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BC TEM hng nng BMW Series 5 th h mi va ra mt ti Vit Nam ||

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BÓC TEM “hàng nóng” BMW Series 5 thế hệ mới vừa ra mắt tại Việt Nam ||

Yeah yeah yeah it’s bmw’s biggest-selling model since its first launch in 1972 as the series 5 em 12 with the goal of creating sports sedans. of series 5 as a new step in the development of the car company from the bavaria region has undergone a development journey with 7 generations e12 e28 e34 e39 e60 f10 and g30 when bmw 5-series is still aiming for the image of

Luxury. polite but no less sporty to affirm its attractiveness, the 7th generation g30 code has more than 600 thousand cars handed over to customers and the vietnamese market. complete unit from germany with 3 versions in 20 natsume like5a mi esport 530 esport for you hello i don’t understand you are probably one of my most favorite things when introducing new cars is to

Peel off stamps but i like going to work even more. i can peel off stamps on my cars. i’m an idol like the one before b1 came back home. or bmw530 esport a very beautiful car and my friend has just arrived in vietnam today i would like to ask for permission to boot bmw530i esport and a very beautiful design and i have been waiting for this car for a long time and today

Now that i’ve seen it , these new and very attractive points on this car are the feelings that the esport living room would like to read in vietnamese for it quickly. the second is the you go to this side to see and the wheels also rumble open the sport but not yet you will see that the high-performance brakes of a sport with brake calipers are very characteristic of

This blue and a color that it really is. i don’t know, brothers and sisters, then people say what to buy me to play, but what else is it right? is it good to walk and play at the same time this is the beauty of bmw is very very good many improvements but you guys see this is also a sport style the diffuser below it is also different from before m 30 and now let’s go

Back slowly slow slow down the new savings wings of the 53 khoi miss sport with cuong and you g30 has been too successful and hey, these philip friends have brought a it looks young in general it’s sporty it’s controllable and it has something very classy like the first 7-series is this casual women’s set and it’s seamless and very floating monolithic has been opened if

It’s wide and square, it looks better than it is, and the material is also very bright and beautiful to me, then the two very impressive parts on this car are the bmw laser light system on the 530i sport color. if you go in phu, it will be a function called reptrak, but if you go out on the street, what will it be and now the speed is somewhere over 100km with the condition

That both sides of the road are empty. with street lights plus the fact that there are no oncoming vehicles, its beam distance can be up to 650m and the light intensity of it’s terrible and and with the design it is not only technology, it shows luxury. when the l hates this . you look at it from the side it’s very nice one of the equipment also, i really like it on the

Bmw, that’s the sport and with these lower bumper design styles this is a good air intake if you put your hand here, we will see that this is an air intake. it must be for decoration but its effect is very clear and of course with the style of sport, i don’t know how many brothers have fallen and must be called enough to find equipment like sensors. in front of the cam,

It’s still standard on this side. well, even the 20 m sport model or the 30 m sport model, you will see that the set of wheels is the same, just taken as a 19 and a set. high performance brakes and also stamp m sport i m sport sport and the special thing on this 530i front is that the front and rear tires are the silas it’s different u used to be 275 surfaces, it was

Bigger and before it was 245 into a sports car with a sports configuration yes, you always have to ask for such elements , the air intake is also as good as the one hey it really has to be the movement of the air, you will see that it has a huge effect in the aerodynamics and then with a car that has a sporty and luxurious style, the if you paste the car, you will see that

Truong and his head are a bit long, the car compartment is also the same and the wheelbase of this car is 2975 mm, it is also very long and it will first be unknown to me looking at it. i have to be tall, i must be handsome, and the side compartment is done , we’re going to be in one of those spots where it’s really when we get there, my brother has to have someone up there.

This paint color is a paint color that is one of the legendary colors that have been revived and in the past few years the color like i would like to call it by the language in terms of my understanding it is a color like cement, it is very beautiful. you can look back at the pictures that we took very carefully at the showroom to see the beauty of the car. this car yes,

Now to the rear, you will see clearly that this tail is already more beautiful and sophisticated with 3d floating led lights on the other side, there is a 530, please see here, your boss is going there and the contrast in the design of the block and this led form is very very nice and it looks nice and one of the changes is the lower sensor as well as the air diffuser

As i have shared. after all, it will be different and the potty has also changed to invisible and according to my own language, of course, for the b1 series, there is always a laptop and the trunk has space. it’s also very spacious and especially on this one, like the bacchiri line, you can use this to meet the row of seats down to our travel. maybe i have a space to

Store long things, it is also very important in the utility part for a car, right now, the skin will explore and continue to peel off the stamp inside the car hey the door is dead just like the movie described 7-series and the two points that i am very impressed with on this new w530 in sport are just the stylishly designed steering wheel wrapped in leather, the gearshift

Paddles and the screen. super big very impressive picture i’m lying on this dashboard this screen is ten 2.3 inches android 7 operating system very fast response speed and very good definition you can install anything exterior lights already interior 6 main colors 11 color combinations and so on but i don’t know you can connect apple carplay wirelessly but with w530 tablet

Now you can connect both for android and wirelessly by many ways control this screen with a touch screen that sells rotating items instead of w then yeah and one of the things i really like is the entire interface this is now a round of vietnameseization so we can use anything we can use anything and if we get stuck on something, let’s go to the operating instructions

We have a lot of tutorials, but this intuitive video tutorial is also great at the control system in the dynamic table sc to prevent the wheels from spinning from now on. do n’t worry about your system, right and that ‘s one of the things i’m impressed with this is a 360 camera system with great display technology you click on the letter p for a light sample, click here

And you move in 3d parking to assist because you can touch it but the motorbike moves high, brother, if you have graphics like this, then you block it, it always supports back and forth, still have these things, it still similar to the 30s before ok, in terms of design, i see that when i save the 530i 1sport, it carries a pho the sporty style is very obvious when these

Aluminum panels are also aluminum because the textures are very fine and beautiful here is a sign of love these are strong things the air conditioning system is air conditioning 4 independent area and let you guys take a look at these little details when you change the air conditioner system with the phenomenon that there is a perfume system with a perfume air filter,

You can insure them. but having an air filter has a very important drying history, you can control it with it, but if you go long distances, we love this feature, people look at the apple carplay interface in front of a very large screen and now we will go down to the section below we will see that the gear lever is very special, this is probably a chain waiting for

A very specific mark of preservation and i am very fond of the human leaf design. the biometrics in cam are already happy ok here is the control key that shows the android system around static electricity from the autohaus, of course cam 360 and one of the details i also really like is that the suspension is in the steel ground on this car, guys, when installing it,

It will customize the stiffness of the suspension according to each driving mode. sport comfort or aiko, but especially it can understand the terrain such as my front wheel going through a ledge, the next wheel will immediately make me more and and the bmw 530i open this sport right on its head towards the driver a lot i think it’s still the same put you guys look at all

The dashboards here i sit i close my eyes i can within a second then we can figure it out imagine where all the control functions are and this dashboard also points to the driver in a certain angle, the rear clock is still the same here, we can change it when we if you change the driving mode, the color will also change here, there is a sticker i ask for permission don’t

Squeeze this out there and you can see the information on the right side for example, i would love to see this car, the power rating post is working, we can step in here to see watch and yes and we can also watch it and with people running or escaping or calling it a little bit, give the phone number and now we will continue to the part that we experience this is your use

Dakota leather is also standard equipment on the 530i sport and 520 yeah1 sport lines, which are also equipped with this model with floating lines. the texture design is very nice, the smell is very smooth, the space is also very spacious. there’s nothing to criticize, to be honest, when you live with me , you’ll see that this part is also a smokey aluminum part with a

Very nice texture em mien likes running you pig like this. if you run closely with blue, you can change the color you like. there are 2 memory positions for this seat, a, this is also a new point when t all the keys to control that mirror system are all made of aluminum. the previous version is aluminum and this table is full of speakers, it’s a vampire 16 speakers 464

W sounds good with the nature of the background the lecture of a car is already good. the soundproofing is good, so i have to equip the sound system and the equipment problems will be easier, right for old german cars. the things you check here are that it is almost impossible for me to put water bottles, now with a line like this, we can see that getting a water bottle

Is very easy. there will be 12 control directions for both people and listeners with thrust pumps all displayed very intuitively when we control with the right and left control behavior yes, then we will back to a feature that the head-up display hud screen displays on the steering wheel here i am seeing that there is this speed, i think it will be more many more other

Features i can’t believe i will trust the information that you have achieved the display in pepper spray and here there is this map and there is this rotation there is also this speed limit lower the height and we can adjust it now. this is a very good driver support feature, but we can run it on the highway or even in normal conditions, the details are very good. a lot

Of gold straps only open sport so the legendary colors here, you will see that the asian glass is a single-layer glass, but the drama is very thick and has integrated sound insulation technologies such as double-glazed it is important that the technology inside and the door will still have hand-curtains after all, but only on convertible cars you will find that i will not

Wear it all, but i close it by normal. usually like this, you will have to wait for the drama to hear the same thing and then the space behind, the best dance level is like this. if you have a car with air conditioning, it’s 4 independent zones, you sit on the right, i sit on the left, the temperature is independent, it’s comfortable. yes, there is a box for us. put the

Small heads here and the hand slot and in the middle because this car uses rear-wheel drive and especially those cars that save often will have their center of gravity lowered this is why why i would battery it run very old because the front and rear power distribution is good but it will cut it so it always creates a sporty driving experience and you see which supercars are

Close are you tall you haven’t done the sports you have to do, what else is there to pretend to have held cao ok to point out the water, if you can’t rest your head, if it’s like this, then change these cars , i’ll still if you want to have some more features like having this entertainment screen for diseases, this hand can have a few more with more for example a position

To this phone has a customer and then i can plug in the charger and so on, it will be easier, ie create a feeling of what it is called , if you come in this time, you will get two the engine configuration in this g30 back to vietnam that’s you 275 20, they all use the b48 machine, but at the output power of only 184 horsepower, it’s still a 2.0 machine. but for you guys.

This 530i will be able to adjust the capacity of thach 252 horsepower to the magic of its machines, it is thanks to the special technology of turbo power yes, but this machine is a bit small and has four it’s only a cylinder, but it only has 2.0, but it’s important that its technology is right or the technology and output and also how much torque and solutions it generates

Is important to the experience. we have a lot of experience but more martial arts. why with a machine as small as this that we allocate with the center of the machine? it’s easier than the ratio. reaching the golden ratio is 50 50 before and after, the car is easier. what if we imagine that the machine can make vitamin b12. lying on this head , how about you pass the

Head it pulls out, it’s called eating money. so since childhood, you have martial arts. the second thing you like is about safety when a small machine here will have a whole lot of energy. fight here so it will be safer, but dung is completely and much more useful for your interesting wallet yes, here are my quick experiences about w530 m sport and version flip has just

Arrived hot and in a very beautiful design, i also hope that in the near future, i will share with you and you a program of experience and more detailed evaluation of this model.

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BÓC TEM "hàng nóng" BMW Series 5 thế hệ mới vừa ra mắt tại Việt Nam || By