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Awesome, bagged, convertible GMC Canyon mini truck

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In the minitruckin’ world, there are lots of bagged trucks. You’ve probably seen many lowrider minitrucks scraping and making sparks. There are very few GMC Canyon minitrucks, There are even fewer bagged, CONVERTIBLE, GMC Canyons. Was this the last of the great minitrucks?

It’s a 6 gmc canyon i always like the gmc canyons colorado’s i had a another single cab oh 7 which they’re all the same i just like the body lines of them the fender lines and whatnot it’s really like the last american mini truck – they had the s tunes and all that stuff that got discontinued the rangers got discontinued for the longest time it’s really the

Last size small to mid-size truck that they made you just don’t see a whole lot of me truckin either and one of the reasons that i gravitated towards colorado but just a fun little truck how long have you had it i’ve had it for just over five years now i tried a little g35 for it i only had that thing for just a couple months and i realized i wasn’t really a

Car person more of a truck person than the suv person i’ve traded that for it was already bagged when i first got it was pretty much a hack job there wasn’t hardly any bed left in the inside of the bed both the frame rails were dragged out of it and it was like the stock bluish gray color that they they do own them too so we’ve redone just about everything on

It luckily the suspension was nice on it when i first got it everything else paint the bed’s been redone moved the gas tank redone messy electronics on it the interior was straight work truck mode it didn’t have the buckets in it it had just a bench seat that was already looking ahead like oil stains but not on it i was all gray on the inside like a real ugly

Work truck gray so you redid the suspension first the suspension is actually the one thing i really hadn’t had to do too much with i’ve replaced a couple dry rotted bags you have replaced some bushings and stuff like that luckily when i got the four link that was in the rears is real solid i hadn’t really had to do anything with it other than clean it up and

It’s got decent arms under it michigan metalworks control arms which they work pretty decent on this truck so the suspension was good but just about everything else we’ve we’ve been in and invest with mater was all stock and the engine bay was real ratty when i first got it it was originally built in 2009 so 10 year old or originally bagged in 2009 so it’s 10

Year old build and when i got the truck it had a little set of 18-inch colorado extreme wheels which they look decent these are d clad gmc 20s they come with like the ugly chrome cap on which i just peeled that off peeled all like the foam behind it off and then polished them up real good i called my phone bill it’s because i don’t have the money for bill at

Wheels right now and they kind of look like some fake village now for those folks that don’t know anything about a bagged vehicle you have almost infinite adjustment between your travel or do you have set points right there it’s all the way on the ground the frame is on the ground if i put it in drive where it is it wouldn’t want to go anywhere or do a little

Burnout my setup how it is it’s all manual valves and air gauges so i base my height off the air pressure and the in the bags which i can control each corner of it got pretty pretty good adjustability you can load down the back and throw more air in the back it’s pretty nice the adjustability where on say a really slam static truck if you put six people in the

Bed you’d be dragging and wouldn’t be able to get anywhere and it’d be kind of bad i get people ask me all the time how do you drive over speed bumps because i see it laid out at a gas station or something like that oh you just hit these switches and go over it now the ride quality you said you just strove this thing from upstate new york back here to virginia

And that’s one 12 hours it’s nine hours the way the gps says ride quality is all right it makes little bumps feel not bad at all but big bumps it kind of it’s still harsh you said the engine was all stock have you done anything the engines got a header you know a little exhaust got a little homemade intake that i did on it i’m just some stuff to clean it up

Got really like the resonator and stuff like that so is it like a 2-liter four it’s a 2.8 liter four-cylinder 24 they made colorado’s and canyons with 2.8 four cylinder and a 3.5 five cylinder for the first couple years and then they switched them to a 2 9 and the 37 for a couple years they made a v8 but not in the regular cab speaking of regular cab extra cab

Yours is a unique cab yes it’s it’s a convertible it should be the only one that i know of that’s actually a hardtop convertible where you can put the top back on it there’s a handful of roadster colorado’s and canyons but as far as i know it’s the only one of that model that has the top to put back on it that took about a year got it finished up right around

This time last year’s when all the paintwork and everything got finished up on it definitely threw some people back with the convertible it was more done in the older school mini trucking days and that’s kind of where i got the idea was there some of the old school into a newer school truck as far as the bed goes we have on this side the gas flap has been

Deleted so it cleans it up a little bit on this side where the gas flap would be right in front of the body line on this side body line is completely stocked doesn’t have the rear bumper they come with it’s got a shave roll pane in there other than that the outside of the bed is pretty stock i’ve got a shaved tailgate handle the inside of the bed obviously

Has the raised bed floor so the suspension can move up i put the cup holders there in the top of the wheel wells most of us many truckers just sit at the cho’s and drink some beers it’s been a pretty big hoot too a lot of people get to kick out the cup holders it probably took me 15 minutes to do it but i get more compliments on that than anything else on the

Truck shave the third brake light when we did the convertible got tiny mirrors on it where they usually have like big dumbo year looking mirrors the hood is a tilt hood off of a buick lesabre used buick lesabre hinges so it has a forward tilt hood instead of the conventional hood it’s a custom color that i made up at the shop black base coat with a pearl over

Top of it kind of a flop pearl the main color is a purple that flops through the green that you see on the most of the body and then down the center of the truck there is a green pearl that flops to purple to get a opposite effect which also have my logo on the hood it’s kind of like a ghost effect too with the colors being so similar and being as dark as it

Is it really makes you kind of lean into it and look at it how about interior have you said the interior was just like a regular work truck interior it was all stock when i got it done a good good amount with it’s not full show-worthy yet i hadn’t done you know upholstery and whatnot cut the seat down to make it a bucket or make them bucket seats the dash the

Dash is about the the coolest thing on the interior it’s been completely smooth and painted color match to match the truck which that was a bear we had to pull the whole dash out sand it down with like 180 and then go up from there and prime it of course and then go from there it’s about as slick as the rest of the truck that’s the thing on the interior that

I’m most proud about it’s got some small stuff like a billet shifter if you had to get so many hours i’d hate to add it all up i would hate to add it all up would you do it again oh yeah harpy i’ve got i’ve got more i’m doing right now yeah is this a vehicle that you never get rid of or is this one that someday you can see moving on depending on what you build

Later it’d be really hard for me to get rid of it with all my club logos on it in the headlights in the hood i would have to sell it to somebody in my club if it did go if it did get sold i don’t think it’s gonna happen that i’ll probably keep it until it’s routed out and sitting in somebody’s junkyard it’s it’s not going anywhere build them drag them destroy

Them and redo it try not to destroy it see what

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Awesome, bagged, convertible GMC Canyon mini truck! By Cylinder Scene