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Bentley Manila: Bentley Flying Spur Walkthrough

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Powerful, yet refined.

Welcome to bentley manila this is the all-new bedley flying spur w12 the all-new bentley flying spur w12 possesses the elegant facia starting with the iconic flying b mascot which has been completely redesigned for bentley’s next century it is electronically revealed and illuminates with highlights of blue on the wings the striking and fascinating matrix beam

Led continue the crystal cut effect lamps from the continental gt and features a chrome sleeve behind the cut elements to make them sparkle even when not lit the matrix grille has a large chrome that features a unique design combining bright polished vertical veins with the matrix in the background providing a wide powerful appearance the body structure is made

From a mix of high strength steels aluminum castings and aluminum extrusions using the super forming process to create sharp precise lines it is in line with the bentley dna which the power line emerges from between the headlamp and spears along through the doors and fades out the rear haunch is disconnected allowing the designers to place it directly over

The rear wheel to provide a precise muscular form the all-new platform has allowed bentley engineers to extend the wheelbase by 130 millimeters compared to its predecessor it provides a shorter front overhang and allows the bonnet profile to be lifted making the car much more balanced the all-new bentley flying spurs alloy wheel is 22 inch millimeter driving

Specification with polished alloy wheel a full panoramic sunroof is also featured at the all new flying spur the rear panel is fixed while the front panel tilts open and slides rearwards over the top of the fixed panel inside the all-new flying spur the driver’s informational panel comes standard and beautifully executed 3d design details and welcomes you

With a startup animation sequence the bentley rotating display has a unique three-sided rotating display that allows the occupants to change the display depending on your mood using a 12.3 inch high resolution touchscreen display the center vent and console has a traditional bullseye vents which have been replaced with a unique precision detailed vent that

Incorporates the bentley clock in terms of comfort the front seats are elegant and luxurious featuring a new twin flute design increasing functionality 24-way adjustment with heating and ventilation massage system featuring the lofted diamond quilting bentley developed a new innovative three-dimensional diamond leather finish which is featured in the front and

Rear door inserts b pillars and rear quarter panels even the vents organ stops and center clock bezel have the diamond knurling specification to amplify your experience the flying spur features the name for bentley audio system 2200 watts 19 speakers with two active speakers underneath the chair which gives you the best and real feel for music the all-new

Bentley flying spur is powered by a 6 liter twin scroll turbocharged w12 with 8 speed dual clutch automatic it outputs 635 horsepower and 900 newton meters of torque zero to 100 kilometers per hour in 3.8 seconds acceleration its back speed is 333 kilometers per hour or 207 miles per hour it features electronic all-wheel steering which gives you no compromise

Between high speed confidence and low speed confidence while steering you

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Bentley Manila: Bentley Flying Spur Walkthrough By PGA Cars