanced dust turn and

The brakes on this car they are very very good and i thought the wing was going to be in the way of me seeing outside but it’s not at all let’s just give it a bit of a push come out the corner the car sounds great wow the car sounds great it sounds amazing and if we are to open the exhaust up now the exhaust is now in sport and we’re going to come out of this

Corner and give it a small push as well i am having a lot of fun under 3000 rpm so we’re stuck at the 2 2 500 rpm and it sounds great now all this time we’ve been driving the car in normal drive mode so now we’re just going to put it in sport wow so the shifting is obviously whoa all right guys so we’re in sport and we do have a bit of a straight line she’s

Gonna give it a bit now i’m going to say something that might upset a lot of audi r8 fans i’ve driven this car and i’ve driven the audi r8 v10 plus and in my opinion this car is way more fun it is so precise and it’s so responsive and because it’s less expensive you kind of feel more comfortable messing around with it and playing around with it the audi r8 v10

Plus is just a very scary car and i’m not going to say it’s a bad car where it’s slow but this car because of how light and nimble and small it is it just feels very precise and very agile and the owner of this car is the same owner of the audi r8 and most of the time he comes out in this car and i’ve always asked myself why does he not come out with an r8 and

Now it makes sense as to why he picks the audi tt rs so if you had enough money to buy an ldt rs should you buy it or not now here’s the thing i don’t know how much this car really costs because it’s really really hard to find but once you find it should you get this car or should you get let’s say a bmw m2 and i would definitely say go for this car because it’s

Very rare and it is very very powerful all right guys this is the end of the video and i hope you enjoyed it if you are not subscribed make sure you do and if you have a nice car and you don’t mind this reviewing it please comment down below or dm us on instagram i will leave a link in the description and i’ll see you guys next video

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