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Behind the Wheel with Harvey Briggs: 2023 Genesis Electrified G80

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This week, Harvey Briggs goes behind the wheel of the 2023 Genesis Electrified G80.

Well most electric vehicles are brand new from the ground up with minimal or futuristic styling most but not all let’s get behind the wheel with harvey briggs with a car that bends all the rules the genesis g80 we’ve done this before we have done the g80 but we haven’t done this g80 because mark there is no engine in this vehicle officially it’s the 2023 electrified

G80 they’re downplaying this for some reason they’re not even calling it an electric vehicle so it’s really a different way to think about it and you know i i think it works for what this is because they want people to think about electric vehicles as just another car but it’s not just another car it’s a genesis g80 the electric g80 has everything that’s great

About the gas powered version and that’s pretty great in its internal combustion version we love this car in electric it’s even better there are so many things cool things you can do with this first of all you can put it in sport mode and do this oh my gosh wow zero to 60 in 4.1 seconds and quiet super quiet you hear this thing this luxury sedans need to be

Electric because what you want from a luxury sedan is smooth and quiet silence is golden there was no sound yeah this is just smooth and quiet it’s really well done and genesis has done a good job with all of the luxury appointments on this in terms of the quality of the interior the overall design it’s it it’s just a really well put together and well thought out

Conversion and conversion is a key word here because they took the gas model and converted it they had to squeeze batteries and electronics under the floor the batteries eat in the trunk space they also raised the floor a bit so there’s a little less head and leg room and there’s no front trunk like most electric vehicles where you can store things with this one

You have an engine it looks like an engine doesn’t it but when you pull the plastic off you have all the electronic components here almost perfect except that is one ugly grill it’s ugly on the gas one well let’s just say it’s polarizing the electric sorry the electrified g80 has one option paint color this will only be sold at the top level with the electric

Vehicle part of that is just because batteries and everything are so expensive they might as well content this thing all the way up otherwise you feel like you’re getting a cheap car and having to pay a lot of money for it will be is the key it goes on sale this fall and will probably sell for between 75 and 80 thousand dollars but don’t be rushing to put down

A down payment just yet this is not on sale yet it will go on sale in california connecticut new york and new jersey a little later this summer and then sometime probably early next year we’ll start to see it roll out nationwide but we were lucky enough to get one now so that’s a it’s an ev for people who don’t want to let anyone know you have an exactly maybe uh

You know you don’t want them to know you’re quite such a tree hugger i don’t know genesis has done a really good job with their overall design work we can argue about the grill and a lot of people will other than that grill an electric car that doesn’t look like a doorstop the g80 is a remarkably normal ev a breath of fresh air a silent breath of fresh air the

Way it should be beautiful car it is a beautiful car yeah and harvey took a little break from his vacation to michigan to join us today to talk about this g80 electrified hi harvey hi harvey hey how are you guys i didn’t put in range or recharging times let’s talk about that what’s the range on this car well it’s not epa rated now but genesis is estimating the

Range at 282 miles when i had it i had it over 300 miles of range but again we’re driving it in the midwest in perfect weather so that’s going to be really optimal i would think you know 280 would be about what you want and then recharging because genesis uses a 350 kilowatt 800 volt system it charges very quickly so if you find a 350 kilowatt charger you can go

From 10 to 80 in 21 minutes in that vehicle but it’s tough to find those chargers yeah there’s one in madison on the east side near walmart uh an electrify america station that has a couple of 350 kilowatt chargers but and they’re becoming more common most people just charge them at home overnight and you get 300 miles worth of range yeah and if you charge it at

Home it’ll be from 10 to 100 that’ll be about seven and a half hours so you can certainly do that overnight electric cars you’re here to stay we got two more coming down the pipes just completely silent you didn’t hear it you didn’t hear a thing and they have the one pedal driving mode that helps uh regenerate electricity there’s all kinds of really cool things

About these electric kits all right back to vacation harvey thank you for being with us today great to see you we’ll see you guys and we’ll have a final trigger forecast coming up

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