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If you like the sound of a fully electric car but don’t quite think it would entirely suit your lifestyle then a plug-in hybrid could be the perfect solution the market is swamped with them right now but which one should you buy we’re going to try and help by naming the 10 best on sale right now and if you want a great deal on a plug-in hybrid or any other new car

Click on the link to go to for a big saving and why not subscribe to our channel so you can see all of our reviews on the best new hybrids plug-in hybrids evs and everything else first off let’s just clarify that the cars mentioned here are plug-in hybrids which you may also hear referred to as phevs or fevs they shouldn’t be confused with regular

Hybrids ones that you can’t plug in both types of car combine a petrol or diesel engine with an electric motor powered by a battery but with a hybrid that you don’t plug in the battery is very small and you can only really travel on pure electric power for not very long at all most of the time the battery and electric motor will just be there to help boost your

Fuel economy plug-in hybrids the ones that we’re talking about here have much bigger batteries than normal hybrids and some are able to travel up to almost 60 miles on pure electric power alone now when a battery goes flat in a fully electric car it’s game over you have to charge it up before you can move anywhere but when the battery runs out in a plug-in hybrid

You still got the engine to help power things along as the name suggests you can plug in a plug-in hybrid to charge up the battery again many new fevs can even use the engine to charge the battery on the move there are huge benefits of going for a plug-in hybrid if you can make regular use of the pure electric range then your fuel bills will be tiny compared to

A normal petrol or diesel car plus even if you’re not in fully electric mode a fev with a fully charged battery can be incredibly fuel efficient but the thing to bear in mind with plug-in hybrids is that fuel economy is brilliant while there’s juice left in the battery but once you’ve run out and you’re only powered by fuel then the mpgs plummet now it’s time to

Kick off the top 10 with the ford cougar previous versions of the cougar were a bit off the pace compared to the best suvs but this new version is much better not least because it has this excellent plug-in hybrid offering in our tests this cougar went almost 50 percent further on electric power than similarly priced plug-in hybrid suvs but it also trounced them

When petrol power took over with no charge left in its lithium-ion battery the cougar still managed to return 52 miles per gallon on our real-world test route the cougar also has supple suspension that makes it very comfortable both at speed and when trundling around town and it’s not bad to drive either compared to similarly priced rivals like the ford cougar

The hyundai tucson is massive there’s loads of rear seat space and the boot is a great size too and it impresses in lots of other areas particularly with its well-made interior and comfortable ride now the tucson is big but when it comes to space the hyundai santa fe takes some beating there’s no better seven seat suv around right now and this plug-in hybrid

Version of the car is a fine choice you get proper seven-seat capability so even adults will be able to sit in the third row and every version comes with a great five-year warranty too to find out more about what makes the santa fe so good click on the link at the top of the screen to watch our full review the bmw 5 series is a fantastic all-rounder particularly

In this plug-in hybrid form it’s enjoyable to drive comfortable has a great interior and a decent electric range even when you’re using the smooth two liter petrol engine things are very quiet and serene it’s a supreme luxury package without the price tag to match but let’s take a closer look at the claimed fuel economy figures of plug-in hybrids so this 530e

According to the official wltp test figures is said to achieve 201.8 miles per gallon compare that to a standard petrol 520i and the claimed figure for that engine is around 45.6 miles per gallon but this isn’t the whole story you may achieve 201.8 miles per gallon for the first few hundred yards you travel on a journey with a full battery but in the 530e over

Longer journeys with a mix of different roads starting with a full battery you’re more likely to see something between 50 and 70 miles per gallon with a flat battery it’ll drop to around 35 miles per gallon so with a topped up battery it can still be impressively efficient but nowhere near what the official numbers suggest and that unfortunately is the case with

Every single car in this list and indeed any plug-in hybrid with an official wltp fuel economy figure those numbers are supposed to be representative of real-world driving conditions but they aren’t similarly the pure electric range of the 530e expect more like 25 miles in genuine real-world driving conditions anyway back to the list and at number six while the

5 series is a premium all-rounder the skoda superb is a more mainstream alternative the iv is a plug-in hybrid which is incredibly practical and it’s comfy nicely made well-equipped and great value for money in the fev world if you need even more space there’s an estate version too the bmw x5 plug-in hybrid stands out in this list because it has the longest

Claimed electric range of any car mentioned here thanks to its 24 kilowatt hour battery and that is especially impressive considering it’s been around for a couple of years now in fact the range is around twice the distance rivals like the audi q7 and porsche cayenne can manage its talents stretch beyond the numbers though it’s quiet very quick and suitably

Luxurious inside it’s not cheap though another bmw is at fourth spot in our list and the 3 series 330e is not just brilliant for a plug-in hybrid but it’s brilliant full stop it is properly quick handles fantastically and it can be hugely efficient too then there’s it’s excellently built interior boasting the best infotainment system around you can get an estate

Version too this might be one of the more expensive versions of the skoda octavia but the iv plug-in hybrid is still one of the cheaper fevs around in this lineup it represents staggering value with an impressive electric range and fairly nippy acceleration combined with a properly big interior that’s nicely finished too in second place the audi a340 tfsie is

A truly excellent plug-in hybrid why well it takes many of the things that makes the third-placed octavius so good but adds a bit of extra polish and in the uk if you’re a company car driver then entry level sport trim sits in one of the lowest benefit in kind tax brackets but the very best plug-in hybrid you can buy right now is the lexus nx not only is it

Brilliant inside with high quality materials and rock solid build quality plenty of space for passengers and a big boot but it’s also decent to drive with an especially great ride around town and of course lexus’s legendary reliability record means anyone who buys an nx stands a good chance of trouble-free ownership this is a huge leap forward for the nx which

Wasn’t particularly great in its first generation but now is a fantastic class leader for this second generation model click on the link to watch our full review and find out exactly what makes it so good but not every plug-in hybrid is recommendable the ones to avoid include the ds7 crossback e-tents with sloppy handling inconsistent ride quality and a jerky

Switch from electric motor to the engine it just isn’t as polished as its other plug-in hybrid suv rivals if it was cheap you could maybe overlook some of its shortcomings but it isn’t so those are the best and worst plug-in hybrids for great deals on fevs evs hybrids and indeed any new car click on the link to go to comment below telling us what

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