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Bentley Bentayga 2022 Interior and Exterior Review

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Bentley Bentayga 2022 Interior and Exterior Review The Bentley Bentayga received a mid-life refresh for the 2021 model year, but for 2022 the sportier S trim will go on sale. Joining the lineup of W12, V8 and hybrid models, the Bentayga S is a sportier version of the V8 that sits above the standard V8 and below the Speed. Prices will start at $219,800.

One two one so do the bentley bentega received a midlife refresh for the 2021 model year but for 2022 the sportier s trim will go on sale joining the lineup of w12 v8 and hybrid models the bentega s is a sportier version of the v8 that sits above the standard v8 and below the speed prices will start at two hundred and nineteen thousand eight hundred dollars

Power comes from the same twin turbo 4.0 liter v8 engine that produces 542 horsepower and 568 lbft of torque 0 to 60 miles per hour takes 4.4 seconds and a top speed of 180 miles per hour think the bentega s has a better handling version of the regular v8 thanks to the standard bentley dynamic right active anti-roll control and sport mode engineers also hardened the

Suspension by 15 percent the torque vector system has also been reset and the exhaust produces a horse sound the all-terrain specification for better off-roading remains optional the exterior receives a unique s-badge 22-inch alloy wheels dark-colored headlights sports exhaust inside there’s a newest color split option for a sportier look and feel there are also

All contour seat cushions backrest shift lever and steering wheel expect the 2022 bentega s and the rest of the bentega 2022 lineup to go on sale at u.s dealers this october bedley has announced details of the new bentega the definitive luxury suv and the first car launched under bentley’s beyond 100 business plan with more than 20 000 bentegas handcrafted since

The car’s launch more than any of its competitors the new bentley bentega is set to build on an incredible success story to date a new exterior design adopts the bentley design dna now prevalent across the entire model range giving bentley the freshest and most modern product family of any luxury car company introducing the very latest on-board technology and an

Even more costing cabin the new model is significantly revised both inside and out combining the abilities of a performance grand tourer a luxury limousine a spacious family car and an off-roader the new bentega follows its predecessor’s mantle of having the broadest brief of any car on sale today the car that established the luxury suv sector has been enhanced

To create the ultimate in power luxury and usability designed engineered and handcrafted in crew england the extraordinary new bentley bentega builds further on the outstanding success of its predecessor adrian hallmark chairman and chief executive of bentley motors comments from its moment of launch nearly five years ago the bentega has been the very definition

Of the luxury suv like the continental gt the bentega created an entirely new part of the market and since we set the benchmark many others have joined the sector but no other car can offer a breadth of ability to rival the bentley bentega with the new bentega we’re repositioning the pinnacle of the luxury suv segment to be even higher even further away from the

Competition we’ve listened to our customers and made improvements to the areas most important to them and the new bentega is a thoroughly modern and beautiful extension of the original car’s abilities and achievements so so so so so you

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Bentley Bentayga 2022 Interior and Exterior Review By GN ARVID