Back with a new ToyAudi S6

Welcome back guys I know its been a while. Was busy buying a house, getting used the new life and just grinding. But I am happy to Welcome Jazmine, My new S6 to the channel. Let me know what you guys think, please like, comment and subscribe. Appreciate the love!!

Hey what’s going on guys welcome back to another video so today’s video is going to be pretty quick um so if you can tell by the title i have a new toy for the channel so those of you who have seen my videos before have seen the mustang every now and then i haven’t really brought it on the channel um and it was kind of like a lot of footage wasted because i

Pretty much done everything to the car right so wheels full exhaust intake tune uh pretty much full bolts on car and at the time i was so excited to do all that stuff for the car that i just never i never made any content out of it never you know what i mean so um yeah so we got a new toy and this one i am going to be dealing with all the content on the car

Anything i put on anything that we do to it just it’s all going to be uh recorded getting all the content and set up there and just um making sure the channel just has pretty much a bigger spectrum of stuff on there right because it’s only been just like my bikes recently um but yeah so sold the mustang well traded it in and i ended up picking up a 2015

Audi a6 here’s the car foreign okay so we are in the s6 now so as you can see it’s a gorgeous car um huge difference from the mustang uh mustang was way more aggressive it was rowdy louder um and manual and uh that was the biggest change i had to get used to driving this car was being in an automatic the ships are real satisfying especially in

Dynamic mode they’re really they’re crisp and hard um we’re not going to go too deep into the car today there’s going to be plenty of footage plenty of days to get into the car it’s completely stock right now so i’m happy with the power um but i did order the uh ds1 tuner for the car so um hopefully in the next video we will be going stage one um and yeah

In the cartoon so the car right now if you’re not familiar with the s6 it’s a twin turbo v8 right so it should essentially be pushing like 13 pounds 13 to 15 pounds of boost um stock and then hopefully with the ds1 tune we should be able to raise that boost to probably 20 between 20 and 25 pounds um so that should give us a significant power boost from what

Ds1 is saying they’ve seen on their stage one tune uh 520 horsepower before uh to the wheels right so that’s what i’m seeing on the website uh obviously every car is different some cars respond better to tune some cars not as well so that power number is you know the dyno could be happy there’s a lot of variants that could really tell how much power the car

Is going to make it may not make close to 520 might make 500 will my you know what i mean so there’s no telling but just from what their website says that’s what the power they say you should be around right um but yeah so hopefully the next video we’ll be going stage one and um no so this was just gonna be a quick video showing you guys the car hope you guys

Enjoyed it um and please come back for another video uh hopefully we’re going to be getting the bike back out on a video um i rode yesterday it was 54. um and usually when you ride bikes depending on your speed depends on how much of a wind chill it is when you’re riding right so 54 is not too bad but when you really get moving i’d say anything above 50 and up

You’re probably going to be looking at like a wind chill of 10 degrees so it’s gonna feel like it’s 44 out right so this wasn’t too bad but yeah um really looking forward to uh doing some work on the s6 super excited about the car um and yeah i just want to bring some more content to you guys and um just i’m already in love with this car it’s amazing um but

Yeah we’ll do a day where i go over all the features of the car i’m sure there’s i know there’s plenty of videos on youtube but um yeah we’ll go over everything on the car um i can’t wait to get an exhaust i’m i am i’m okay with the stock exhaust i’m okay with driving and being like comfortable and relaxing but i need going from the mustang i need which was

Essentially straight pipe i need something that’s way louder so yeah that’s gonna be coming so yeah appreciate you guys for stopping by like comment subscribe definitely gonna have some more content coming out and uh yeah i’m excited about this so appreciate you guys peace

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Back with a new Toy…Audi S6 By Ty.Champ