Best bits from car reviews. Polestar 2, Tesla model 3, Porsche Taycan, Jaguar IPACE.

A collection of the cars we have reviewed in the last few months. From the sublime Porsche Taycan to the affordable Vauxhall Corsa E, we have had a lot of fun and looking forward to more reviews in the coming year.

Hi tom and i started this channel to review electric cars and so far we’ve reviewed six the tesla performance and long range the porsche tycoon the jaguar eye pace the polestar ii and the vauxhall corsaire we have plans to review many many more cars in the next year including the bmw i3 and the new estate car from mg the mg5 so please do subscribe hit a like

And enjoy this video which is a compilation of the best bits so far of the cast we’ve reviewed and the most scary thing about this car is the acceleration so let me just show you the not to 60. hold on and then 60 already i that is just unbelievable almost unusable the great thing about driving the tesla is it is the lazy man’s stream i i pretty much use one

Pedal because as you let off the accelerator it automatically decelerates so no break okay so so how does this drive it it feels you can tell it’s a lot heavier than a standard corsa um but it it’s very positive on the on the acceleration uh and and pretty quick this this car will go from naught to 60 in seven and a half seconds okay so today we’re looking at the

4s which is the entry level 83 000 pound model the other two versions are the turbo and the turbo s but don’t take too long looking for the turbo in those models there is no turbo because they’re all electric it’s just a nod to the heritage for porsche now with this one we’ve got a few optional extras the paint is an optional extra but especially these wheels

These are the mission e wheels so to start the car you just get in as long as you’ve got the keys with you it’s everything’s all started now then we just push this down into drive says on the screen and then away we go so this is going to be competing with the model s and unlike the model s it doesn’t look like just a screen you know the model s looks like you’ve

Got the the tv from the spare room and just thrown it in the center console so 60 on this is 3.4 seconds we’ve got it in sport mode it lowers the car and gives us the optimum performance let’s have a look wow that’s gosh and then 60. um now that’s left half of my insides in the back i think that is just amazing absolutely amazing um 60 on this is around 4.4

Seconds it’s no slouch a little slower than the performance version but still very usable so let’s have a look whoa and still pushing you back and there’s 16. um really i can’t imagine you’d need faster than that not not on your daily commute front dial actually has a charge power which is reminiscent of the old rev counter that you used to have and and and in

Some ways in many other electric cars i i i miss a little bit i quite like the seeing how much power i’m putting down and uh and actually having that up front is is a nice touch um for a car that’s been around for two years this still feels really modern inside this this reminds me actually as as i got in it really reminds me of the push taken that we reviewed

The other day um and can i just say at this point please do subscribe hit the subscribe button we are going to be doing uh reviews every day this is constant four-wheel drive and although it’s a really heavy car over two tons of car it drives really nice and and although again from outside it looks really low and and feels and looks much more like a saloon car

Um when i’m sat in it i still i feel an elevated driving position and whilst it might not be quite as high up as as say the uh the bmw x5 it’s still quite a nice position and yet it’s driving more like well more like a sports car than an suv i’ve put it in dynamic and i’m just going to show you what the naught 60 is the not 60 book is about 4.5 seconds on this

But i’m reliably informed that when it’s in dynamic it makes a noise so let’s hear whoa okay and there’s 60. and the noise i’m not sure if it’s the same noise outside but it’s really nice just to have some some kind of positive affirmation that that you you’ve got speed happening because one of the things i do miss with all electric cars is that growl that real

I’m going fast and i know it um and this just gives you a little bit of that back that’s nice and today we’re test driving the polestar 2. so the acceleration of this whilst not quite as exciting as the performance version of the tesla model 3 or the model s still is no slouch

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Best bits from car reviews. Polestar 2, Tesla model 3, Porsche Taycan, Jaguar IPACE. By Simon