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BMW 3 Series Test Drive Review – Autoportal

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For well over 40 years the bmw 3-series really has been the ultimate driving machine in its category and the new one promises to be even better than ever before well the 3-series comes with a choice of diesel as well as petrol engines and if you are someone wants good fuel efficiency along with performance then the 320d is a very good choice that’s a very good

Diesel engine but today of course we have the petrol motor and this is the top of the line three to eight i like we’re driving today well bmw claims that this car can do 0 to 100 kph in under 6 seconds and that really does take the 3-series into sports car category well this motor generates about 245 bhp of power and about 350 nm of torque which really is taking

This car into sports car category well not only is this engine a powerhouse in terms of performance it’s also very good when it comes to overall refinement if you are someone who wants peppy performance all the time then of course you can click those buttons over here and put the car into sport mode now what that mode essentially does is that it holds on to the revs

A lot longer and also adds a lot of weight to the steering wheel so this car feels a lot more crisp and more dynamic than it already is well steering wheel on any bmw is really a treat to operate and this one is no different it offers you very strong feedback and is very crisp and very dynamic in the way it operates and it easily is the best steering wheel in this

Segment well the 3-series is the only car which offers you a 50/50 weight distribution in its segment and what that means is that this car is really a hoot to drive and when you are pushing it into a corner it remains very neutral in terms of handling and it’s very agile and doesn’t have any body roll at all and what all that means is that if you are someone who’s

Sitting behind the steering wheel of this car you’ll have a smile on your face permanently you also get an 8-speed automatic gearbox which is a truly delightful gearbox in terms of the shift pattern it’s really quick and when you are using it in the manual mode through these paddle shifters over here it remains as engaging and as fast to change gears as it is in the

Automatic mode well if you are someone who doesn’t really like to push his car on a daily basis you can also choose the comfort setting away by pressing this button over here and what that does is it really does ease up to revs they don’t really hold on to that gay much longer and you can drive this car in a normal and a gentlemanly manner well just because it’s

The ultimate driving machine that does not make it bad in terms of practicality well in terms of boot capacity the bmw 3-series is at par with its main rival the c-class and this car of course is 480 litres in terms of luggage carrying capacity and as you can see it’s arranged square shaped boot and it’s a weight deep boot the other good point is that the loading

Area isn’t very high from the ground which means that if you are someone who’s got heavy luggage to load you can do it without any issues well since the 3-series does not really carry a spare tire what that means is that if you are someone who has that little extra knick-knack to carry and you want to hide it from the rest of the luggage or from other occupants

Of the car you’ve always got more cubby holes below the main room well here i am now in the front seats of the bmw 3-series and it’s very easy to see why this is the ultimate driver’s car in its category and the reason for that is that the dashboard is slightly tilted towards the driver and really does give you a sense of drive engagement that bmw are trying to

Offer you well the other area where the bmw 3-series really does give you that sense of driver passion and involvement is the fact that the dials look really sporty and are very clear and easy to read and bmw hasn’t really gone in for the new age digital dies on this car and follows the old-school and log gauges which really do look very cool and classy well bmw

Has given it a swivel wheel over here and what that means is that all the buttons and clutter on the dashboard is really eliminated making it a very intuitive and easy to operate unit well and just because it’s a driver’s car doesn’t make it a bad place for practical purposes you get a big box over here where you can of course keep your cell phone and your wallet

It also get two couples over here and the door bins are large enough for those big 1 litre bottles well the front seats on the 3-series really are very comfortable and excellent in terms of sporty driving because you get these side bolsters over here they really do hold you in your position when you are pushing this car into that corner well because it is a bmw

It really does come with all the kit and all the features so if you want to know more about this kind its features head to website by clicking on this link below well here i’m now inside the three series’s backseat and as you can see headroom is a pretty decent but someone who is over six feet might struggle for headroom over here but that said it’s pretty decent

When you compared with its rivals as well the other good part is that knee room and legroom is pretty good and as always i have adjusted the front seat for my driving position and my height for reference is 5/10 well the only downside inside the 3-series cabin is the fact that the transmission tunnel over here is really very very tall and what that means is that

Whoever’s going to sit here in the middle will struggle for leg room with his cooperative’s well bmw haven’t skimmed on the material quality inside the 3-series cabin even though it is one of the cheaper cars in their portfolio as you can see there’s a lot of attention to detail there’s stitching over here in red on these black leather seats and really goes to

Show you the amount of attention to detail that pmw have given this car well the only negative on the bmw 3-series is the fact that it’s rare seat has that tall transmission tunnel and what that does is negate its appeal as a proper five seater but apart from that this car is nearly faultless and is the perfect car in any market condition in any part of the world

It’s great to drive great to look at and comes with a good set of engines and a lot of equipment as well making it the undisputed king of its category and a car which is sure to dominate this segment for another 40 years

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