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Best Car in the World? Porsche Boxster 718 Spyder – naturally aspirated flat six

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This Porsche is very close to my heart. I always loved the mid-engined Boxster, celebrating its 25th birthday this year.

Time flies guys i mean i can’t believe it it’s 25 years since the first boxster was launched 25 years i always loved the boxster when it came out 25 years ago when the first model was introduced i thought wow that’s a perfect alternative to the to the 911. i mean people naysayers they said you know that’s that’s the 911 for poor guys which is it’s it’s it’s a

Sports car on its own don’t get me wrong a 911 convertible or the r8 spider are absolutely perfect cars they’re beautiful to look at but in a in a porsche boxster spider like the one i’m in right now you feel much more you know it’s like going back in time with this car it’s it’s not overly modern i will demonstrate this right now when i find a parking spot and

Try to open this roof this road around the cape peninsula is the perfect porsche boxster spider territory i mean it’s windy it’s a bit rough but it’s it’s beautiful feels like going back in time not only with the car but with the road surface as well i even would go as far as to say if somebody tells me you can only have one car until the end of your motoring

Career or your motoring life which would it be i think i think it would be no i’m convinced it would be the porsche boxster spider not in silver in yellow but it would be this car from all the boxsters ever built this one the porsche boxster spider is the most beautiful i absolutely adore those lines especially those two little humps in the back reminding

Me of another really beautiful porsche design the carrera gt it would have been easy for porsche to put a button in this car to make the soft top fully automatic but they didn’t they created a sort of challenge for the driver they want you as a driver and owner to bond with the car to touch it to have the haptic quality of opening a roof like this to touch the

Fabric by hand hands on it’s analog not digital it feels like owning a classic car and with classic cars you know the relationship between driver and car was always much more much more intense this intensity is coming back with this one i’m a mechanical idiot but by opening this roof this gives me a personal sort of almost an achievement and then as a reward i’m

Allowed to drive it out topless in to the most beautiful landscape on earth okay finally i managed to get the roof down that’s how the car should be driven with the top down can you hear this glorious sound of the flat four liter engine whoa that’s what it’s all about perfect summer day open convertible convertible is not the right word it’s a roadster it’s a

Sports car it’s like what sports cars used to be it’s addictive the guys like me naturally aspirated this is pure bliss for car nuts it can’t get any better man this is beautiful thanks paulship thanks for building this i mean electrification is okay porsche the tacon is a fantastic vehicle but i’m so glad i’m so thankful that you are still producing something

Like this is very obvious that the porsche engineers didn’t mean for you to drive this car with the top up they want you to enjoy this roadster in a species appropriate way topless this car is all about connecting with the driver i mean look at it doesn’t even have door handles it has a strap but if they wanted to save weight they could have got rid of the cup

Holders but they didn’t the interior of the car is quite analog it’s classic it looks like a classic porsche they didn’t really want to save weight by not putting door handles in that just did it to make it look like a race car and it works it looks good this car looks classic but it’s not a compromise in any way it’s it’s pure porsche craftsmanship it’s very very

Well done inside but it makes you feel nostalgic almost by paying homage to the heritage of porsche porsche is demonstrating impressively that they can do both fully electric in a rather entertaining way shown in the take-home and pure old-school naturally aspirated bliss which i was privileged to experience today banker porsche you

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Best Car in the World? Porsche Boxster 718 Spyder – naturally aspirated flat six By LOSSKARN