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Bentley Flying Spur – The Worlds Best Luxury Saloon? | With Tiff Needell

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This is the new bentley flying spur basically the four-door saloon version of the continental gt like its predecessor it has a six liter twin turbo w12 costs as much as a house and comes with its very own first class lounge unlike the last one this all new flying spur is says ben lee just as much fun up front as it is in the back which raises a tricky question

Drive or be driven to answer that i was dispatched to monte carlo playground of the rich and famous where i was told to collect the mystery vip oh you’ve got to be kidding me ah it’s just the man hello paul i can’t believe i’ve been stitched right up i thought it was gonna be a vip i am a vip i’ll have you know like i couldn’t let you test this wonderful

Flying spur on your own coulda well i’m actually quite pleased you’re here i’ll be honest with you nice to see you what are you doing in this south of france i’m actually apart from testing the car we can do a bit of business with this pleasure because i i’m looking at buying a boats pool you’re not gonna buy a boat yeah i’ve got an agent that sourced me one

In fact look let’s start i don’t know what about the test but come on just go around a bit of the grand prix track and take me back all those years i came out 1980 in my enzyme grand prix car down this very hill i still can’t believe i actually drove around this place in a grand prix car i was very very fortunate wow whatever race formula three as well and the

Jaguar xjr15 right i got to stop you there because if you’re going to tell me your history of driving around monte carlo the whole time we’re in this wonderful new flying spot keep it apex hold the apex longer if you hold the elite backs here you’re going to hit the scooters oh well you just have to get first gear which is against the spring and back and grab an

Extra bit square again i’ll tell you one thing i’m not turning right what i’m going left right now i’ve had enough of this we’re going out of town well that’s the best bit come on let’s go talk about the car look at this car square we’re gonna talk about the car don’t you sulk now at this point would usually start with some serious driving stuff but seeing

As chauffeurs are supposed to be seen and not heard i thought i’d let my backseat driver kick things off i tell you what paul they they’ve certainly made an effort for the passenger i think what they’ve decided they’re having there to give more room so as long as you’re comfortable don’t don’t worry about me with all the monaco traffic and all these narrow roads

As long as you’re comfortable there’s nothing they’ve lengthened the wheelbase haven’t it’s got about four inches longer between the wheels they put the front wheels further forward give them more cabin space it’s not just about the extra leg room the new flying spurs absolutely loaded with luxury and plenty of techie gizmos if that is you can figure out how to

Work them i could put my heat up and down oh i’ve got to do the music in the back i can i can rule the front i really don’t know what i’m doing current location is avenue du trois which is the avenue the 3rd of september as you obviously wouldn’t know to translate in french and so with madame nadell going about his business we headed up to the famous cornish

Roads for a bit of a history lesson because they’re saying this is the third generation of flying spur but it’s actually the third generation the modern flying spell which came out in what 2005 second gen 2013 and now 2019 but the original flying spell was back in what 1958 won into 62 the first one you expect me to know that yeah to be honest i was thinking

More about this brand new 21st century flying spur all 168 grand and two and a half tons of it just the sort of thing you want to fling around tight hairpins with a cranky pensioner in the back feels quite lively in sport mode i’m glad it does for you oh hold on tim look i’m at the back of the pendulum here and there’s rock faces there and there’s a big drop

To the sea there all the computers you feel that all the computers are just helping me and push me around that corner rear wheel steer sir it’s got individual wheel braking to help understeer oversteer pushing different power to different wheels accordingly well it made a lot of effort to make it a more nimble feeling cars are you feeling nimble paul not just

Nibble tiff but nippy too the performance is a little bit better than the outgoing model as you would expect 635 ps horsepower that was 10 more horsepower than the outgoing doubles a little bit lighter though yeah but also what they’ve done is they’ve actually pushed the torque up a lot that’s the big difference that made the the naught 260 has gone down from

4.3 to 3.7 or something mainly through increasing torque okay it’s also got this active roll control with a 48 volt electric motor which sort of softens it when it needs softening at low speeds and then stiffens it up when you hit a corner a bit too quickly it’s amazing what they put into making these big cars handle like small cars it’s a lovely cruiser you

Can spend a lot of time cruising the world in this it feels very optimal that 3d leather that looks fantastic yeah a really nice touch because it’s quite a traditional car but it makes it feel much more modern it’s very airy with the double sunroof you can only open the one though so this one is a it’s a panoramic i don’t want it open blowing my hair i just

Wanted the light you were in your hair i think it’s time he pulled over had a look at the lovely styling and maybe put me in the driving seat for the next i think you want to have a tripod if you have a driver i know you’re enjoying it i’m very confident you’re driving but here’s a nice little place to stop pull over wonderful what a view that is special isn’t

It it’s not just the view of the south of france the view of these flags but i have to say it’s for a big car it’s got some attractive styling but it’s very aggressive as well it looks very muscular and elegant as well that like these vertical veins because that actually harks back to the 50s flag spur that vertical grill i knew that do you like your flying

Bee i do actually yeah i think it’s quite stylish what about these the headlights look all the detail they’re crystal headlights very special big b as well for your air vent like that bit of extra touches and i do like the fact they’ve moved that wheelbase forward it’s actually moved the wheel forward in the chassis so it’s very short front end that gives it

An attractive look well speaking of the wheel this is a 22 inch upgraded mother polish wheel so you get 21 inches standard they look quite nice i like the red brake calipers as well what do you think of those i’ll take them all nice touch inside the door still the centenary 1990 to 2019 written on all the cars and i know bentley very proud of this this is the

Largest um i think it was super performed sculptured single piece of aluminium you’ve been reading the spec sheet again haven’t you i haven’t cheated start stay on the a-pillar this is all one piece of aluminium all the way back all it’s the largest piece of sculptured super-formed aluminium on a car on a car in the world well i can tell you a bit of techie

Stuff as well because this crease here this very prominent line apparently is incredibly hard to do with aluminium it’s easier with steel because aluminium cracks and bends and all that sort of stuff as well and it looks great this color looks very good with it extreme silver sparkles in the sunlight beautiful i mean what car view anyway you’re the passenger

Seat come on i don’t know my turn i don’t mind i’m not going in the back though i’ll go to the front all right time to head back down that mountain side heading for the beautiful seas a little surprise i’ve got for you in a marina as well corner corner they haven’t gone for carbons have they stayed with steals but they’re pretty impressive the old one had a

Torx bit of 40 front 60 rear all the time but this has got rear wheel drive most of the time so it’s actually a rear-wheel drive car and only when the rears get into a bit of stressfulness does the power goes to the front wheels and make it four-wheel drive so it’s a much sportier setup really mechanically as well as with the steering so definitely a driver’s

Car then too but also a truly luxurious thing to be driven in everywhere you look there’s exceptional craftsmanship from the organ stock controls to the somersaulting central screen party at the front business at the back it’s like a mullet just the other way around if you kind of see what i mean ah time to i’ll calm down that’d be buzz we can go and cruise down

To the seaside again i’m not gonna give you so much coffee in the morning next time that was quite exhilarating whether you’re self-chauffeuring or lounging around in the passenger seat the new flying spur is a mighty impressive machine and in these times of economic austerity it makes perfect financial sense i mean seriously you need to get to riviera in a

Hurry ditch the biz jet buy a bentley save the fortune you can even use the change to buy a boat talking of which it was time to head down to monaco’s famous harbour to check out admiral nelson’s fancy new toy oh very nice very nice a life on the ocean waves yeah i mean look i’m impressed no it’s not that one no it’s just up here somewhere i’m very impressed

But it’d be lovely when it cruise in the mediterranean it’s gonna be amazing wait till you see her look look there she is you’re wasting my time i’m not going in that thing come on it’s all my budget can afford tiff come on this has got to be a better way to cruise the med okay i must admit cruising the mediterranean the flying spur is almost thinking with that

You’re waiting i liked it i couldn’t have fallen anymore winding me up well the agent won’t be happy now come on come on you

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Bentley Flying Spur – The World's Best Luxury Saloon? | With Tiff Needell By Lovecars