NO NEED TO VISIT MAIN DEALERS – The cost of ownership is lower than you think – even thought my bill seems high its actually very reasonable compared to main Bentley dealers and other specialists.

Okay hi guys welcome to the channel finished having a service here’s my bill i’m going to go through with you later just so you can see exactly what was done on the servicing but right now just need to go take the car away and we’ll discuss what happened how much i end up spending on my service and all of these items on the list which we’ll try and discuss

And we’ll try and make sense of a few moments later okay i’m back home now and you can see i still have the the bill with me which i’m going to go over in some kind of detail so we can have a look and see what kind of work i had done on the on the service so what i’m going to do first is read out the things that i asked or that needed to be addressed so

There’s a difference there’s things that had to be done and then there’s additional things that popped up as such in terms of when they inspect the car so i’ll read up first what stuff was done and the prices fuel filler bowl is dirty and drained so that’s within the fuel cap so on the bentley’s the fuel clap is almost facing upwards and you open it this way

So there was a blockage so water was building up in the fuel thing uh fuel reservoir so that was 22 pounds and 50p to sort that out also uh both front tires were worn to two millimeter two millimeters tread on the outer edge so the tile was all okay but on the outer edge it was worn a little bit too much probably aggressive cornering all they did was just

Rotate the ties so the rear tires were new and you can have a look at one of my other videos on when i got the new tires on the rear so they just rotated them and that’s perfectly fine zero cost under trays screw nuts rusty so they replaced these rusty screw nuts and that was 12 pound 50. lower horn bracket is broken due to corrosion of the brackets so the

Way the horns are sitting there’s two horns on the bentleys you have a higher frequency and a lower frequency horn they’re about this big each and the bracket that they were on had corroded and snapped so essentially the two horns were dangling by the wires now i didn’t know this the horn was working perfectly fine but upon inspection that’s how it was and

That was a charge of for the brackets 180 pounds so um next one is plenum area has leaves and debris and body drain restriction so this is the right at the bottom of the windscreen we have the panel there which is just as the bonnet meets if that makes sense so that had become blocked and obviously that has drained should drain water away so it doesn’t enter

The engine bay so that was all clogged up with dirt and leaves so to clean that out that was 90 pounds steering pipe to pump severely corroded required replacement that was 380 pounds steering pump to wing severely corroded and that’s another 380 pounds so that’s on the towards the front where the arches are if you have the wheel off you can see the way the

Pipe goes uh to the side so both of those were corroded and had to be replaced for 380 pounds on both sides uh next one is a steering pipe to cooler severely corroded and yes that required a replacement guess how much that was yes 895 pounds to replace that now that particular pipe that goes to the coolant is probably about yay long um and it literally

Is just a pipe uh and that’s 809 pounds to replace what else do we have um oil leak on the rear of engine and that simply required a clean and a titan of some bolts and that cost only 60 pounds bargain and then there was a replacement key battery and then there’s another additional sundries of servicing materials which are about 425lbs so uh let me see if

There’s any other highlights here no there isn’t there isn’t any other highlights here so the total for my servicing and additional repairs that we that i just mentioned so 69 000 miles on a continental gt speed total bill was wait for it three thousand and eighty pounds and fifteen pence um it does seem a lot doesn’t it but what you have to realize is so

This is my second year of ownership of the of the bentley now year one was straightforward year one was a simple service and there was no no issues everything was okay because the any kind of corrosion that they spotted wasn’t anything that needed to be addressed now for example in terms of bentley uh the hourly charge for them for labor you’re looking at

About 150 pounds now i inquired with another betany specialist a bentley molesworth specialist in chelsea in central london and these guys have been around for a long time good reputation good reviews on the internet as well and they charge 120 pounds an hour to do work on your car now the the place where i had it done they charge 90 pound and and you’ll see

That when i when i put the actual copy up you’ll see exactly what their labor charge is that’s 90 pounds an hour so that’s a huge huge saving if you look around you don’t need to go to a main bentley dealer now you seriously don’t because if i would have went to bentley they would have really itemized everything and the cost this you know over 3 000 pound

Invoice i’m sure would have been probably at least four and a half thousand with bentley definitely uh labor charges alone would have inflated the cost and what you notice also is additionally things such as cabin filters and and air filters in the engine bay you can replace yourself you can just go on ebay you can find reputable sellers or even bentley dealers

As well that would be selling those genuine bentley parts and those filters so you know for example the two air filters are in the main engine bay uh you can pick them up genuine bentley brand new for 160 pounds for the pair whereas if you go and you pay the full price you’re talking about 220 or so and you can simply change those yourself it’s a simple item

And that brings down the cost of your servicing and that’s why last year i paid five or 600 pounds uh for the service because i didn’t need all of those other filters changed i just did it myself so what i’m gonna do i’m gonna put this up but um i hope you found this video interesting if you did please give it a thumbs up subscribe hit the bell uh icon if

You don’t like it give it a thumbs down and tell me why you didn’t like it if i didn’t give you enough details on the costings of all of this and my experience with press ads so thank you very much for watching the video and i’ll see you on the next one i guess that was all right i never know how quite to close off videos so you

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