Bed Rug Installation in 2022 Ford F150 Lightning

My first Bed Rug ever! So far it seems awesome! This is the newest version with the more rugged floor. I install it in my 2022 Ford F150 Lightning.

Hey what’s up youtube welcome back to my channel in today’s video i’m going to show you how i installed this bedrug into my 2022 ford f-150 lightning so first off this is their brand new version that has like a harder rubber mat down here a lot of them previously were all just carpet so it’s this material here which is fine it wicks water it doesn’t absorb things

It’s actually pretty nice this is my first one and i just really wanted to give it a try i know there are already a bunch of videos that show you guys how to install this in normal f-150s none of them however are this new version with this harder rubber mat and also i haven’t really seen any videos on how to install it around all of this stuff so i have the light

Here we’ve got those anchors there and then i have the power system here so i’m going to show you guys how to do all of that a lot of this honestly was kind of a trial and error thing but i think it came out pretty nice anyway but before we get to that i’ll just play the video that bedrock put up online it really the basic part of it couldn’t be any more simpler

And they have a three-minute video on how to install just the basic part of the bedrug so i’ll play that first and then we’ll get into my videos bedrug is the most innovative and unique truck bed liner there is it’s custom designed to fit your specific year make and model the bedrug works on trucks that have an existing spray-in liner or no liner remove the

Bed rug from the box and leave in a warm area to help it flatten attach a long piece of hook tape to the top side of the tailgate portion and apply short pieces evenly across the bottom of the same panel apply the dual lock tape to the strips on the bedrock making sure to leave the backing on the adhesive starting at the passenger side use the zipper to attach

The floor panel to the front and side panel apply short pieces of hook tape to each one of the side panels making sure to evenly space the tape apply short pieces of hook tape evenly across each of the lower strips on the front panel and attach a long piece of hook tape to the top side of the same panel before placing the bed rug in the truck bed be sure to

Remove all debris and clean the surface with soap and water for optimal adhesion be sure the truck bed is above 68 degrees fahrenheit place the bed rug in the bed of the trunk making sure to push it forward so that it fits exactly in the corners use alcohol to clean all areas where tape will be adhered if you have a spray-in liner apply the adhesive promoter to

All areas where tape will be adhered and allowed to dry remove the backing from the hook and loop on the floor panel making sure to leave the hook and loop attached to the bed run press the bed rug firmly into place use a utility knife to cut a small slit in the bed rug to allow the tie downs to protrude through remove backing from the tape on the front panel

And adhere to the front section of the truck bed if your truck bed had factory bed lights just cut a hole and trim it to match the shape of your line remove the backing from the hook tape on both side panels and press firmly into place be sure to clean the tailgate where adhesive will be applied with soap and water then use another rag to clean with alcohol use

Adhesive promoter on any plastic surfaces that will have adhesive attached do not apply to painted metal allow promoter to dry remove the backing from the hook tank lay the tailgate portion of the liner into place aligning the top and bottom edges press firmly into place the bed rug installation is now complete it provides impact and slip resistant protection for

Your truck bed that can be cleaned with a power washer hose or a vacuum it fills in the ribs and contours of the truck bed to provide a smooth void free loading surface that is easy on your knees if you would like more info or if you have any questions please visit all right so i’m here installing my bed rug bed liner and i wanted to update you guys on

A few things that weren’t covered in that last video from bedrug so the corner piece is actually quite easy all you have to do is first complete the front wall let me see if i can get this so all of that is stuck already you can see the contour right here and hopefully you can see it’s really really bright but i have the contour right there all all that’s done

And now i’m just trying to get the corner tucked in here correctly so there’s a hook on my lightning right here in the corner hopefully you can see it right there i thought about unscrewing that and taking that out and then just trying to maybe put this on the outside of the carpet but my solution seems fine so i just pushed it up in here made sure the corners

All tucked and then i felt where this was and i took a razor with a brand new sharp blade and just cut there and then you just push around it and then it’s sticking through i honestly probably won’t even use those all that much maybe a couple times a year but either way i have access to it right there so that’s how i did that one so far now i am on to this one

Here and my plan is to remove this piece i’m going to try to find the holes for these screws put this up in place and then put the bracket on the outside i just feel like that’ll probably look the best so that’s what i’m going to do here i think it’ll be fairly easy but again this just isn’t stuff they covered in that video because all the fords can be slightly

Different and another thing of note is that in a lot of these positions where there is something i don’t know if you can see it with this lighting but there’s an h shaped in here so i guess if maybe i sliced right here it might fit man that actually man if that is true if it if it actually does line up that might be worth trying it looks like it does line up

So that would mean i guess a flap would go over top in there and then the bottom flap would tuck up in through here you know what i’m going to try it that seems like it would be a lot easier than unscrewing this trying to find the holes and if that actually does work that would be a lot quicker it’d be a lot nicer and uh that that would be very good to know all

Right i’m going to give that a try all right so i just sliced that opening i think it’s going to require a little bit of tweaking maybe if i cut these corners down a little bit it’ll tuck in there a little easier i’m gonna give this a try that i think might be a good solution because it’s really hard to get it tucked up under there i think i’m just gonna slice off

These corners a little bit there so i just turned the corners off to maybe see if i can get this up in here it’s a little wrinkled right here i think if i got a pick tool to help pull that carpet up a little bit i think that’s actually pretty good i don’t think this is cut high enough though just the way this looks i think i’m gonna have to try to it’s just

Tough because it’s in a corner and it seems like there’s so many variables so i’ve got the quarter tucked in there i have to cut it up probably about a half inch higher and even if i guess i’m wrong this is going to be tucked up there pretty high so you probably wouldn’t really see it and even if i mess up only people they’re gonna know about are me and all

You guys you know what i think that’s not too bad it’s kind of hard getting this tucked behind here there so there’s that and then we slice this one see this one has to come down a little bit too see just very carefully i don’t want to scratch anything with my razor blade but i’ll cut that down just a little bit you definitely want to use a brand new blade to

Make sure it’s all straight and not jagged or anything there i think that’s awesome i’m happy with that and if you can see in here i’ve got these pieces already stuck in there i’m gonna have to get some rubbing alcohol to clean that and then i’ll just keep moving down the line i have to hit that and then somehow that and somehow that and that and positive left

To get removed and then i’ll just have to yeah we’ll get to that point here in a minute all right so i got my velcro pieces in place as per the instructions i have this unscrewed here and in case anybody was curious it really is a pretty simple setup looks like all the wires come right in the bottom it doesn’t have a whole lot of slack so i can’t really move it

Around much but for now what i’m gonna do is just put it back here in place and then when i get this up in place i’ll just cut a hole in the center an x and uh we’ll get there in a minute but the more important part that i was hoping to make this a little bit of a cleaner install as i was hoping to remove this light and then just cut a center slit down the hole

And then tuck the light back in i have my little tool here and i just cannot see how it pops out and i really don’t want to break anything on my hundred thousand dollar truck uh i used to be a car audio installer i used to work on some pretty high-end cars but they were usually somebody else’s car and we had insurance and i just don’t want to break anything so

I’m just going to try to kind of cut around it and maybe just tuck because there is a little bit of a lip right there that if i could get it on target enough i could possibly tuck the carpet up underneath here and then the switch i gave up on i think i’m just gonna have to remember where the switch is and then just tap it through the carpet not ideal but again

I just i really don’t want to break anything i love this truck and this is what i’m doing so hope this helps but uh we’re going to wrap this up here on this side and i still have to do the other side and it’s like 101 degrees right now in ithaca it’s it’s crazy all right i think that looks good so that’s i’m just noticing that is a little loose if i had left

Just like a quarter inch that could be tucked up underneath there that probably would keep it a little tighter up in there all right now it is time for the light all right it’s gonna get and i’ll just have to remember that the switch is right here maybe even put like a little tape or some kind of marker so i know that it’s right here i know it’s just a truck

And it’s no big deal but i just want to make sure it’s as perfect as possible because it’s an expensive truck and it’s a nice truck all right time to do the other side all right the h that was right here on this side didn’t line up quite as perfect as on that side but what i did do that i think is really good and i highly recommend is i i just left a quarter

Inch right here and then i tucked it underneath there using this tool so i just tucked it up there so yeah now i think that’s going to hold in a lot better compared to yeah oh yeah i mean look at this one oh i do have some slack there actually uh down at the top well at least in the bottom i can slice that a little bit and tuck that up and under let me do

That right now yeah that’s awesome that’s the way to do it right there just leave a little extra carpet there and then tuck it i wish i had a little extra carpet at the top there well i hope that helped you guys if you watched this far into the video i do have some bonus footage for you unfortunately i made a mistake and i bought the wrong cover here this

Is an undercover se hard tonneau cover i love the style i love the way it looks i bought this actually way back in january of 2022 this year anticipating this truck’s arrival unfortunately i didn’t realize they changed the bed in 2021 so the back of this does not fit so it’s a huge bummer that i have this big nice expensive cover and it doesn’t fit my truck

Um so if anybody has a i think 2015 to 2020 ford f-150 let me know i’ll uh i’ll lose some money but i need to sell this thing so i can buy the correct one it does work for now but i’m actually rubbing on the edge i’m gonna take this off my truck today because it’s just rubbing after just driving around for probably 10-15 miles today it just the tailgate is a

Different shape so that’s a big bummer but anyways if you’re interested in this let me know otherwise do the typical youtube stuff like share subscribe all that thanks a lot see you later

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Bed Rug Installation in 2022 Ford F150 Lightning By James Klafehn