AUXBEAM H4 9003 10000lm 6500K LED UPGRADE | 2002 Honda Odyssey

Easy installation on my 2002 Honda Odyssey. I upgraded my outdated halogen lights to LEDS. Time to piss people off with how bright they are [=

What is up youtube welcome back to another video today we’re going to be installing some led headlights on the 2002 honda odyssey now these just delivered here is part number i guess i’ll show you guys i’ll start off like that f2 h4 these are h4 903 this is what will work for a 2002 and up honda odyssey this is gonna be 6500k this is gonna be like a white led

Here’s what they look like now for these honda odysseys the plug-in is going to be a little bit different than from the newer cars gonna look like kind of like a wall outlet but let’s go ahead and open these up see if i can do this with one hand drop that thing down low he’s a little sick i love ox beam now oxbeam is the brand i chose i ran these on the ss that i

Had the silverado ss and they were hella bright it’s so bright that everybody would flash their high beams stinking mine were on but it was just the low beams and actually uh the ones i got for the ss had a recall on it because it was so bright so i went with these again um i’m familiar with this brand i will forever run these on all of my cars so here’s one i don’t

Think they’re side specific we’ll figure that out soon but here is what it looks like i know it’s kind of dark here lying’s bad let’s head outside and try to install these before i install these let’s go ahead and show you guys what i’m rocking right now i’m now keep in mind i need to do no mods to this van how it is how i got it so it’s the ugly halogen um you

Got they look white on camera but it’s orange and then you got this ugly blue that flickers cheap leds from i don’t know where and then i got to figure out this fog light issue down here but let’s go ahead and swap one out and i’ll show you guys the difference hopefully if someone matches to this so it won’t look off like this ugly right here there’s our driver’s

Side location right here here’s a better look at the lights this orange hits there’s the end of the outlet what i’m gonna do is just disconnect this old one you should just be able to pull it or i don’t know if you have to take this rubber piece off i honestly have a mess with this car before so i’m not sure how this one is gonna take off this rubber boot kind

Of no room to work with the latest previous owner did not take any care of this car look how oily this connection is she’s gunky like my injectors where i can’t clean it right now the battery’s in the way you can’t clean it how i would like i should say so after you get the old one out just want to plug in a new one and it goes in one way before i twist anything

On i’m gonna make sure that it runs these have a little fan in the back sheesh that is bright and white so now that we know it works i’m gonna go ahead and install it go ahead and remove this battery to get more room i got the new one in i’m gonna have to show you guys how i did it on the passenger side because this one was a little bit tricky i had to kind of

Modify the boot cut it a little bit with a razor so this cord will be able to move out like this because this can go in like oam did so with the oem one all of this was just one it didn’t have this extra ballast piece or whatever so this has to sit outside of your car i’m going to connect the battery and see how it looks there’s what it looks like um off camera or

On camera it don’t match whatever the previous owner put but in real life it matches so that’s the before and then that’s the after i’m pretty satisfied with it i don’t know if i have to adjust the height or whatever but it looks good i’m happy can’t wait to drive this thing at night all right so just like the old one i’m not even sure what this is whatever we’ll

Leave that for another day so we’re just gonna take off this boot or you can actually unplug this old one first just pull out straight there’s no buttons and then we’re going to remove this boot i’m not even sure what this even goes to i gotta go through this car one day and throw away all this i’m pretty sure this goes to the fog lights because the fog lights

Don’t work keep that to the side set the boot to the side um so let me see if i’m in frame there’s gonna be like a little metal bar that holds the light in place just go ahead and you push on it and then kind of push on it straight and then kind of lift up and then it should release it kind of holds the light in place yes i can see it let me set it up closer so i’m

Talking about and then um the old one should just drop and then here’s the stock ones let’s set this to the side for this flashlight battery does try to get you guys a closer view boy when i pick up this car this may use like tire shine for his engine bay to get this shining because i guess he wanted it to look good for me but that was trash like me being a detailer

Like totally wrong products using under the hood this looks like the goddamn injectors for real that are replaced you guys can’t see it i know y’all can’t but damn believe me believe me i’ll plug it in first and then turn on the lights see if this one works before i do all this work so i’m gonna set this thing right here just like the driver side this one works

This fan is super quiet you guys probably can’t even see it running but it’s running and it’s hella quiet compared to hids places in here with this clamp down to hold in the new one i don’t know how to twist it around to see which way it fits the best they don’t just go straight in so you got to mess with it so just heads up i’m gonna take any part of the boot

Now let me try to take this boot and kind of slice a hole in it all the way to the top like so and then we’re going to twist that boot where that wire is kind of feed it through the boot or you just cut it so it knows where to go and then you’re going to install your boot it should snap all the way around i thought we have them both installed i’m going to test

Them out again oh sheesh that working good i just gotta replace these ones because these ones flicker they’re cheap they might be loose but i don’t know gonna bother me but damn that looks better i’m gonna zip tie where’s the flashlight on the zip tie zip tie the ballast thing to something so don’t just hang freely like this on the five some zip ties on hand

I’ll do that i have any zip ties on hand but luckily ox beam is a plug and they included some with a package along with some messed up stickers you have the um i guess this is the installation card the mail and whatnot you guys can read that these are simple to install the bag of zip ties these little white things go on the back of these little ballasts and then

You can stick them wherever you want to stick them i’m probably going to pass because this car is really dirty under here and it’s not going to stick well or last at all if it does stick if you do need to adjust your headlights and they’re uneven or whatever here is this screw i just lost the light here is this screw to adjust it right here this is the passenger

Side at the end i haven’t looked at the subject right here you guys can kind of hear that fan i don’t know it’ll be the driver’s side i think clockwise gets it down and then counterclockwise i just slide up if i’m correct or i end this video holy it’s dark in here before i end this video we’re gonna go ahead and take this car on a test drive so let me go ahead

And crank them leds on nice bright and white let me take this air off she’s been messing with it go ahead and put this thing in reverse turn these lights off everything looks leveled yeah my low beams look like high beams it looks way different on camera it barely looks like it’s bright but in person these things are bright they look like high beams they might be

A little bit too high i don’t know it’s reflecting off that sign it looks like a high beam but it’s my low beams ignore all that to figure out what that is there’s high beams there’s low beams there’s a big difference in person it’s not picking up well on camera my windows are tinted or none of that but these things are super bright i’m sorry you know people are

Going to flash me all the time with their high beams thinking my high beams are on so let me go ahead and drive up my high beams try out my low beams these things look good try to get you guys a view of it with the outside of the car i’m gonna get out real quick throw on these hazards throw it in park yeah these things look real good at night take my windows

Down yeah let me turn off my housers ain’t nobody gonna come so the these ones are a little bit off but not much mess with it another day and get it matching me turning on the interior light it don’t even make not one difference but that’s gonna be it for today’s video thank you guys for watching and i’ll see you guys next time

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AUXBEAM H4 9003 10000lm 6500K LED UPGRADE! | 2002 Honda Odyssey By xsliick