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The bmw 3-series has always been the best drivers car in its segment and bmw have now updated this car with an all-new exterior and improved engine and a whole lot more so has the driver focused 3-series got what it takes to beat the luxurious as well as stylish mercedes c-class well we’ll find out on the show today well if you like the exterior design of this car

And you will simply love this cabinet really is one of the best design cars in this class in fact i would stretch out my neck and say that this car is the best in terms of interior styling in this segment and not only is it a very well designed cabin everything is very very good to hold and touch as well and everything has an air of quality about it and mercedes

Have really put in the best materials inside this cabin while key styling elements of course include these three ac vents in the centre and of course they get these brushed aluminium surrounds and all the chrome and aluminium inside the cabin really does have very very nice and plush feel about it when the mercedes command centre can be accessed through this

Circular button over here and it really is very easy to operate and over the years mercedes have really made it easier and more intuitive to operate the only slight issue is that this little touch pero a away of course you can type things from your finger can get in the way of this little circular button and that is something that mercedes should look at when you

Realize that the 3-series is a keen driver sky as soon as you enter the cabin and that’s largely because all the controls are slightly tilted towards the driver and the quality is absolutely phenomenal and first-rate well compared to the c-class there is very little choice between the 3-series and the c class as far as seat comfort is concerned and the good part

About the bmw seats is of course the fact that it gets excellent the side bolstering which means if you are pushing it into a corner these seats will really hold you well in terms of overall cabin amin’s this one feels a lot more sporty and youthful compared to the mercedes cabin but that said it’s not as opulent or as luxurious as the cabin on the c-class is so

In that sense it is more or less give-and-take well so here i am now in the second row of the c-class the seats and first things first i have adjusted the front seat for my driving position and my height for reference is 510 and even then i have got loads of knee room and good amounts of place to stretch my feet at the only slight issue is that headroom can be an

Issue for taller passengers i am 510 and i just mentioned and well i’ve got has got about two fingers of space over there so whoever is six feet and above could struggle for a headroom at the back but that said it’s an excellent place to be in well just like the mercedes c-class even the seats on the bmw 3-series excellent for support as well as cushioning and the

Backrest angle is also very good and just like the mercedes c-class there’s a huge hump in the flow panel which means that we’re sitting it will have to stretch his feet in both the cars and have to fight with both the occupants in both this one and the mercedes c-class so for space and comfort both these cars are very closely matched and there’s hardly anything

To choose between them the only advantage that the c-class has is that the c class s cabin feels a lot more luxurious and the dashboard especially feels very upmarket compared to the sporty dashboard of the 3 c’s over here and in that sense the mercedes definitely has a wow factor to it well of course you can change the driving characteristic of the c-class by

This toggle switch over here which changes the settings for the suspension we’re at the moment we’ve set the settings in comfort mode the car feels very stable on the highway but there’s a little bit of stiffness around the suspension but it’s not too much it doesn’t feel uncomfortably stiff and that means that mercedes have found a good blend between ride comfort

As well as agility this remoter is really supreme on refinement and it’s also very punchy motor all you need to do is just smash the accelerator pedal slightly and this car really does take off the 7-speed automatic from mercedes is probably one of the best in the business at the moment and the gas shifts are really very quick and there’s very minimal time lag

Between changing gears while the c-class is motor is very punchy and powerful but it’s also a very quiet motor it’s inherently a very silent motor and that makes the cabin a very relaxing place to be in the steering wheel is a pretty easy and light unit to operate around the city but that said it’s pretty as i’ll when you are on the move even though it’s not in

The same league as the bmw 3-series is stanley well as soon as you step inside this car you will realize that it is in a completely different league the mercedes c-class is much behind this kind terms of for all driver died nameks the 3-series really does feel like a proper drivers luxury sedan it offers you a tremendous staring grid which offers you loads of

Communication there’s minimal body roll the gearbox is really crisp and the engine even in its diesel version is absolutely phenomenal but the best part about the 3-series of course over the c-class is the fact that it really does change directions as quick as a housefly and like the c-class which really prefers to be driven in a very gentlemanly manner this one

Does not mind changing lanes quickly and it really does remain very well planted and offers you very neutral handling unlike the c-class which has a lot of body roll so for keener drivers the 3-series is still the car to go for well where the 3-series also has the advantage over the c-class is in its engine refinement now and this engine feels a lot more refined

Especially when you rev it hard over the c-class well the three c’s also comes with different driving modes to choose from well even if you are driving this car in comfort mode the steering is pretty like in the city but when you take it out on the highway ness speeds increase there’s a lot more weight into the steering wheel so it does not feel nervous on the

Highway so if you are keen driver then there’s only one place to look and there’s only one car to have and that is the bmw 3-series well even though the mercedes c-class impresses with its very stylish and luxurious cabin its spline and comfortable ride and it’s solid build quality it is the bmw 3-series which has the edge over it in this battle the bmw offers a

More engaging drive it has a more refined engine and also is cheaper to buy than the mercedes c-class and all that along with that comfortable cabin makes this car the undisputed king of its segment

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