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Does BMW’s first seven-seater people carrier offer a premium experience for families on the go? Rebecca Jackson reviews the 2-series Gran Tourer to find out.

Front-wheel drive and about a stylish as a shoebox the new two series tourer is about as far from the traditional bmw formula as you can get worried us – based on the five seater active tourer the grand tourer adds an extra 21 centimeter in length five centimeter in height and a longer wheelbase doing so has allowed bmw create its first seven-seater mpv now if

You’re female and wearing a dress or a skirt it’s not the most ladylike way to pull up this third row of seats this is far more dignified getting in however is not and once here it’s rather cramped and whilst you do get two cupholders there’s nowhere to charge your mobile phone and it is probably children that will be sitting in this third row and we all know

They spend most of their time playing on their phones or tablets just like the active tourer you don’t get three separate seats so it will be tight-fitting three adults in plus you get this large lump in the floor which is the transmission tunnel for those models fitted with four-wheel-drive and when you move the seats forward to give the third row a little bit

More legroom it becomes very squashed fold the rear most seats away and you get a 560 litre boot and you can extend space further by either sliding the rear seats forwards or pressing a pair of switches in the boot that cause them to fold down up here in the front it is identical to the active tourer which means the design materials and i drive infotainment system

All give the impression that it’s a step up from a mainstream mpv so it feels like a bmw but does it drive like one the grand tourer is based on the platform and engines of the mini and can be ordered in front or all-wheel drive whichever model you choose it certainly feels a lot sharper to drive than other cars of this type the steering is firm for this kind of

Car and while there’s a bit of lean in the corners there’s still plenty of grip i wouldn’t go as far to say it’s exciting but for an mpv it’s pretty respectable that’s not to say there aren’t any niggles these split windscreen pillars for example don’t do any favors with visibility and while the ride is not harsh a citroen c4 grand picasso for example provides a

Much more comfortable ride the engines are impressively refined that although if you’re going to regularly carry seven people the three cylinder to 160 is a little overwhelmed instead we’d recommend the more perky to 180 petrol or one of the more powerful diesels but as this 220 d there’s also plenty of safety kit including six airbags and a system that warns you

If it thinks you’re about to crash into the car in front on the downside the grand tourer is not a cheap car prices start at a little under 25,000 while this top of the range 220 dx drive is 32 and a half thousand pounds for this kind of money there are bigger and more versatile mpvs such as a volkswagen shran or ford s-max but if you’re craving a bit of extra

Practicality from your bmw or a bit more premium from your mpv then the grand tourer still ticks a lot of boxes to read in-depth reviews of more bmws more mpvs and more well everything visit the telegraph cars website by clicking here and don’t forget to subscribe to the youtube channel by clicking here

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