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Better SPORTS CARS than the Mazda MX-5 Miata?? // (4) Sports Cars Reviewed that are under 0k

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Considering an upgrade from your ND Mazda MX-5 Miata or Miata RF? Looking for alternatives to the 4th gen Mazda Miata – maybe something FASTER, more civilized for day to day driving, or a sports car that offers more cargo space for those long trips? In this video, I will review 4 new sports cars that you should consider when looking to replace or upgrade from your (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022) Mazda MX-5 Miata! The list contains performance cars that I believe may be just as fun to drive, and playful to drive as the Mazda MX-5 Miata, some offering a manual transmission, and rear wheel drive (RWD), or all-wheel drive (AWD) – all cars much faster than the Miata! I’ve capped the list of cars to those that can be purchased for under $70k, those sports cars that offer high (or the potential) for high tuneability, while exceeding the Mazda Miata’s horsepower and torque output, and various performance specs (70-0mph braking, skidpad, etc), with faster 0-60mph times and out accelerating the ND Mazda Miata in the 1/4 mile! Could the Porsche 718 Cayman, BMW M240ix, Toyota GR Supra, or even the Audi TTS be your next SPORTS CAR?

Welcome back to the lemon factor i’m chad and today is our third and final video in our multi-video series in which we are taking a look at potential alternatives to the mazda mx-5 miata and miata rf in the first video took a look at four cars that were priced around the same price point so cars that were priced under forty thousand dollars in our second video we

Took a look at various convertibles but we did up the price point to not exceed 70 000 us dollars in today’s video we’re taking a look at four different cars with a price cap of 70 000 us dollars and these four cars are what i consider potentially four cars that are at the next level above the mazda miata from a driving experience perspective so if you’re interested

In hearing more then stay tuned we are going to do a spec and data comparison looking at their pricing their engine and power output we’re going to look at their performance including 0 to 60 times quarter mile skid pad and braking their dimensions both externally and internally including curb way and cargo space we’re also going to take a look at the epa

Mileage ratings we’re then going to jump in and take a brief look at third party reviews and what they have to say for each one of these cars we’re then going to close with my feedback our four cars include the audi tts the bmw m240 ix the porsche 718 cayman and the toyota gr supra 3.0 let’s take a look at the msrp pricing the bmw m240ix comes in at the lowest

Price point starting off at 49 545 us dollars to 58 495. next comes the toyota gr supra 3.0 with a starting price point of 52 915 fifty eight thousand seven hundred and fifty five dollars next comes the audi tts at sixty one thousand two hundred ninety five to sixty four thousand ninety dollars and lastly is a porsche 718 cayman with a starting price point of

Sixty four thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars porsche does offer numerous upgrades customizations to all of their cars including the 718 in which could result in a drastically increased price point probably doubling your price let’s take a look at the engine specs just a reminder our mazda mx-5 miata and miata rf come with a two liter four-cylinder rear-wheel

Drive naturally aspirated engine that puts out 181 horsepower and 151 foot-pounds of torque with the least amount of horsepower is the audi tts it has a two liter four-cylinder turbo putting out 288 horsepower and 280 foot-pounds of torque next on the list is the porsche 718 cayman with a 2-liter four-cylinder turbo with 300 horsepower and 280 foot-pounds of

Torque and lastly are the bmw engines the bmw m240 ix with a three liter six cylinder turbo and 382 horsepower and 369 foot-pounds of torque and the toyota gr supra 3.0 with the same horsepower output of 382 horsepower but one less foot pound of torque let’s take a look at the performance on the low end is the audi tts it has a seven speed dual clutch automatic

Doing a whopping zero to 60 in 4.2 seconds that’s quick that is really quick quarter mile and 12.8 at 108 miles per hour a skid pad at just under 1g and a breaking of a very respectable 157 feet from 70 miles per hour next the porsche 718 came in and i have to say doing some research try to pull these numbers the only thing that i found for the cayman was

The boxster performance figure so that’s what i have here they’ll be close relatively speaking but i was not able to find any performance figures for the non aston gts etc version 4.3 seconds 0 to 60 quarter mile time of around 12.6 seconds at 113 miles per hour a skid pad of over 1g and braking of a fantastic 144 feet that is really impressive if you opt for

The pdk transmission these performance numbers when it comes to acceleration probably be faster i’ve seen to the tune of about three tenths of a second faster the bmw m240i x really impressive really impressive with the eight-speed auto uh 0-60 time of 3.6 seconds the fastest of the bunch quarter mile of 12.1 at 114 miles per hour a skid pad of 0.94 g’s and a

Breaking of 153 feet the toyota gr supra does 0-60 in 3.8 seconds just a tad slower than the bmw the quarter mile time is an identical 12.1 seconds however the trap speed of 117 miles per hour for the supra is faster than the bmw the supra also has a skid pad and a braking figure that exceeds the bmw that could have something to do with the weight of the vehicle

So we’ll get to that in a minute it also probably has more to do with the tires that each one of these are come with let’s jump now to the epa gas mileage i have to say that i’ve been super impressed by the mazda mx-5 miata if we take a look at the audi tts the bmw 240ix and the toyota gr super 3.0 they all have very respectable numbers with a low city rating of

2223 a highway right rating of 30 31 32 very respectable especially considering power output now let’s jump to our dimensions mazda mx5 miata it’s an extremely small car and those of you who are tall or robust will probably want to keep that into consideration we also have included the cargo volume which is minuscule less than five cubic feet of storage space i

Have identified the weight of the vehicle the mazda miata coming in at a little over 23 100 pounds and 2 400 pounds for the rf being an extremely lightweight vehicle has helped make this a fun vehicle to drive the lightweight is the porsche 718 came in at just a tad over 3000 pounds or 3 100 pounds if you add the pdk automatic transmission next is the audi tts a

Little over 3 200 pounds the toyota gr supra at 3400 and lastly which this is a surprise to me that it’s so heavy is the bmw m240i acts at 3877 pounds and although it has a franc a front trunk and a rear trunk right behind the mid mounted engine having two spaces one of which is 5.2 cubic feet and the rear coming in at 9.7 cubic feet so total volume it’s there

The fact that it’s split up the way it is may make it a little difficult for you to uh use that space the bmw m240i acts at 14 cubic feet so that is that is sizeable now let’s take a quick look at what third party reviewers are saying what are my thoughts on these four cars i think they’re all phenomenal let’s take the audi tts this is a car that i wish

I liked more i would have to pass on the audi tts just because the looks does not resonate with me i haven’t previously owned a 718 boxer i probably personally wouldn’t jump to this because it would be too similar however with that said this is a phenomenal car the boxster and the cayman alike have great performance numbers these cars handle extremely well they

Break phenomenally the acceleration is there if you are in the market if you can afford one i would highly recommend trying to test drive one the bmw m240ix and the supra i am really happy to hear and see that the super will be coming out with a manual transmission so for those of you who see a lot of value in your miata because it does have a manual that will

Be an option the bmw m240ix is really intriguing to me it provides all-wheel drive the performance is phenomenal the 0-60 and the quarter mile times the skid pad the braking all great great numbers unfortunately it doesn’t come with a manual transmission but everything else being equal this looks like a great car and not too wildly priced considering what you’re

Getting a lot of different options out there for you at different price points however there is something to be said about what mazda offers in the miata the price point is fantastic it’s a lightweight rear-wheel drive car it is a lot of fun to sling around and you don’t need a track to do so the fact that it comes in a convertible and a manual transmission just

Adds to it for what you’re getting it is difficult to find another car similar enough to the miata all of these cars we’ve gone over throughout these three videos have something more to offer the miata but i can’t seem to find one that would really truly replace the miata in all aspects but with that said i want to thank you very much for joining and until next time

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Better SPORTS CARS than the Mazda MX-5 Miata?!? // (4) Sports Cars Reviewed that are under $70k! By The Lemon Factor! LLC