BMW 5 Series (2021) plug-in hybrid / BMW 545e xDrive BMWs flagship PHEV

BMW decided to give the 5-Series some notable updates earlier in 2020. Apart from the redesign up front, the sedan also got new plug-in hybrid setups under its hood, expanding the 5-Series PHEV lineup even further.

Hi my name is chris and i am more than happy to introduce the next bmw plug-in hybrid to you now since its market launch in 2017 the 5 series plug-in hybrid has been an absolute success and as a further impulse it will receive a comprehensive update in both design and technology from july 2020. now besides the both well-known models 530e and 530e xdrive a new

Model will be offered the 545 ex drive oh and it gets better the 530e is now also being offered as a 530e touring both with rear wheel drive and the intelligent all-wheel drive system bmw x drive just in line with the bmw strategic approach power of choice our models here are the 530e and the 530e xdrive touring the exterior of the plug-in hybrid is identical

With the combustion engine models the only distinction of the plug-in hybrid is the charging connection on the driver’s side front fender and the model designation on the trunk lid the high voltage battery was already updated last year and has a capacity of 11.2 kilowatt in our net which carries over to the new model now the high voltage battery has been located

Carefully underneath the rear seat and it has been positioned in such a space-saving way that the luggage compartment remains fully suitable for everyday use and in this case for the 5-series plug-in hybrid sedan we’re talking about a luggage compartment volume of 410 liters and for the 5 series plug-in hybrid touring 430 liters and if in any case you need

More storage space and you want to use a trailer for example you can simply use the trailer hitch the interior is also identical to that of the combustion engine models well almost if you take a closer look at the center console you’ll see the differences immediately also taking a look at the center information display it now measures in at 12.3 inches and

The bmw operating system 7 allows for quick and easy access to all plug-in hybrid settings and functions the next change when it comes to the plug-in hybrid are the e-drive switches you can easily switch between hybrid and electric mode and also activate battery control depending on which mode you’re currently using the design of the instrument cluster also

Changes and now listen to this pretty cool right but now let’s take a deep dive and drop some facts as i said the sedan here is a 530e and the touring of 530e x drive now both are powered by a bmw 2-liter four-cylinder petrol engine with twin power turbo technology and a highly efficient e-drive electric motor which is integrated in the 8-speed steptronic

Transmission now powerful engine plus innovative e-drive technology results in pretty impressive numbers as you can imagine now the 530e as a sedan and the touring as a 530e x drive now come with a maximum torque of 420 newton meters and a maximum power of 215 kilowatt including a possible 30 kilowatt from the extra boost now the extra boost is available for

10 seconds and can be activated by pushing the sport mode button twice it is also available for a kick down maneuver as well as in the ms switch position on the gear shift lever which means both models can accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers an hour in around six seconds and when driving purely electric you can reach a top speed of 140 kilometers an hour

But the numbers for the new bmw 545 ex drive are even more impressive here we’re talking about a maximum torque of 600 newton meters and a maximum power of 290 kilowatt in both models the electrical machine offers a maximum torque of 265 newton meters with constant power of 55 kilowatt also the bmw plug-in hybrid is equipped with a specific sound design and

Particularly when driving a bit more energetic in sport mode you will recognize the significantly sportier sound if you like the maximum mix of power and comfort just activate hybrid mode or if you enjoy full electric driving pleasure with a near soundless glide then just use electric mode and of course the new bmw 5 series plug-in hybrid is equipped with

Many e-drive specific features and maybe you’ve already heard about the e-drive zones already available in 80 cities these are pre-defined inner city areas geographically based on existing inner city environmental zones now upon entering these zones your car automatically switches into electric mode have you ever been rewarded for your driving style now the

Facelift of the new 5 series makes electric driving even more fun because with every kilometer driven fully electric you collect points bmw points to be precise and these can be easily redeemed for bmw charging credits isn’t that great and it gets even better because upon entering the e-drive zones you collect twice as many points besides providing electric

Driving pleasure your bmw can also help you to have full transparency about your electric range and also help plan charging stops with connected charging all plug-in hybrid models of the new bmw 5 series are fitted with active pedestrian protection as a standard now when running on electric power at speeds at up to 30 kilometers an hour an unmistakable sound

Designed specifically for electrified bmw models is generated to alert other road users that the vehicle is approaching without impairing the acoustic comfort of vehicle occupants in addition the standard equipment of the bmw 5 series models with electric drive includes pre-conditioning for example now whether it’s too hot or too cold outside the temperature

On the interior can be adjusted accordingly nothing beats flexibility and that is why you can charge your plug-in hybrid almost anywhere the high voltage battery is charged in a particularly efficient way during driving by means of brake energy recuperation what’s more it can be charged with a conventional household socket by using the standard charging cable

Included now this way the completely empty battery can be charged up to 80 percent within 4.3 hours with a bmw eye wall box the same charging procedure can be completed within 2.6 hours in all bmw 5 series plug-in hybrid models latest bmw e-drive technology increases both efficiency and electrically powered range as well as hallmark driving pleasure as you

Can see the 5 series plug-in hybrid is not only future oriented but also fun you

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BMW 5 Series (2021) plug-in hybrid / BMW 545e xDrive — BMW’s flagship PHEV By 4Drive Time