Bentley Bentayga 2021 | Top Features

Bentley Bentayga 2021 | Top Features

The bentley bentega 2021 is more than a midterm facelift according to the automaker the rear seat room and user friendliness of the infotainment system have both improved significantly in addition to the more obvious cosmetic enhancements this ultra luxurious suv has all of the comforts of a leather-lined parlor as well as a slew of technological innovations a

Choice of three powerful engine options and enough cargo room to transport a few cases of montrejit when the wine cellar is low on supplies supple upholstery rich wood trims and genuine metal accents are combined with sophisticated infotainment touch screens and wireless networking capabilities to create a truly luxurious experience for passengers other luxury suvs

Except the sumptuous rolls-royce cullinan have a difficult time competing with this bentley in terms of creature comforts it has everything of the luxury you’d expect from a bentley as well as a 10.9 inch touchscreen and even more interior space for seven passengers to enjoy keep watching this video as we dig deep into the bentley bentega specifications and what

It brings to the autos table this year before we continue please subscribe to our youtube channel by hitting the subscribe button below to get a notification on our next video the first thing bentley modified this year is the exterior style which they fitted with a more upright grille new tail lamps and updated will designs among other changes models like the new

Continental gt coupe and flying spur sedan serve as design inspiration for the suv’s design a new 10.9 inch information display adjusted dashboard appearance apple carplay compatibility a revamped rear seat entertainment system and a wireless smartphone charging pad are all included in the bentley bentega 2021 interior upgrade package the bentley bentayga 2021 is

Available with several different powertrain options on the bottom you have a hybrid system with a turbocharged 3.0 liter v6 and an electric motor that produces 443 horsepower then there’s the twin turbo v8 engine which produces 542 horsepower the turbo v8 produces a hearty burble on its way to 60 miles per hour which it achieves in just 3.8 seconds the bentayga

Raises the ante with a 626 horsepower w12 engine the speed produced 600 horsepower in comparison to the v8 the w12’s power delivery is creamier and its performance seems more robust during passing maneuvers regardless of what’s behind the hood all bentaygas are equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive is standard it shouldn’t come

As a surprise that the bentega hybrid receives the greatest fuel economy ratings of the entire lineup according to the epa it also has a range of up to 18 miles on electric power alone before the turbocharged v6 is compelled to work the bentegas cabin is adorned with luxurious materials such as rich smelling leathers real wood trim and glittering metal accents

All of which contribute to the vehicle’s high-end image almost everything about a bentley can be customized by the purchaser optional front and rear bucket seats accommodate four passengers alternatively a three-row bench with a pop-up two-seat third row accommodates seven passengers can be purchased the bentega’s back seat is not as opulent as that of its main

Competitor the rolls-royce cullinan but it still provides plenty of space for adult passengers to stretch out breitling dashboard features mother of pearl dials a bottle chiller for rear seat passengers adjustable ambient interior lighting and an optional safe with a biometric lock and fingerprint reader the cargo area of the bentega is spacious at least in two

Row configurations so it can store nine carry-on baggage in the back all bentayga versions are equipped with a 10.9 inch infotainment screen with navigation as well as apple carplay and android auto compatibility is standard equipment the optional entertainment system includes two 10.2 inch monitors that are affixed to the headrests of the front seat passengers the

Bentega’s rear seat passengers can use it to browse the internet interact with the vehicle’s infotainment system or watch movies a 12 speaker stereo system is included but you may upgrade to nyme’s 20 speaker premium music system for an additional cost for now the bentega has not been subjected to any crash tests by the national highway traffic safety administration

Nitsa or the insurance institute for highway safety iihs and it is unlikely that either agency will do so given the suv’s high price and limited sales volume many driver assistance systems are available from bentley but regrettably almost all of them are at an additional cost the bentega has important safety features like pedestrian detection standard automated

Emergency braking lane departure warning with a lane keeping assist and adaptive cruise control and a night vision system as options a three-year warranty with no mileage restrictions is included as standard with the bentayga just as it is with all other bentley automobiles in addition the first maintenance visit is complementary the cullinan provides even greater

Value in this area with a four-year warranty package and four years of complementary maintenance included what do you think about the bentley bentega 2021 would you like to own one thanks for watching this video please share your opinions in the comments section below and remember to click the subscribe button to be the first person to watch new videos on this channel

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