Bentley Continental GT Speed 2022 Review: Arnie Meets Roadrunner?

Bentley Continental GT Speed is something special, don’t let the huge 2.2-ton body fool you, it’s quick. It is equipped with a W12 engine delivering 659 horsepower, making a dash from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds. With a top speed of 335 km/h. Is this the best GT money can buy?

Anytime i test a car for you guys i first ask myself what is special about it what would be interesting for you and sometimes but only sometimes the car itself is the special thing the new bentley continental gt speed and with that welcome to the ref check the weather is bad it’s raining every few minutes and that’s not exactly what you would want while

Testing one of the most powerful cars out there but it’s like that we can’t change it so while i’m talking to you and while i’m sharing my experience with you i will show you a few video clips of better days with sunshine and stuff where the cars driving around it’s going to be different colors but that way i guess you get to see what kind of colors bentley

Offers for their car to me the continental gt speed always feels like some crazy scientist made a hybrid out of young arnold schwarzenegger and the road runner the cars get such a wide and muscular body which would make you think it’s not fast but then if you press down the gas pedal it will shoot forward leaving the coyote and everyone else bite the

Dust and that’s simply impressive especially if you consider the weight of more than 2.2 tons ah gets me every single time the car is equipped with a w12 engine delivering 659 horsepower the regular continental gt is also available with the w12 engine but there it will only have 635 horsepower so when they gave the speed version a little more oomph i mean

Of course you gotta differ from those regular w12 versions the speed version makes the dash from zero to 100 kilometers an hour in 3.6 seconds ah and the sound it does is really nice i really like it but i have to say if i had to choose i prefer the v8 because to me it somewhat sounds a little more a little more aggressive a little more i don’t i don’t know

I can’t describe it but i i prefer it w12 very nice very powerful no question but the v8 the sound is even better though it is of course less powerful the six liter engine is able to propel the car to a top speed of 335 kilometers an hour every time i drive a high-performance car like this a part of me is having a fiesta and another part of me is silently

Dying inside why is that of course i know cars with combustion engines with that much power that also consume that much fuel and stuff are slowly dying out the british car maker is now focusing on hybrid versions and from 2030 every new bentley model will be purely electric the interior of the bentley continental gt speed is not that different from other

Continental gt models you have a speed lettering somewhere here on the seats and over there of course what you see right away everything is super high quality nice materials very nice stitchings and everything is yeah very luxurious just like you would expect it from a bentley what i do notice though is there is a lot of chrome and i’m talking about a lot of

Chrome i mean the car on the outside has a lot of chrome as well but here in the interior it’s even worse you have some here at the steering wheel the pedals right here the shifter around the ventilation chrome everywhere way too much if you ask me but i guess that’s personal preference what i do like though is the fact that bentley has still some buttons

For the most important functions right here and even better for the climate control down here and for seed heating and seed ventilation because that’s that’s not normal nowadays you often got cars where there are no buttons at all and bentley decided to keep those and i really liked that decision the continental gt is officially a four-seater as you can tell

But to be honest the seats back here they are not made for anyone to sit it is okay from the width but if you put the seat back then there will be no space left right now there is space but nobody will be able to sit in the front if someone sits there you won’t be able to sit back here only if you are a child or something or if the person sitting in the front

Is really small then it’s okay as well but apart from that that car is rather made for two i’m impressed every single time i drive a bentley because the difference between for example comfort mode and then the sport mode is so huge right now we’re driving in comfort and it feels like you’re driving uh yeah your grandfather’s car that is keeping everything

Smooth and is really relaxed but then you can switch to sport mode you will instantly hear that by the sound and also feel that once you press the gas pedal and the car becomes yeah it becomes your cool uncle’s car because he’s the one always having fun and being crazy and in an instance the car feels completely different and i really like that the speed is

Equipped with an electronic limited slip differential and active all-wheel drive as an option you can get ceramic brakes for the continental gt speed and those are the world’s largest brakes in a series production car 440 millimeters at the front and bentley says these are virtually fade proof so usually if you do some heavy braking again and again and again

The brakes will start to fade and you will need more and more distance to stop and bentley says with these brakes you don’t have that even after 10 heavy stops the maximum additional distance the brakes will need are around one meter and that’s virtually nothing shifting is done via an 8-speed dual clutch transmission every once in a while the sun decides to

Come out and then it reveals one of the problems of all that chrome in the interior as you see right here those are reflections from the chrome at the steering wheel which is quite distracting and since you have a lot of chrome everywhere you will have a lot of reflections everywhere just as with the regular continental gt the speed is available both as a coupe

And a cabriolet that’s it my time with the new bentley continental gt speed is over the sun decided to come out oh you’re leaving no more need for rain then yeah thank you very much the car itself i really enjoyed it as i said too much chrome but if you buy the black line option then that problem will not be existent anymore the problem that will still exist is

The space in the back but the car is basically made for two so that’s not a real problem apart from that things we should definitely not talk about is the price and the fuel consumption because otherwise people all around the world will start to cry i’m sad as well gotta leave you thought i left but i’m gonna tell you about the price this car has a base price

Of 251 300 euros in germany and if you add some options like this car has you will be very close to 300 000 god this is making me sad never going to be able to afford such a car the newest version of the bentley continental gt speed might be the last one of its kind it is an incredibly sporty car with an extremely luxurious comfortable ride and a powerful

Sound unfortunately the price you have to pay to own one of these is prohibitive for almost everyone you

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