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Herkese merhaba, YouTube kanalımıza hoş geldiniz.

We’ve seen electric suvs getting more popular lately. audi could not stay behind either, so they launched the e-tron. …but when we look at the grille, we can immediately see and the opening in the middle is for cooling the battery. and the aerodynamically designed bumper has air intakes on both sides. as you know, under the hood of electric cars is usually empty.

But this audi e-tron has a plastic cover under the hood. it is designed to store vehicle tools and the charging cable. but the special thing is that even this one has a slow closing feature. like the jaguar i-pace, the charging port is located on the driver’s side. you can have it on both sides of the car, depending on your choice. with fast charging, it can fill the

Battery up to 80% in half an hour. and the range given by audi is 401 km. of course, this figure can vary depending on driving style and weather conditions. a highlight of this e-tron is its virtual side mirrors. it has exterior mirrors previously unseen in a production car. the virtual mirrors are only optionally available… but it takes some time for you to get used

To this new system. for example, when parking, you tend to look outside, but… …the screen on the door panel is where you actually should look. the 7-inch screens are equipped with proximity sensors, whose brightness is automatically adjusted. icons are activated when you move your finger towards the surface and can move the image with these icons. and of course the

Driver can also adjust the passenger side mirror. the 170 hp electric motor at the front and 190 hp at the rear… but in sport mode it produces 408 hp and 660 nm of torque. with quattro, which means it has a four-wheel drive system… and its maximum speed is limited to 200 km per hour. normally the e-tron comes with standard aerodynamic wheels. it is 21 inches in

Size and has a glossy black color. the interior design of the e-tron is as full of technology as the exterior. the 10.1 inch screen on the top is to use the infotainment system. it supports navigation, apple carplay and android drive as standard. i think every car should be able to support this by 2021. features such as seat heating and cooling can be adjusted here.

The unique gear lever is located on the center console. it has a stylish leather cover and can also be used as… the virtual cockpit in front of us is 12.3 inches in size. the appearance can be customized with the buttons on the steering wheel. we see the power usage on the left and the speedometer on the right. it is also possible to use the navigation on a larger

Screen. so if this car is fully electric, what is the function of the gearshift paddles behind the steering wheel? the left shift lever is to reduce the amount of regeneration, and… you don’t have to worry about if a tall person can sit in the back… …because there are two grooves in the ceiling of the e-tron. these cavities provide extra space and prevent your head

From touching the ceiling. there is enough legroom at the back, as there are grooves in the seats. …that the person in the middle has more space for his feet. in the rear, it is also possible to adjust the passengers’ climate controls. the bang and olufsen sound system, which is known by audi… …creates a 3-dimensional sound as if it were heard from the stage.

The large sunroof, which makes the interior of the car look wider… the audi e-tron comes with adaptive air suspension as standard. it can descend about 8 centimeters depending on the road conditions. it is at its highest level on off-road, and when we switch the car to dynamic mode… together with the air intakes in the front bumper and the virtual mirrors…

The only thing i do not like about this vehicle are the rear windows. …but the fact that they are not opening completely is something that should not be in the latest model audi. the rear lights consist of a horizontal led strip… …and greets you with a nice looking animation every time. in short, it is an ideal family car.

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