Beating the Final World Expo Challenge and Winning the Legendary Porsche (Top Drives Gameplay)

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Foreign yo what’s up guys it’s yellowfin and in this video i am going to be if i can find it i keep forgetting where it is expo campaign bbd the expo challenge 15 i believe that’s what xv is pretty sure it’s 15. and we are going to see if i can get this porsche 911 targa 4s 3.0992 legendary and yeah let’s see if we can do it so let’s just jump right on into

It this is the hand i made for the first round already because i did check it out just scouted out a bit and yeah let’s just go right at it so i have my s5 cabriolet which i maxed out for the finals which i got from some random ceramic pack i believe is one of the ceramic packs i believe from the prelims which i got that from used that in the finals was able to

Get tier four which was the porsche tier i got the rq64 acura rdx which is fused because i already have one so really wasn’t anything that special finals is pretty dull but that’s okay because now we are going to win another legendary and a new one at that plus a world expo one and it honestly doesn’t look too bad all right we’ve got two snow right here i can use

A ranger and something else perhaps maybe not maybe i actually will need to max out a off-roader all right well let’s see yeah i think i i think i actually will need to max out another off-roader because i don’t have my homer h3 to alpha maxed out sue oops i did not mean to go to the mighty eagle yeah because that’s 222 and that is also 222. and if i had my

Htt alpha maxed out all right is there any other mixed seven all right in round seven i can win i know i can win that so it’s just this round but we could test something it’s snow though twisty road snow okay well we could run the cayenne see how close the cayenne gets because i honestly wouldn’t mind putting a fuse into the cayenne i think we grab you we grab

You and we grab 77 we just need 52. which is the ranger raptor twisty hairpin hairpin twisty hairpin and now we will see how close our cayenne is to winning and if not i’ll just start maxing a second ranger raptor or maybe we could win that race actually okay so the cayenne loses by 0.86 so that’s 251 to 50 but we could potentially win this first race though

Because the ranger raptor wasn’t too far ahead of the h3 to car and i feel like the cayenne would be a bit closer so let’s check it out see how close the cayenne is today’s car we’ll just watch the race and see so the cayenne is maintaining a pretty good lead the h3 dakar keeps on catching up and then the cayenne runs away then it goes around some more corners

The h3 dakar picks up a bit but the cayenne keeps running away all right keep maintaining a significant distance oh we lost a lot of ground right there come on cayenne please please just keep running away it’s it’s getting closer but then we keep on speeding away oh oh it’s getting real close now it’s getting right behind us come on all right the continent does

Do it all right that’s good so we’re able to keep recording then here we will win and the rest we already know are all wins so there we go 277-0 now i won’t have to deal with any other mixed issues so now we go here we’ll just grab this and this and yeah this is pretty beatable i just need a performance car so i’ll drop you and you and then i’ll grab you and

You use this hairpin g-force quarter mile zero to 100 twit carting circuit this should all work out i will skip the geforce tesla just so the game doesn’t crash when i use my lotus because for some reason the game crashes when i use it now we’re on to the next round on road we’ve got a city street so that’s pretty easy fast circuit with that guy all right i can

Handle that can use you there you there view there and then we just need a twisty road and a wet whatever it was so 90 and you okay y’all got a hairpin y’all go on streets twisty fast and twisty road i also do want to see how that audi is because it has like 100 and some large number after it mri and so i’d like to see how well it compares to my mercedes yeah

It sticks right behind it then it just has no handling but yeah 116 points anyway all right and then we’ll skip 328 to zero next round all right this doesn’t look too bad we can win that we can win that we can also get rid of you pick up you yeah that should work there there and there this should all work out fine i believe first race is a win with the r8 rear

Wheel drive second race is a win all right good we beat the eagle talon next race gtr wins here yep 68 points and then yeah the next race wasn’t the lotus it was this lowest at least sc which we should be able to beat the 911 carrera it looks like it has a bit better mra but we are sticking in front yep it does stick in front and win and then the last race which

I accidentally clicked on now the game’s gonna crash nope it didn’t actually it didn’t crash that’s pretty good 268 to zero race six now the next one is the next one but i do know i can win that one so no need to worry there’s a win hmm i’ll have to use that in the fast circuit which is risking the game crashing win win and win so there we go and now the game will

Probably crash nope it didn’t all right we’re actually getting pretty lucky with the game crashes it hasn’t crashed yet okay audi wins here on the one mile drag and then right here the elise sc will beat the esprit gt3 and then the s5 cabriolet should beat the cayenne coupe yep it does and then this last race we will beat the mercedes amg gt four-door coupe it’s

Actually a pretty fun challenge it’s giving us some hard rounds so i wonder how the people that didn’t drop money like on the thing to on world expo packs are gonna perform in this challenge because it is rather difficult looking okay that has to win there hopefully so if you so then we’ve got one mile drag boy and other boy so we got you and you this is what

We’re running there hairpin red wet nut right twisty one mile drag now this should work one mile dragway win 58 points next race we definitely win this one against the clk gtr 50 points next race hopefully we don’t crash wet hairpin road i can’t even see where my car is okay 50 points we do win though we beat the audi a8 which is good that was the only maybe

Tricky one now we should win this one as well yep we beat the gt roadster by two seconds the e400 has actually been really useful through all these challenges and i know that this wins against the gls 63. which is kind of disappointing for that gls 63 that’s actually pretty sad back to on-road though grab the audi again all right we will get rid of the audi but

You will go there you will go there and that oh i got the hiccups that’s not good you’ll go there get rid of these two grab myself a medium and also you think that’s a good idea so city street’s small then we can do there there there and there this should all work out i believe first win right here pretty easy then on to our next race which is also pretty easy

Yep the duevo concept wins and then on to the next race now the gtr beats the res body beast alpha x an amazing car then low to six siege oh there’s our crash all right well it was inevitable to happen at some point so now we’ll wait at the loading screen so it’s wet twisty circle no dry twisty circuit is where the game crashes okay but we did get past the round

So we’re just two rounds away now all right this looks doable don’t see any issues grab you you and you and we’ll actually pop some upgrades into this audi r8 and then wait okay so now we’re at 3 4 93. 3493 can win hairpin road that should be able to be geforce test that should be able to win quarter that should be able to do that and that should be able to

Do that i believe i feel like all these should win but it’ll be interesting to see because some of these are a bit skeptical like that one that was really close all right this one will also probably be really close or a loss okay so i need to figure out something for that quarter mile the xenos we beat hmm and this guy would be with 60 points all right so

Let’s see what we can come up with because i know i can beat that last round it’s just figuring out i think who have found my solution i don’t have enough to put any upgrades into it but the four-wheel drive should carry us oops what is what is this notepad i don’t need a notepad there and there now this should work i believe i believe this should work audi r8

Wins we know that then porsche 968 turbo rs wins by 0.01 then next race the mercedes amg gtr wins quarter mile and then the next race our c112 wins against xeno c10 by 0.01 again and lastly the vision six coupe makes it to 100 in time let’s go so there we go 2000 announced for the final race and my mercedes needs service perfect timing we’ll have to wait three

Minutes unless we could figure it out without the mercedes perhaps we can foreign but the duevo all right this should work our epic hand without the mercedes should be able to do it as long as the r8 wins the first race but this porsche is like 50 mra yep it does all right we should be fine shoot did i put the lotus on a twisty circuit i don’t know oh crap

Do i skip the match and risk not like risk missing out on my thumbnail photo all right we’re skipping there we go and go away add boom the ad ruined it the ad ruined our thumbnail photo it really really that could have been such a cool thumbnail photo and they stuck an ad in it all right but there we go 911 targa 4s has been added to the garage now there it is

Very vibrant orange car in the middle of some grays and whites and then we’ve got green but definitely looks like not too bad of an addition to the garage 3.1 or 3.2 91 at one star does not look too bad and we’ll also check out the world expo collection now that’s my high star q car now is that one because the mercedes amg gtr is 82 rq 85 rq is not bad it’s

Definitely looking a lot better just with the new edition of that one legendary and so yeah that is going to be it for this video that is the it of that is it for the new campaign pretty fun i enjoyed it a lot it was actually pretty fun to be able to use all the world expo cars i collected work on upgrading them all to be able to collect more world expo cars it

Was definitely pretty fun and i did enjoy it a lot definitely a great idea that hutch implemented into the game so yeah that is going to be it for this video i am yellowfin make sure to like subscribe join the discord server server comment down below something if you’d like and yeah i’m your elephant thanks for watching and goodbye

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Beating the Final World Expo Challenge and Winning the Legendary Porsche! (Top Drives Gameplay) By Yellowfin 99