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Bentayga S Hybrid and Bentayga Azure Hybrid Join The Range

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Bentayga S Hybrid and Bentayga Azure Hybrid Join The Range.

Bentega as hybrid and bentega azure hybrid join the range the bentley range is now officially 50 electrified following the introduction of the new bentega s hybrid and bentega azure hybrid models these two new bentegas are aimed at different customers but they share an upgraded plug-in hybrid powertrain on the gas site is a 3.0 liter turbocharged v6 that works

In tandem with a 100 kilowatt electric motor the battery size has been increased from 13 kilowatt hours to 18 kilowatt hours resulting in an av-only output of 134 horsepower and 295 pounds foot of torque bentley says both new models can drive more than 27 miles in evmode the combined power output is up to 456 horsepower up from 443 horsepower in the previous

Model bentley did not provide a combined torque output but the car is bound to feel effortless thanks to the immediate torque delivery to stay up to date with latest top stories make sure to subscribe to this youtube channel by clicking the button above this video bentley claims a zero to 62 miles per hour time of 5.3 seconds and a top speed of 158 miles per

Hour the s hybrid follows in the footsteps of the s models bentley introduced earlier this year these s bentleys are meant to be more engaging while providing the comfort and luxury you’d expect from the british brand the bentaida s hybrid sport mode has been updated and now activates sound enhancement from the engine bay complementing the sound of the v6 engine

It also stiffens the damping by 15 and activates a sportier stability control map the azure was designed to promote the well-being of occupants to create this new trim level bentley engaged creative neurontist catherine templar lewis from kinder studios whose primary focus in life is reducing stress it comes as standard with the front seat comfort specification

Which includes 22-way adjustability and a heating and ventilation function bentley and templar lewis used everything from interior lights and patterns to posture to create the most relaxing interior possible both models are highly customizable but have model specific features to set them apart the s hybrid has black line specification substitutes for black

Or polished metal on all exterior surfaces apart from the badge it also has black side sills and door mirrors dark tint headlamps a black radiator grille and surround and a speed style front bumper it comes with 22-inch model specific alloys with red painted brake calipers at the rear you’ll notice speed style tailgate spoiler dark tinted rear lamps and black

Split oval tailpipes the interior has several performance touches like the use of dynamica which is often used in motorsport the available color splits were carefully chosen to provide a sporty ambience while the digital instrument cluster borrows the performance dials from the bentega speed but with an additional fev power meter fluted seating and s emblems on

The fascia illuminated tread plates and headrests further distinguish the s hybrid from its azure sibling as mentioned earlier designs and patterns significantly reduce stress and we can feel hours dripping away just by looking at the azure’s interior images it has precisely crafted diamond quilted upholstery and three open pore veneers are available dark walnut

Crown cut walnut and koa these are more calming than bentley’s high gloss veneers there’s a selection of 15 hide colors and hide splits all selected for their soothing nature seat piping is a no-cost option the azure emblem can be found on the fascia illuminated tread plates and seat embroidery additional features include bentley b foot pedals mood lighting

And a dual tone steering wheel with heating on the outside it has bright chrome lower bumper grills azure badges and 22-inch 10 spoke alloys

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Bentayga S Hybrid and Bentayga Azure Hybrid Join The Range By Car News